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Planner Hunting

Last few days have been hectic. This isn’t going to be very long as I am sleepy and its only 10:14PM. I have no ideal what’s wrong with me for I NEVER sleep this early. I think it’s because I just work out, so I finally did my P90x today. I did the Cardio one (I think). All I remember was that I felt like I was training for a boxing match.

Tomorrow I am going planner hunting again. See I bought this Five Star planner last year by Mead. Its the advance student planner that had the pen holder on the cover. Apparently all the major stores around me sold out within the first week on the sales floor. Sucks I know! But its my favorite planner so I must hunt it down or just resort to buying it online. I went to three different stores today. I saw really nice designs from other competitors, but I just couldn’t settle. It wasn’t the same size, the paper didn’t feel the same or the pen holder wasn’t there.

 Believe it or not I still have 2 textbooks that need to be bought, even though school started about a week ago. Oh well! Goals for tomorrow includes running, P90x and Abs. I am so glad tomorrow is a holiday.

This is for the founder'(s) of Labor day. For dedicating a day to celebrate American workers.


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