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Unspeakable Grace

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Father, thank you so much for just been God. For the so merciful, so kind, so loving and oh so utterly stunning.  The past few days have been nothing mere of pure bliss for the Son of Man. I am presently in Nigeria, and i am seeing God everywhere.  It is so amazing to know and feel  his presence with me  every hour, every minute and every second.

Last Thursday on my way to Africa, my plane landed at Rome international Airport. The image I had in mind  for some odd reason were of paintings, basically I thought it would be mostly artistic things around. That image was quickly destroyed, for when I walked in I felt like I was inside a giant shopping center. I mean yea, most Airports sell things, but this airport is no ordinary airport. They could not have named it after Leonardo Davinci for no significant reason. In my head I am thinking “yes I get to spent 3 hours in a museum before my next flight”. But no, to my left was a Valentino store, Dolce&Gabana Underwear store, Guess, you name the designer, it could be found at the airport. This was not completely shocking, as Europe and fashion are slightly synonymous.

 After I looked for my gate to check in, I noticed “bird poop” on the counter next to my seat. My eyes couldn’t believe it at first, till I saw birds inside the airport. It was not a random bird, or two birds, it was an entire army of birds, roaming around the airport. Every time I saw a bird, my mind immediately went to  my friend Florence. She cannot stand birds for some reasons beyond comprehending.  But these birds, weren’t the typical  all black birds I normally see. This was gray with turquoise neck, and pink legs. They were the most unique birds I have ever seen.  And every time I tried to take pictures they would simply just fly off, and I would attempt to chase them, but then I would quickly remember where I am. The one I end up taking a picture of was a regular grey one, but it was just as beautiful as the rest.

 At last, departure time arrived after much-anticipated waiting. My brother and I were first in line, only because there were tons of people boarding our flight. So we waited a while and decided to grab some chocolate, after that we came back in line, and we were still first shockingly. Then about five minutes or less before boarding our flight, random two guys just came in front of us. Then one of the guys invited another guy to join them. I was thinking, is all this really happening now. I didn’t say anything for I was certain God will work it all out, at His perfect timing. I welcomed myself mentally to Africa, even though I was not physically there. Within about a minute almost 50 people or more, were in front  of us. I was so certain that it was God moving. When they finally started letting people check in, the two guys came into the front. The look on their face was very much disappointed, for they were not even sure who was first in line.  So instead of letting people come to them, they began to randomly handpicked people. The guy on the left was upset enough that he started telling people that they weren’t allow to carry more than one carry one. His reason, was that the airplane wasn’t big enough for the rest of their properties and that they should simply combine it all or pay for extra baggage.  When he started saying all that I simply just started praying that the guy will not able to see my bag pack for I had a regular carry on as well. And my very Generous father, didn’t let me get in the guys line, and my bag was practically invisible. My brother and I got into the same line, they saw his stuff and mines and said absolutely nothing. And to be even more convinced that they really did saw my bag pack, I had to take it off to get my passport.

 I was just praising God the rest of the day. In the midst of the airport, God was present. He was at every store and at every terminal I passed through. I am still in awe that the Son of Man is literally boundless. I realized that my preconceived notions about the airport is very much absurd. As I cannot tell God, what to do, I should not develop assertions about places, for it is rude to God. It is like I am telling him what he needs to do. Clearly, he can do that all alone, better than I could have even dreamed.

 God thank you for everything.


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