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Prosperity Gospel

Everyone that has 100, 200, 500 Naira, this prayer is for you. Sister, I want you to partake in this blessing too, you and your brother especially. The pastor then gave my brother and I  50 naira each so we cannot miss the blessing.  Nigeria is a very backward country, but never in a million years did I think pastors would turn the body of Christ into a lucrative enterprise. Pastors do not make much, so I am aware many have other means of earning income. But this very small population of pastors I am referring to have relied solely on money given by members who are barely trying to make end meets. Add to that family responsibilities, and  business responsibilities, as most have their own business.
Nigeria, is not a poor country in any way shape or form, it is the people in charge that are spending governments  money on their own selfish gains. And if the country itself is rooted on individuals own selfish ambitions, It is safe to say a lot of churches are simply prophesying the name of Jesus with plain lips, but their hearts are far from Him. This is by far the biggest of the problems I have noticed with the churches that I have been to so far in Nigeria. Believers here have a faith I do not understand, praise God!
The thing that was not too pleasing to watch was when pastors ask people to give an exact amount or higher. And to be even more bold they will ask people to run to the front with the money, while saying “this prayer is for you”. Well the problem with this is , if someone does not have money or have simply exhausted all the money they brought to church, they are left out. They would start beating themselves up on the inside, with thoughts like “If only I had brought enough money, I could have been blessed even more”.
The bible says in the book of Jeremiah 15:7 “Cursed is the man who believes in flesh”, but I am not sure if Nigerians know better than to believe lies some pastors utter.  There is no where in the bible where it gave an exact amount individuals must give beside tithing. That is simply between you and God. But really you are suppose to give all that you have, for it all belongs to God. This by no means  justifies pastors deliberately asking people to give a certain amount or higher. Please do away with the unbiblical messages and focus on Jesus Christ alone, for he is more than enough!
Tons of so call “pastors” are turning themselves into an idol without even realizing it. Prophesying things in the name of Christ Jesus. Telling people they will have cars, houses and whatever they have been longing for in a specific time period. Have you not heard that things only happen in Gods perfect timing?   And if all you are prophesying does not happen, people will start questioning things, praise the Lord.
The important question is, are you worshiping the real Jesus Christ? “These people honor me with their lips but their lips are far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men” (Matthew 15:8-9). You must really have their own God since you can predict what will happen tomorrow.
The bible clearly states that we should let tomorrow worry about itself. If you are worshipping the real Jesus, you will understand why you cannot predict the future. You are preaching the good-news to people, and the gifts that comes with it, but the real Jesus Christ is way above all this. This are good things off course, but only by the grace of God can they fully comprehend this. What about telling them they are sinners, unworthy of anything and that they are saved only by the grace of God. By letting them know this first they will be aware of how undeserving they are and by the grace of God they will repent their sins and start walking with the real Jesus Christ. This will help them develop faith, and deter them from merely living on cheap grace. With the prosperity gospel, they will think they deserve only the good things in life, wrong! What about the bad things that God eventually turns to good? They will not expect to see this except by the Gods grace. A lot of denominations that claim to be about Jesus are turning into fortune 500 businesses. This is not only a problem in Nigeria, but America as well. How dare you turn the body of Christ into a business for your own personal gains! You are simply just getting yourself ready for eternal punishment.
Woe to individuals who are believing everything pastor say, and not question anything. Woe to pastors who are proclaiming the name of God in vain, for you have idols you put above God. Woe to denominations that stores up riches on earth, claiming it is all for Christ when clearly they are far from Jesus. Woe to you all who trust in flesh, you are under a curse the bible says and eternal punishment awaits you all, enjoy.


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