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Brand New Year.

2010 was EPIC. I’m so glad it’s over, I’m so looking forward to what this year has in store. I know its great things, which is why I’m very hopeful. I will share my new year resolutions with the world in a few days ( i have to first write it).

First, I want to thank God, for EVERYTHING he has done, and all that he continues to do in my life. He means a great deal to me, for he’s undeniably the best things that’s EVER been mines.

I’m moving in a few days, I’m still praying my parent’s will let me take the car that’s suppose to be mines to school. I actually got a lot of packing done today, something I’ve wanted to say for a while. There’s actually walking path in my room now. Successful day I must say… Oh very much so.

Ahh man! I always forget the time zone differences when writing on here. Well it’s still the 1st in Texas.

Happy New Year to all, I hope it was everything or better yet, more than you could’ve ever imagined.


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