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Sounds Of Praise

I shout to The King Jesus Christ for He has wipe away my sins. In You we are crucified. God, you are impeccable. Time after time, I have witness your amazing work. There is truly no greater love than Yours. You are the biggest blessing in my life. You’ve shattered my darkness. And I am alive all because of You. Now I have everything to be thankful for through you. I can do everything and all things through you Father. Only “You were there in all my suffering”. Only “You were there in doubt and in fear” (Matt Maher).

You didn’t let me remain in sins, You save me, You bled for me. God, I will forever be thankful for that. From the bottom of my heart, I thank You. Father, “you are the rock upon which I stand”. Since I’ve meet you my life just keeps getting better everyday. “You are the sea upon which I float” (Coldplay). God, You’re the greatest of man kind, and the only one i seek refuge in.


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