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Just be Patience

I want to first and foremost thank my heavenly father for keeping me alive, as I own him everything.

Today, I took a statement back that I never thought would happen.  Both of my parents are pretty careful drivers for the most part. They aren’t perfect, but as of today they are excellent drivers in my book. Now this is something I would never say 24 hours ago. If asked I would tell you they are extremely slow drivers, and that they always drive at least 5 to 10mph under the speed limit or even more depending on the area. I have gotten in so much trouble at times when I use to ask them to speed especially when I am going to work or have somewhere important t o go. They always explain to me that  safety comes first, but off course all that never clicked in my head till the roles reversed and now I am in the drivers seat.

I am surprise by how much information I retained from driving school, for I still refer to it today. I guess the one thing I did learn Is that “safety comes first”. I mean it’s a no brainer, if saving your life means having to just let the angry driver pass you, by all means let them go! The gym, store, or whatever place you were going to isn’t going anywhere, and it sure isn’t worth losing your valuable life over.

My generation is rather impatience as I have notice. They don’t want to let you in and if you speed past them they’ll start trying to race you on dangerous highway. Really!?!?!

Oh this one especially is my favorite. A car that’s behind you decides to leave because you weren’t  driving fast enough for them, so they pass you really fast like they are never going to stop again. But you get to the light and it’s the same car that pass you. So exactly why did you speed up again,  be cause now we were both stopped by the same light so you aren’t arriving at your destination any faster than I am even though you’re driving past the speed limit.

Please don’t get me wrong, not everyone my age is a bad driver. There are only so many of them out there, but I feel as such they are always on the road when I really have to be somewhere. And its not just teens, some adults could also learn a thing or two on how to switch lanes etc and just simply following basic driving rules. Having the knowledge isn’t hurting anyone , but simply helping you as a driver become more informed.

To all you careful drivers out there I thank you, I thank you for having patient for the reckless driving I am sure you witness daily. The world sure could use more drivers like you.


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