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Details In The Fabric.

I thank God for his love for me, for been abundantly kind to me, and above all for always testing my faith through trials.This past week was exceptionaly impeccable. I have trials that I’m dealing but its magnitude for some odd reason just weren’t very high. Its really difficult to explain. I felt as if I was flowing on water.

I warn you, I’m going to contradict myself so beware.

I could feel the powerful sunshine that’s been resurrecting through my soul slowly getting dimmer. I couldn’t really understand why so I prayed to God for answers. And I surely received my answers today.

We are all given agencies in life, whether we accept and use them is completely up to our individuals desires. On Feb 13th, after days of pondering on what to write about next, God literally gave me a topic to share with the world. But I made so many excuses for myself that It never got done. Every day was a different excuse. Through out the whole week, I started noticing that I wasn’t as happy, I mean I wasn’t sad either. But I could tell a piece of the puzzle was missing. But I couldn’t figure out what it was, and it bother me so much. I would pause a lot and think about what I’ve been doing differently or ways to just learn more about my Heavenly Father. In all, God was showing me why following his commandments is the only way to live righteously.

Challenging ourselves as Christians is so important for it will only increase our faith in Jesus Christ. Untested faith, is nothing mere of absolute nothing. Its not faith at all. We have to challenge ourselves and shake the foundation if we want to get closer to Christ. I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words”. I can’t even begin to tell you the importance of that. I mean its so true that explaining it is extremely difficult. Yet action is so hard to take, because we as individuals don’t want to stir things up. We like the way things are, so it make sense to leave things as they are. We get way too confortable and stuck in our own ways of doing things that changes are simply out of the question. Unfortunately in reality change is inevitable. But one thing we don’t realize is if our faith isn’t tested God will test it for us. Our Heavenly Father will stir that foundation so hard to strengthen our faith in him. If the foundation you’ve built with God is sturdy enough no matter how much you shake it, it will never fall. Temptation is a powerful measure that man uses as a weapon to bring each other down. But only the temptation of Christ should be powerful enough to ever stir the foundation a bit. If its strong we as mortal beings cannot destroy it.

Jesus is the prince of peace. He brings dignity, He brings hope, and He brings Love. Only He can calm your heart. I have a testimony that having faith in Jesus Christ gives you life. In choosing his pact one must be willing to give up our own security and safety net. Don’t always go with that looks right, always look for the spiritual implication. Look at your circumstances in life through Gods’ eye. Look at the world through Him so he can show you areas in your life where you don’t fully trust him.

Taste things past the tip of your tongue. Father, I am so dearly thankful for you. You’re amazing, and absolutely the Prince of peace. I want to thank You for lighting me up with abundant joy. You’ve shown your mercy in unbelievable ways. I can’t even figure You out for You always keep me at the tip of my toe. I love it! Above all thank you for always giving me the courage to taste things I normally won’t try.


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