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Just do it!

My first blog, I think the only reason why I never keep up with older blogs was because I was always afraid of what other would think. Plus I am just awful with grammar and I tend to write as I speak. But as of today I am afraid no more. I am going to continue writing as I speak. Why? Because I enjoy it! I didn’t really think my first blog on here would be about this, but oh well. I should probably start getting ready for bed as I have class in the morning. I hope I don’t regret signing up for this half marathon for I haven’t even started training yet. Every day I say “I am running today” But never happens. Whenever I get off my workout routines it takes a while for me to find my way back. And my 13 miles isn’t about to run itself, so I better start hitting the trail soon before I suffer severe consequences for not doing my part. That would also give me something to write about too. I need to start doing my p90X also. I am going to actually try and write daily. I am just going to do it! I am not even going to think twice about it. If I make this part of my daily life, I think I can make it happen. I need to stop writing in first person, but not too sure how to change that.

Let see my promises for starting this blog includes; been honest, I think been idealist would help also. And also I have to remember to just be myself. That’s important above anything else.

Shall we make some goals for tomorrow? I think so!

Whoa, I just try to close my laptop and I noticed that I used so many words than ended with “ing” and “g”.

Okay, back to goals. I have to work out tomorrow, finish my English paper that I will start tonight, and study off course, make an appointment to see my Optometrist, and do whatever else I forgot or cannot remember at the moment.

Oh I just thought of something, I should dedicate each blog to someone I know, and reasons should follow

Well then in that case, this is for Steve, he took me to church on Sunday (thanks) and he’s the first person I told to check out my blog.

Wonderful dreams to all.


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