Choose God.

David knew his enemies, he knew there were forces against him, but he decided by an act of his own will to believe the WORD of faith, which his Maker already said about Him. Through the language he choose and tenses he declared/reminded God who He was in His life, and who He knew Him to be in the past.

Psalm  3:3 “But thou, O Lord art a shield for me; my glory and the lifter up of my head” (KJV)

”        ” 3:4 “I cried unto the LORD with my voice and he heard me out of his holy hill”

”       ”  3:5 “I laid me down and slept; I awakened; for the LORD sustained me”

David was do dependent on God! And He choose to Not be afraid of “ten thousands of people, that have set [themselves] against [him] around about vs. 6

He put such a demand on God to deal with all his enemies. There’s a lot we can learn from David’s personal devotion with His Maker.

  1. He recognized his enemies, but he choose not to focus on them.

This is perhaps where the line gets blurry for me and a whole lot of other people out there. We don’t merely stop at recognizing the forces against us. Goodness, sometimes we want to know them by name. We want to start digging through our lives to conclude how they got in, “who let them in”? Now we’ve gone from recognizing them to developing a personal relationship with them. And now because of our intentionality in pursing them they get attached to us in the Spirit, and eventually manifest in the physical realm.

There certainly is a place where God will give one the grace to search out things in Satan’s Kingdom, but even then the focus should never be about Satan.

In verse 3 He shifted his focus , which brings me to the next point

  1. He declared who God is currently and what He did in the past.

“But you, LORD, are shield for me, my glory, the lifter up of mine head” vs.3

David said thank you for been my shield (present tense)

thank you for been my glory (present tense)

And thank You for been the lifter of my head (past tense)

David had an attitude of gratitude!!!

He choose by an act of his own will to not focus on His enemies/foes but on God.

How much more should we have this same desire, passion, attitude.

Lord, thank You for teaching us not only how to recognize our enemies but not to make them the focal point of our day, life, thoughts. Thank You for causing us to choose You in the midst of every circumstances we find ourselves good or bad. Thank You for causing us to make up in our mind that this day we will always choose you no matter what. Our praises to You, oh King of glory will/must never be dependent on our circumstances.

Indeed the King is worthy of the praises of His people. The same David reminded us in Psalms 8:2 “Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies. To silence the foes and the avenger”.

Our so-call words we choose to say about God essentially become praises without us having to go against him ourselves. My praises pulls heaven to deal mindlessly with the foes, fears, doubts, worry, anxiety that’s around me.

I dare you to demand heaven to fight for you!

Blessings Abound,



Rewriting History 2

There’s a 1 from last year! I just read it. I’m just elated. I am so crazy about You Daddy. No one has, and will ever captivate my heart like You have, over and over again. You don’t relent! I don’t know what part of me you don’t already have, but you beckon for more of me, always. I am enthroned, amazed just thinking about You, and the incredible things you do. Yes Lord, nothing gets better than falling for you every second of the rest of the life You’ll allow me to live.

You know I’m sitting in the library thinking why even bother getting  married, I’m not convinced it’s simply only for reproduction’s sake. Then the other thing…maybe to fulfil my purpose. I mean do I really need spouse to reach my potential in you. Can I only go so far alone, but with someone else, there’s a different ceiling, bar, standard, I am not sure, that’s why I’m asking.  Because I’m at a point where I’m so content with our life, that I can’t afford to be forced to spend our time with another person. Yes this is selfish. Look…You’re very selfish with your time with me, you want ALL of me, and I want NOTHING/NO ONE to come between our time together.

I have a feeling, that this might be lie of the enemy, because the son You have for me should only point me back to your heart, that’s what The Holy Spirit is saying. He will not be pulling me away from your presence in anyway shape or form. He should be more concern with our spiritual relationship than our earthly relationship, that’s merely temporary! Our relationship is also what will dictate what our marriage will look like, because it’s out of that relationship that every other relationship in my life flourishes.

So a non-negotiable sign that we’re looking for in my plus 2 is “how the man spends his time”. You will always make time for the things that are of utmost importance to you.

Back to my regular schedule program of why I’m falling for Him even more. I had a very challenging week spiritually. On the outside nothing was wrong, but on the inside, chaos and war!

But this morning, in Worship, and even now I can still see it. I’m literally riding on the back of God. And He flew me away with His wings.

And He said this:

 “He cried aloud, and said thus, Hew down the tree, and cut off his branches, shake off his leaves, and scatter his fruit: let the beasts get away from under it, and the fowls from his branches” (Daniel 4:14). And another scripture from the new testament. When I read those Words out of the book of Daniel, my heart felt so liberated!!!!! And when I saw Him lift me away on His back, I knew it’s a done deal!!!

Now I just got done with what I’m supposed to do for the week, and I’m in awe…because in the midst of so much resistance, I was still able to accomplish much. In the past, I would have asked Him to stop, I would have asked people to pray for me, and everything would have been lifted! But He kept saying not to, and I knew if I disobey, I would have to go through this again, perhaps in a different scenario, or even the same one at a later time. Bottom line, it would turn into yet another cycle, unnecessary! One of the many lessons, I am beyond convinced of even in my sleep is that He’s MY source of EVERYTHING. I just want to obey Him the first time, and He’s causing situations to happen where no one can rescue me but Him. You know it’s what I’ve been praying for, I’m constantly praying that He will put me in situations where He’s my only option, where there’s no alternative but Him, and come to think of it, that’s become/becoming my  life.

What only He can do kinda life, that’s the only life worth living for.

Daddy, I come today once more, I give you all my choices, desire, affections, whatever’s misalign, let’s fix it. All my hope is in you, so I’m asking you to continue to do what only You can do with our life. Cause me to simply surrender without reasoning! You know the kind of daughter I am. Lord, continue to put me in situations where it’s Your way or NO way at all. If You’re going to keep me alive, I want to live for you, and nothing less than You. I mean  You’ve pretty much already infiltrate my life that I have no one else to look to but you. I can’t go a day without talking about you to anyone. You’re everywhere!, and I can’t stop thinking about you, not that I want to stop, so let’s really now finally turn this party up!

Rekindling Fire

I think about my relationship with God and how much its evolve over time. As a daughter, the more and more I walk with Him the more I realize that convictions change as we grow in our relationship with God. 2 Peter 2:3:18 said to “grow in the knowledge of Christ”. It’s a required part of our relationship with God.

Let’s say for a season I’m led to visit different churches. 1000 different reasons could have led me to that and yes even God. Then six months later, in a whole new season of life God begins to teach me about commitment, and the importance of been planted in a church body. Using the analogy of watching a fruit seed grow, to further understand the importance of learning to really know the heart of The Father in and through all seasons of life. Now you’re told you need to go plant apple seeds among X people where you’re at, because He wants to teach you about commitment, dedication,  He literally wants to teach you everything you need for the seeds to grow and become a blooming delicious crunchy apples!

But Lord… I am crying out. “You told me it was okay to go to XYZ church before, now You’re changing your mind”.

“Yes daughter, that was for that particular season, this season I am doing a new thing and I don’t want you to miss it because of your own disobedient”.

“Alright Daddy, I got it.”

Now my convictions went from I can visit different churches to I need to get planted among a body of believers because God says so. This is why we can’t put God in a box. He doesn’t want us worshipping the Words in the pages on The Bible. Frankly, I believe He wants you to BECOME THE WORD.  First of all, “He is The Word” (John 1:1), and “He is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth” (John 4:24).  Worship His Spirit, cultivated a relationship with the Person, and stop beating yourself down for not been a “so called” strick follower of the Bible. Let the way you worship God truly be like a relationship you have with fellow brothers and sisters, or father daughter, son mother type relationship. We don’t need to make it weird simply because He’s God. He’s also a person, and He’s supper jealous for your heart.

I am in season where I see God bringing up personal convictions that He’s instilled in me, but somehow got buried, and some that I choose to ignore. He’s rekindling my heart for Him. One of my personal convictions, still is…but I’ve completely ignored it for the past year is spending a alone time with guys without anybody else there. Kissing any guy that’s not my husband, another one I use to not stand for.  Now I am no longer standing for it by Gods graces, but goodness I can’t help but think That God was hurt by it all, I don’t want to disappoint Him. I know He loves me beyond measure still, but I didn’t keep my words. Why did I not keep my words…that’s the real issue here. The only thing that’s coming to mind is that there’s a disconnect from my heart and His. Every underlying thing that’s ever been an issue with me, I can usually always trace it back to my relationship with God. Its very sad that God has to allow me to break promises I make Him to pull my heart and affections back to Him. But at the same time, I rejoice because of EVERYTHING the whole process taught me.

For example I’m beyond convinced that I shouldn’t kiss in a relationship, because really it just open unnecessary doors that only married people should be opening. Now I know why I believe that, before I broke the promise, it was simply head knowledge, wisdom from others. But now after going through with it, yes I have my own convictions. It’s no longer wisdom I read about, it’s become my own personal experience. But we don’t have to live life on experience, that’s what God is trying tell me. We can listen to Him the first time and not go through situations that yes we can learn from it, but we didn’t have to go through all that simply to learn a lesson.

It brings up another question…why am I not listening to Him? I’m the type of person that like to deal with root of problems, rather than external circumstance. I can keep making promises again and again, but it will probably get broken if the root of the issue is not dealt with. I don’t want to sin against God, and this past year, the thought of how much can I indulge in a particular act before its sin crossed my mind once too many times. I use to not be this way.

Now We’re dealing with it all. I am learning about whom I belong to again, because frankly I don’t think I really knew Him. I was too busy waiting on promises to be fulfil that I kept my focus off of The Promise One. Goodness! “Him who made the promise is faithful” (Hebrews 11:11). He didn’t need my help when He created the universe, and He sure doesn’t need my help to fulfil His incredible promises for my life.

From now on it’s about Him, not His promises and blessings. It’s not about what He can do for me, but about who He is. It’s about know His heart. Who cares if you know what will happen in 20 years, but you don’t know the heart of God. Who cares if you can fathom all the mysteries of the world but you still don’t know the heart of God, or if you can speak in many tongues, prophesy, cast out demons, heal the sick, perform miracles. And at the end of the day, you still don’t know the heart of God/who He is. I want my love for Him to keep growing stronger and stronger, every second of everyday, and that’s my prayer for you too.

Glorious God

Today has simply been utterly incredible, literally everyday gets better and better. Again, today Holy Spirit woke me  drank some juice. I literally then layed back down. Before I was even tempted to debate whether I would just lay there and do nothing, something pushed me out of my bed, and I just started worshipping. I was half asleep, and in my head, I said I am going back to sleep right after this song. Then I end up playing the song again, the same melody over and over again, I didn’t know what it was doing to the atmosphere. Perhaps 10-20 mins into worship/prayer. I saw the heavens, and I saw cracks going up the third heaven where God resides. I was like whoa. I had full access to Him, no barriers to Him I. So faith begin to rise in me, just started praying for family members, people around me, countries. I know all my request were answered. There was something special about it all, that still leaves me speechless. I was in tears, cause I heard the Father say pray anything you want, and its done. I am so full of Him, so hard to even write anything down.

Then He brought back to mind the conversation I had with a brother the other day about praying till you get a breakthrough, till you know something happened. I knew God heard my prayers, but its incredible to see that my prayers go directly to Him. Seeing the damages prayers/ praises are doing to the kingdom of darkness is reason enough to live for Him. Its reason for me to wake up daily and pour on Him the highest praise that only He deserves. Our prayers are leaving cracks in the kingdom of darkness, like for real!!! Wow. I am not sure why I am surprise.

You know another thing I am learning is that it doesn’t take a lot of words to move the heart of God. Singing something as simple as “we have come to give you highest praise highest praise, we have come to love You in this place” opens the floodgates as much as the longest melodies you can sing to Him. A few months ago when God challenged me on why I worship Him. He revealed that sometimes I worship Him for the blessings, rewards etc. Twisted right, I know. I repented, and since then, a lot has changed.  I can honestly say that my life has been better off, less anxiety about when things will happen. No longer running after the gifts, but The Presence (The gifts follow me) I come to Him as a daughter, I am no longer crying out for my own life as much. He knows my needs already. He has been, and will keep taking care of them. It’s like in the past I was really trying to not pray for my life, and focus on the Nations, other people, and whatever He shows me. But then I would listen to the lie of the enemy that I really need to be talking to Him again and again about whatever was going on in my world, or it won’t change. I felt like I was trying to force prayers, it wasn’t naturally like now. I hate to use the word burdensome, but I am sure I felt that. But now the way I approach Him with no agenda. I tell Him, I am here to just bless You, and Oh how He loves it! I am not asking Him for anything, I just come to bless Him, and We go to work together, praying, praise, prophesy, declaring, its different all the time. Never a dull moment in His presence.

For a while He’s been alluding to treasures. I went for a walk a few days ago I was amazed by the treasures that I discover about my city. It’s a very beautiful city. And I am thinking didn’t know this was all back here, just amazed. That’s how it is with God too, I decided to go across the street because I was simply curious on what was on the other side, and I am forever glad I did. That’s how it is with God too, when we pursue Him, He reveals to us infinite treasures. He’s full of never ending treasures. I have been hearing Him allude to treasures for months. He’s like Onaola we’re going on lots of park date a while back. So that Word came back to  mind at the park last week, and I reminded Him, I am like “Lord didn’t You say that we’re supposed to be going to lots of park dates”, and He said yes we have been going. Then all of a sudden I remember that I have been running more consistently last month (at the park). He then reminded me to not compartmentalize my life. That I can’t see that thing more spiritual than the other thing. Me running in the park is not more or less Spiritual than going to church building on Sunday. I am the church, He lives in me, not the building. Also, been Spiritual doesn’t mean that you’re doing nothing, but reading the Bible, praying. Its none of those things by themselves. Its realizing His presence in all that I do. He is in and through everything that I do. Whether I am cooking, doing laundry, journaling, studying. Realizing His manifested presence in the “so call” mundane day to day living, is spirituality. Been able to connect to Him in EVERYTHING. Why would He even command us to give thanks in all circumstances.

Definitely setting me free from a lot of lies, thank You Lord.  The more I pursue Him for who He is, the more I know who I am. The more I get answers to prayers. All the things on my heart that I use to pray for, literally I get answer without mentioning it, like He knows my heart. I love it!

His love utterly overwhelms, and thinking about Him always leaves me speechless like right about now. I had no idea what to write down anymore. I thinking about all the war that was fought on my behalf to get me to the place that I am today. The Father has been fighting for a while for me to realize what I know now. I am beyond grateful for it all. When I wasn’t pursing Him, He still loved me. When I pursed Him for all the wrong reason, He still loved me. When I choose to be disobedient, He still loved me. Regardless of the wrong I think I might have done, I am still loved! What great Love. How can His love not overwhelm me. He doesn’t have to love me, but He does anyways.

My prayer is that you will allow His love to change EVERY aspect of Your life. I pray that the freedom He paid the price for will truly be made manifested in all areas of your life

And She Said Yes:)

I am learning to fall in love with myself. I couldn’t really think of a better opening line. It really says it all. I am learning to not apologize for the things that makes me who I am, but rather celebrate it.

For example I didn’t realize how much I really like telling me people what’s going on in my life, especially if it’s something that’s unusual. Like today I eat the cinnamon dots things from papa John. I’ve pretty much cut sugar out of my life, people that know me would be shocked. It was an impulse thing, still wasn’t satisfied at the end. Only The Lord, can really satisfy me to a full extent, I’ve learned.

Today, I also learned the lung finding on certain lung pathologies. I use to get them confuse a lot. But when I learned it, I just want to share it with someone. I want to go empower someone else. I literally wanted to text people and ask them if they knew it already and that I would teach them if they didn’t. I am so excited that I learned it. But then I didn’t text anyone.

The one person that came to mind is a gentlemen, but at the back of my head, I am thinking hmm he’s a guy no…I don’t want text him unless it’s something important. And believe me, I have texted for something that wasn’t even as important. Honestly I was concern that It might lead to something, but that’s what I’ve learned. That’s what the church says, even the world. So I already have preconceive Ideas that I will probably end up falling for this guy. So I think because I was already thinking in my head that I will fall for me, I thought I did. But then the Holy Spirit today told me to loot at it from a difference lense, His lense. He’s using this gentleman to literally teach me things about my own life. I am not in love…please!  The enemy wanted me to believe that I was though

Lord, can you teach the church how to handle guy/girl relationship. I am not talking about been intimate etc. I am talking about been in the same room, and sitting close to someone without projecting that they are your future spouse simply because they touched your shirt. Or the fact that they actually payed attention to you. Really!?!?! And that’s it’s okay to be friends with the opposite sex, and not feel awkward etc. Lord, I know I am preaching to the choir, cause You know your Body, you see them every second of everyday. I know that you see some of the most awkward/interesting encounters there are on a daily basis. We are in need of much wisdom in this area.

Yes, I am aware that there are clear distinctions between guys and girls, but I am saying if you really know who you are in God, it’s okay to have guy friends without feeling like you’re going to fall in love with them, because well… it happen to that person, and you’ve heard sermons warning you to be careful with guys/girls etc. It really is okay to have guy friends and not think that they are interested in you and vice versa. Let’s stop projecting, but rather be guided by The Spirit of God. If you already have perceive notions about whatever the situation is, then that will ultimately be your reality. But if we are constantly seeking God about EVERYTHING, I don’t think it should be a problem. He won’t allow you to fall for something that will ultimately hinder Your relationship with Him. Goodness HE is SUPER jealous for your affections. He’ll give you so many warnings, so at the end of the day, even if you end up been involve in things you didn’t want to do, you were pre-warned, but you choose not to listen.

I am beyond excited to start this incredible new roll-coaster with The Love of my life. Off course i’ll be sharing all He will teach me, can’t keep it to myself.

Oh Happy Day!

Knowing The Heart Of God

Experiencing God is simply a necessity of the human life. I am definitely convinced that we who know The Way, The Light and The Truth own the world an encounter with God. Whether, it’s through our words, our actions, acts of services, or simply saying thank you, or God bless you, people need to see The King magnify in all manners of Your life. You don’t get to decide how God can use you to bless and or reveal Himself through You to others, but you get to share in the joy of sharing the Maker of life with those around you through various encounters and circumstances. Perhaps one of the key ingredients in adequately conveying The Good News, is knowing God, knowing His heart for not only yourself, but the individuals you’ll be ministering to.

You have to know that God is really who He says that He is. “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me” (John 14:6). You must be convinced that Jesus is the only way to The Father (God). I know it’s an absolute, but God is an absolute. God is jealous for our affections, and He wants us to worship Him, and Him alone (Deuteronomy 4:23-24), that’s sound absolute to me.

Another aspect of God’s character that I absolutely love is how constant He is. He has the best track record on the planet. He’s is ALWAYS there. Whether it rains, snows, floods, God is there. He never fails to answer prayers. He will do whatever it takes to make sure You look like Him.

Speaking of looking like Him, do you know that Jesus died for your freedom, so you are no longer a slave to fear, worry anxiety. And that whenever you’re feeling anxious, worrying, is a sign that you don’t really know who He is. Because the more we become certain on who God said He is the less and less we have to worry about, because that means we have not put our complete trust in Him.

Another thing we have to remember is that God is our provider.  He will always give us more than you need. Whether you’re in college and you’re wondering whether you should pursue a certain degree over another, take it to the Person that’s giving you the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to be successful in whatever and all that you do. He not only wants to provide you with food and shelter, He wants to become a friend, and want to help you in every aspect of your life. He wants more for you than you can even begin to think, and or imagine.

Above all else, He is peace. This doesn’t mean that you will always experience peaceful situations, or that you will never disagree with anyone etc, but that in the midst of any situation good or bad, you can always have peace, because Peace (Jesus) lives in once you confess Him Lord over all.

” 22One of those days He and His disciples got into a boat, and He said to them, Let us go across to the other side of the lake. So they put out to sea.

23 But as they were sailing, He fell off to sleep. And a whirlwind revolving from below upwards swept down on the lake, and the boat was filling with water, and they were in great danger.

24 And the disciples came and woke Him, saying, Master, Master, we are perishing! And He, being thoroughly awakened, censured and blamed and rebuked the wind and the raging waves; and they ceased, and there came a calm.

25 And He said to them, [Why are you so fearful?] Where is your faith (your trust, your confidence in Me—in My veracity and My integrity)? And they were seized with alarm and profound and reverent dread, and they marveled, saying to one another, Who then is this, that He commands even wind and sea, and they obey Him”? (Luke 8:22-23).

Jesus used the peace in His heart to calm the storm. In every season of our life no matter what we are going through and or experiencing we should have peace, one that surpasses our physical understanding.

Even in my own personal life I am studying for my board exam, and while my circumstances like practice exams aren’t assuring that I will be taking it soon. My hope isn’t in those things. My hope is in Jesus. He said I am taking it first week of June, and I HAVE to believe Him. So I have such a peace in my heart. I am beyond certain without a shadow of a doubt that God will make this possible, because He is God. His name is on the line, not mines. So there is absolutely no reason for me to be anxious, worrying about what if’s. But I need to keep my eyes on the peace maker.

Knowing who God is will keep you from losing sleep over endless situations you can possibly imagine. From worrying over exams, to who should I marry, to what am I going to eat today, how am I going to pay for college, the list goes on and on. My God is beyond faithful in meeting all your needs, exactly when you need it. He never miss a beat! Always on point down to the very tinny bitty detail.

Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father keeps feeding them. Are you not worth much more than they?” (Matthew 6:26). The Father is desperate to have a relationship with you, it’s not enough to simply know about Him, He want to become a vital part of all areas of your life. Give Him a chance to do what only He can do in your life.

Re-writing History With Love

I have made you beauty in all your ways, beautiful you are my darling.

Church was incredible today. The presence of God was so thick. When worshippers gather with songs of praise to the Father something happens not just in the atmosphere, but in each of our lives. I saw angles descending and ascending taking the praises of His people back to Him. They were laying His praises down at His feet. It was incredible. I am beyond convinced that our praises moves the heart of God. It causes Him to show up with abundance of blessings, deliverance, whatever your need might be, you just begin to worship God, and watch Him turn things around for you. Our faith, our devotion, the choices we make, how we live our lives, living righteously, not choosing to indulge in sin for a short while because you know that it doesn’t please God. He is moved by the sound of however you choose to praise Him. And when we come collectively to bless His holy name, wonders happen. Freedom, deliverance, you get to catch a blank check signed by the King of kings Himself.

Even myself included, I am walking in a deeper leave of freedom in my heart and mind. I feel so much clarity. Sometimes I find myself fantasying, about the future, marriage, really anything. I know it’s not off God. They are godly desires, but He doesn’t want us to constantly be dwelling on those things, like Its all I have to look forward to.

“Daddy what do I when my mind is bombarded with lustful ideologies, or just negativity, doubt, fear, worry, anxiety”? I started to ask Him. I hear Him saying those things aren’t even the problem the problem is deciding what to do when those things come across your mind. The enemy came to steal kill and destroy, if he can clutter your mind with garbage, you won’t be able to think.

When those ungodly thought come in, give them to the Lord, recite verse that He brings to memory, and sing your heart out to Him, and let it go. Don’t sit there in condemnation worrying and thinking “gosh! I can’t believe I still struggle with this, why does this keep happening”. This is how we open the door for the enemy to come in. Don’t condemn yourself, because God is not condemning you for whatever you might have done, even if you think it’s the worst thing ever. He says there is therefore no condemnation for those who live in Christ Jesus, who live according to the Spirit (Romans 8:1). Half the battle is knowing who you are, the other half is knowing that His grace covers you. This two combinations of things creates a Godly fear of not even wanting to do anything that will separate you from the heart  of your father. And also if it does, you can pick stand up the next second, not feeling like you have to go a religious fast, pray for 20 hours or having to do anything to be in right standing with Him. It’s how you see the circumstances that determines the outcome of the whole thing. I am grateful that the enemy choose to come after my mind, filling it with things that could cause me to sin against God. Why in the world should I be grateful for that…because in the end I walk in deeper level of intimacy with the Father. I am not condemning myself anymore, or asking God to come to my rescue, He’s already rescued me. The enemy is stunned whenever he creates a situation that should totally tick us off, but we are giving The Lord praise…for what!?!?! You think he wants to be around listening to you praise God when situations are going against you. Absolutely not! Worship is a powerful weapon that we need to use to for our lives depend on it.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my Beloved, I am sitting there telling Him, I want to think like you, I want to process things like You. I believe this is all a part of the process. Its what I choose to do with everything God allows me to go through that determines everything. We have to know who we are so well, that when the enemy starts whispering who we’re not we don’t even bother listening to him. As citizens of the Kingdom, you need to know not only who you are, but your rights, and entitlements. We need to be familiar to the Kingdom lifestyle. All these things will only help us live the more abundance life that He’s called us to.

I pray that you will let The Father rewrite your history with love. Make up your mind to let Him be glorify in everything that happens for you. He literally uses everything for His glory. Nothing is wasted, and if this is something you truly desire, but you’re not there yet, ask Him to take you there. He will be so delighted to walk you through whatever it takes to make sure you look like Him. He leaps for joy when we want to be like Him.  When He comes into the room everything changes.