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God is Utterly Amazing.

I’m not even sure where to begin, it has  been an amazing few weeks. Everywhere I turn, I am still seeing my father God. It is to the point where I just find myself having conversations with Him in my head. I have been praying that God will consume my life with nothing but His son Jesus Christ and I have got that. It is absolutely amazing. God let your fire consume my life. Let your love draw me closer to where you are. For all I want is more of you.  HillSong makes really good music, they are blessing from God.

A few weeks ago, I went home for Easter. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was amazing. My walk with God truly has strengthen my relationship with my family. Everything went really smoothly, I didn’t argue with my parents or my siblings over anything. It was just so different, but Jesus Christ is written all over it. That is the only possible explanation for everything in life.  On good Friday, I went to a friends church, before I left I pray that God will be my pilot and guide me to the church. I got there safely, I didn’t make any wrong turns nor was I questioning whether I was going the right way.  It was just a different feeling. Then I when I was coming back, again I prayed that God would be my pilot. I had my headphone on listening to worship songs. Not even 3 minutes or less after I left the church, a cop started following me. I thought she would stop so I just stopped in the middle of the road, then she drove next to me, and I rolled down my window.  She asked whether I could see, and I said “yes”. Then she asked me to look at my front lights, I didn’t turn it on. Then I said “oh my goodness I am so sorry”. She told me to turn it on and she drove off. I was praising God all night long. I mean who else would have orchestrated  such event.

God traded His life for my advances, I can’t really think of a better love. When I think of how Holy the Son of Man is, it blows my mind. That same Easter weekend, God told me what he wants to do with the life he has given me. I have prayed for years about my major, and still kept praying for reasons I could not figure out till recent.

On April 24th 2011 I wrote this:

“I havebeen praying almost daily for Him to fill my life with His wishes, His desires, His thoughts, His emotions. I have also been praying that he would fill my life with EVERYTHING about him. And He’s been doing just that. I’m now realizing the more I’m praying about it, the more JESUS I am getting.  The timing  oh man, its couldn’t be more perfect. I just see God written all over it. God you are too good, and You are more than enough for me.

I’ve been praying that God will show me His will for my life. Its been neat! The whole experience itself.  This isn’t my life, therefore I can only live for the one who sent me. I’m not here to fulfill my dreams, I’m not here to satisfy my cravings, I’m not here to look at earthly things.

I am here to fulfill Gods dream. I am here to satisfy Gods appetite, and I am here to Set my eyes on the things above, for they are better and God is just utterly enough. This can NEVER be overstated.

This past week, God started comparing my life to Isaiah 61. This particular part of Isaiah has been in head since Feb from masterpiece.  I’ve always just have a heart for it, I didn’t know why. Every time I would read it, my heart would just melt and fill with so much Joy, God again all over the situation.

Since I have been in college I have been praying about been a Neurosurgeon. Its been my dream for a while, and I’m fully confident that God will help me get their. Notice how I said “my dream”. It was early last week or sometimes in the middle of the week. I kept repeating to myself, yea its been my dream for a while, I just want to make people feel better when they are sick. Then God kept asking questions, then I began to notice that everything about my dream had my name written all over it, every square inch of my dream was all about me, me and more me. Not the way it should  have been. Something was wrong, I’m asking God to give me more of Him, and less of me, yet I still thought I wanted to be a Neurosurgeon. I was still thinking about myself and what I wanted to do with my life. I hope you’re noticing my pronouns here.

I’ve been praying about this dream for the longest time, and there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that God will make it happen. But what I’m noticing, just now actually is that I never asked God about been a brain Surgeon. It was after I decided on it that I started praying. Plus It could be a crime if said I was Christian when I decided to be a doctor. It would be a complete and utter slap in the face to my father in heaven. I didn’t want to label myself Christian for I wasn’t living my life according God and the bible. I was doing my own things, my own agenda, my own timing. Nothing was about my now present love, Jesus Christ. It was all about me. Wow! God you’re truly amazing.

My heart was never settle with been a brain Surgeon, that is why God kept telling me to pray about it. I mean why else would God keep putting it in my heart. God! You’re too beautiful thinking about all this at your timing just makes absolute perfect sense.  I can’t even  begin to express the magnitude of the Perfection of God timing. It is just so perfect and so worth the wait. God you are Perfect, You are Perfect, You are Perfect in everything and all things”.

The passion he wants me to purse now is writing. All I care about is making His name famous. Carrying His name in everything I do,  what more would I want to spend my time on earth doing. Jesus I will carry your name forever, in everything I do.

“Our father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation” (Matthew 6:9-13).

God I am grateful for everything you are about.  Living water, all my fountains are in you. You are the bottom of every joy, every emotion, every dream. You are the bottom of my entire life.  God help me use the talents you have given me for the glory of Your Kingdom. Give me a burden for everything You are about. God keep breaking glasses, give me eyes to see what you want me to see. Give me ears to hear what you want me to hear. Give me the heart to carry the desires of Your heart.

God make every nation bow down at the sound of Your great name. In the name of the loving , eternal, holy Jesus Christ I pray. Amen!


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