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Just a thought.

So interesting few days, I wish I could say I had a better excuse for not blogging more. My computer really did crash. I did a little bit of writing yesterday; it was different in the essence that I’ve pretty much rely on my laptop to write. I use OneNote, let me just say it’s amazing.

I lost 2 years worth of journaling that I’ve done, thousands of pictures. Yea it sucks, but I will live. The pictures were the things that hurt especially the most. The writing, I concluded maybe it was for my own good, but you can say otherwise.

It’s amazing to me how much I’ve grown from been so much dependent on technology. In the past my computer would have most definitely been fixed within a few days or nothing more than a week of the incident. But it’s been almost a month now, but I do have a desktop at home so it wasn’t that bad.

I’m currently listening to T.Swift “Speak Now”. Extremely bold lyrics, she didn’t just stand there and watch the cheerleader marry the love of her life, she crashed the wedding and surprised them all. I love it! She made things happen, not excuses. Everyone says all her songs are the same, I completely disagree. Yea, her theme is always romance, but in “Speak Now” she evolved from the stereotypical expectations of society in regards to love songs and tells a story of how she learned from it all. She didn’t sugarcoat her lyrics; she tells it how it is. Which is something I’m sure wasn’t easy for her to do. The entire album is literally a story worth telling, so well said Taylor Swift.

I’m very thankful to God for what I have in life.


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