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Thanksgiving And Praises.

God is telling me I need to share my struggles with others. Before I became a believer I lived in sin, not sure how else to put it. I breath, indulge and swallow sin 24/7, it was a norm for me. I had no idea God was working to ultimately used the trials I have experience to draw me closer to Him.
I think without those trials I would still be living the sinful lifestyle and simply waving at God from a distant.
I know I have said this before, and will forever keep say it, but I am so glad of every single trial God has given me the privilege of experiencing. It just makes knowing Him now so much more desiring. Now my soul just thirst and hungers for more of Him. I want to encounter Him in a deeper way.
God, You are coming like the rain pouring Your spirit on all of creation. I believe Jesus, you are mighty to save. Father I believe you will pour down your spirit on hopeless, shame, pride, jealousy, nervousness, Idolatry, sexual immortality, greed, self righteousness, self-containment, selfish ambitions, impatience.
God, I stand before you today a sinner saved only by your grace. I have done nothing to deserve it, Yet you died for me. You blood made me free.
Abba, Father, I am your bondservant for eternity. I am laying my life as a living sacrifice for you. The good shepherd will never lead me astray. God, I want more and more of you, let your spirit overwhelm me, let your presence overtake my heart. Great is your faithfulness, and yours alone. I long to see every nation and every month confess that Jesus is the Lord over all, and father they will. Only by your supreme power will every nation confess that you are indeed the King of all kings and The Lord of lords. God I want to know you.
My Beloved you have captured my heart in every way possible. Keep dancing with me, keep moving mountains in my heart, keep breaking my heart, strip everything that is hindering my progression with you. God, I am yours and I am throwing off everything that is in my way of getting closer to you. Please Keep searching my heart, Lover of my soul and keep revealing yourself to me.
Father in heaven great is your name. The only name on earth and in heaven that is bound to never change. God I praise you for been the mighty fortress that you are. I praise you for been fearfully and beautifully made. Father you are truly a royal diadem in my eyes. Father you are the only consuming fire and I am waiting eagerly for your triumphal arrival. You will come down like rain and fill the cloud with all your glorious riches. My savior my Lord, how precious are your cornerstones. How mighty are your arms. Lord how endless is your love for your creation. Father you have called us to carry your name to every nation. Abba, Father help us achieve the mission you have graciously called us all for. Father open the doors in countries held in captivity. Open the eyes of children who are worshiping idols and not the real Jesus Christ. Help us live to see your light shine in all of creation, and nothing less. God help us be a generation that seek your presence everywhere. Help us be a generation that lives to make God famous and not the things of this world. Help us become a generation that thirst and hungers for you father. Father help us become a generation that seeks and take every opportunity to magnify your powerful name.
Father, you are a big God, and I praying that nothing less then your will be done in this day and age. Your perfection took the place of our sinful nature. With this God, help this generation rise up and live for the only thing that matters. You, our God. Help make Your name and renown the only thing this generation runs after and not the American dream. A dream that is bound to fade at your arrival any second now. With everything God, help us become a generation that lives to make You famous. God, your name, and yours alone will be highly exalted now and for ever more, Amen.


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