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God, you’re amazing, in every way shape and form. You are so real, I can just feel you inside me God. I can just feel you. You are powerful beyond measures. Thank you for answering my prayers. Thank you for the things you keep revealing to me everyday. Today God taught me about Judgment. I never mean to ever judge. So okay, last week whenever I went to break away, I noticed almost everyone has those shoes that are classified with Christians on. And today when I was thinking about it again, it started making me upset, I didn’t know why, I was just getting upset every time I saw someone wearing it. I kept repeating to myself “Why would they want to live up to their own stereotypes etc”? I just kept praying to God, to help me figure out why this bothered me so much. I just kept on repeating the same prayer all over again. Then almost instantly as I was worshiping, God told me “don’t set your mind on earthly things, but on the things above”. I was stunned, then I repeated “don’t set your mind on earthly things, but on the things above, and I repeated it again, and again till it sunken in. I started praying right after thanking God for answering my prayer. I was so relieved afterwards, I definitely felt God changing my heart, and I can honestly tell you my heart feels so much different.

God, only you are worthy of my praise. God please keep working on my heart, please making it everything you want and nothing I want. God keep changing my desires for your will. I’m so lucky to have you my God, for you are so much better than I imagine.


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