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Holy Are You God

God, I just have to say, thinking about you just melts my heart, I am having such an unbelievable day because of you. I am falling more and more in love with you everyday. Why would I not want to carry Your name?

Your name is defining my life. You are given me a new purpose in life, a new identity. I just absolutely love you for that. Living water thinking about how deep your fountain is, absolutely makes me blush. I am over here smiling trying to contain my excitement.

I am falling deeper in love with you everyday. Unspeakable joy is only found in You, and you keep showering me with it. I am going to keep sharing this Joy with the world.

God, you complete me, you really do. This feeling of pure bliss is found in You. Thank you for sharing it with me. This life is so glorious, thank you for this gift of life. Gahhh, I just love, love, love you so much. I can’t even explain this feeling inside of me. You bring me inexpressible joy, sunshine , a new outlook, brand new vision, new ears, and a new identity in You God.

You keep moving mountains in my life. Every where I turn I see you God. I just feel your presence with me everywhere I go. You love is so strong, and so deep.

God I am thank you for you are constantly answering my prayers. You are making my life more about you and less about me.

You are letting me see life, as you see it.   I hear things so differently.  I during spring break week, my ears was blocked cause of mucus,  a week later the nurse help me cleaned it out, but she told me to come back. During Easter weekend, I went to see my primary care physician, she looked at my ears and said nothing was wrong. A week before I went though in the middle of the night I would just feel a random pain, it was like somebody was removing something that was stuck there. This only lasted a couple of days. When my doctor told me nothing was wrong, my mind immediately went straight to God. I mean who else has the power to heal. I was Yes Lord, thank you. God you are more than you have promised. Your faithfulness is so genuine, and absolutely priceless. God absolutely controls what goes in my ears. I find myself having to ask people to repeat themselves lately. I am not deaf, God is just filtering stuff I don’t need to ear, that makes sense.

Everything that God does, makes absolutely perfect sense, if you would just sit back, and really meditate on his words. Let God have his way in your heart.

Jesus, I adore you. At the mention of your name I am blushing. God I am so under sovereign.

God thinking about you brings me the biggest smile. I utterly love everything you are about. You spirit you take to the highest heights, for I know You are faithful.  My God you are so faithful.

Living water, I am praying that you would keep shinning your light on the lives of my friends. Keep changing their hearts desires to be more about You Jesus.

I love, love you so much.


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