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Happily Ever After

The idea of marriage for some odd reason has been more prevalent in my life lately. I couldn’t think of any valid reasons besides knowing tons of engage couples at the moment.

It just scares me to even think of been married at 19. I would like to say that I’m somewhat immature on a lot of various levels, others might agree too. Which is very okay with me.

I’ve also been watching a lot of romance movies lately, but still. I had a tough time deciding what I want to eat for dinner tonight. Let see for dinner I had, edamame, tilapia fish, toast with peanut butter, almonds and pretzels. I couldn’t decide so I had a little bit of everything. Imagine me deciding at this age who I want to spend the rest of my life with. Not happening, I have to find the guy first anyways.

Yesterday at church, this couple sat next to me. By their example I realized why I like sitting in the front by myself. I always feel so awful because people always want me to sit by them, but I could never really give them a valid reason on why I oppose the idea. This girl would not stop scratching the guys back. I absolutely have no problem with people been affectionate, but there’s a limit. It was so loud, It felt like she was scratching the board with chalk. Yea that bad! It was supper distracting . In my head I was yelling, but I couldn’t bring myself to say anything out loud, because of the environment we were in.

My favorite couple is getting married at the end of April if San Francisco or San Diego, not too sure where. But those two are literally a match made in heaven. When I think about how it all started for them, I just want to slow dance in a burning room. I can’t imagine missing their wedding, not for anything is this world. It makes my heart melt when two people that absolutely deserve one another find each other. I’m not the fairy tale type of girl, but that one is one for the history books. Its indeed a tale worth telling. To think of how I met them both, and how important they are in my life, it really just brings tears of happiness to my life.

Okay, I lied, I do believe in fairly tales and that everyone will get their share. There I said it!

Between Chris Martin of Coldplay and John Mayer, I’m not sure who my heart belongs to. Probably neither , but they both are amazing musicals that I’m very fond of. Both would make an excellent wedding singer. It would be spectacular to have them perform at on my big day in approximately 100 million years.

Do I think marriage is overrated? Yes and no. If you think of the cost of marriage and the high divorce rate that follows with it, yea I would say its very much overrated. On the other hand, if you think of the value, the never enduring love two people have for one another, its almost like making rainbows out of skittles. Its absolutely stunning! But how many people actually get that happily ever after that we all sought after? Very little.

So is it safe to say that it doesn’t exist or better yet, its also overrated. There are always the exceptions to everything in life. So yea off course I’m aware that some couple indeed make it all the way, but there are so little of them that their happiness isn’t celebrated in our society. You don’t see billboards, on the streets congratulating you for been married for 50 years or even anything less of the matter. But you do see plenty advertising “quick divorce”.

This is what society had come to, degrading marriage as a whole. I don’t want to be another statistical value of the divorce industry, I want to be the exception. I want to be one in a billion, not one of the billion.

If you’re married please never let your love for your partner, wife, husband (whomever) stop blooming. The sky’s not the limit, so let it grow so much that heavens doors are shinning upon your lives. You get one change to live, so don’t waste another second questioning if its right, don’t let society dictate your life.

And if you’re still single looking for that special someone. Don’t be scared to fall and get back up again.

Marry for good reasons, marry for love, marry for a life long partner. And no matter how much you might be go off the trial, you will always find a away back to one another.

“Time flies but you’re the pilot. It moves real fast but you’re the driver. You may crash and burn sometimes.

This is why we do it this is worth the pain. This is where we bow down get back up again. This is where the heart lies this is from above. Love is this, this is love” (Love=This, by the Script).

I am standing for every loving relationship, I hope you can hear me, for this love at its finest!


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