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I am going to wrap my harms around you Father. The day I get to see you will be the greatest day of my life.  I thank you for the life you have given me, for the love you continue to show me in remarkable ways. For this flow of sunshine that magnifies my soul when I think of You.

I was remarkably remind today why having faith is so important. And that the impossible becomes possible when we have faith in You and marvelous power. “we can do amazing”, that’s if you really believe in God, and follow him during the good and bad times. Pure genuine faith is key in finding out how much better your life will be with God presence. HP has this slogan of “Lets do Amazing”, and for some reason I was pondering on that tonight at Breakaway. And it reminded me of the BIG things I want to do in life. With God on my side we both can indeed move mountains. Seriously think about it, You can do ANYTHING with His help.

Yesterday on my long commute home, I was thinking about my career choice and whether or  not its still possible for me. Lets just say my grades aren’t up with the norm, or better yet society’s expectations for someone planning on going to medical school.  That’s when you see the superstitious people, that’s when they crawl out of the doors they locked themselves in. They succumb submissively to society’s norm that when expectations aren’t met, they run, they give up. This is when people’s true colors come to light. Same with having faith in Christ, you don’t ask him to help you and then slam the door in His face afterwards. You give him all you have so can you can be the best  Neurosurgeon in world.

In the back of my head, I was thinking why haven’t I given up yet? Because God told me not to. If I didn’t believe I can do this, you won’t even be reading this right now. It’s not a coincidence at all. Its is all Gods work. I’ve prayed about this for years, so I didn’t just wake up one day and decided to be a brain surgeon. Well perhaps I did, as I’m still alive.  But that’s not my point. I’ve always knew I wanted to help people. It was narrowing down to how I wanted to help them. And I really thought of the hardest thing I would imagine. I know this sounds a bit irrational, but its one of the best decision I’ve ever made. It gave me a purpose in life, a desire, a sense of belonging. This is why I  was brought to life. This is why God hasn’t given up or will ever give up on me. I stand by my believes for I know how extraordinary God is,  just look at my life. Its change so much, I’m living prove that he’s a man of his words. I’m living prove that miracles exist in life. I’m living prove that having faith in Christ brings so much Joy to your life.

Finally, this is why you should NEVER let society dictate your life, for you’ll never meet their expectations in anything. They have their  expectation of what the ideal medical school applicant should  be like, but I will never meet that expectation. But God, has His own expectations, that’s the one I’m willing to meet, His expectations are the most valuable to me. His expectations are what thrives me to my career choice, not society’s. For if it were up to society, I should just wake up now, for the dream is long over. But see I don’t worship society, I worship God, and only Him. Therefore I’ll keep praying till this dream becomes a reality, don’t believe me? Alright, just wait and see. I can do EVERYTHING and ALL things because of Christ who guides me through. God and I, are going to make BIG things happen, I don’t just believe that I know we will.

This brings me to the person that’s been very inspiring lately in my life. I’ve only know her for about a month of even less. I meet her in January, but my goodness. God works in such unbelievable ways. I will just write down what come to mind from here on, that’s what I do anyways. God, thank you for Shanna, thank you been so amazing in her live, thank you for letting her grasp the importance of your work in her life. Thank you for all the blessing you have  given her. Father please help her see that your satisfaction in life is all that matters, not us Human as we are mortal and imperfect. We are so hard to please as individuals that pleasing one another is not a reality at all. Help me assure her Father that your opinions and satisfaction in life is all that matters. I know her heart is good, look at what she’s done in my life within this past few weeks. I mean it wasn’t a coincidence that I met her, not at all. It was your work at its absolute finest. Help me assure her that  as long as You’re please everybody else will be too, for You will make sure of it. Help Shanna have faith in the wonderful things You’re capable of doing. Help her understand that your opinions are the only ones that matters. Father I thank you for bringing her into my life, and I pray that you’ll help our friendship grow in magnificent ways. There are 2 different kind of people in life. People who understand you and people who don’t. Shanna understands you, she knows you, so please help me remind her everyday to continue to have faith in you. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen!



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