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Breaking Free

August 02 2011

Father I am held captive by the sin of disobedience. In not wanting to insult you my Lord, I do not want to categorize this as something “little”. That is what my
flesh echos in my heart. I know nothing is little in your eyes. This is a
problem in my life, and I do not want to undermine the magnitude of the
problem.  You have been bringing this up throughout this summer, and God by the grace you have on me, you are going to free me of this. You are going to set me free.

I probably could be more open, so earlier in July I wrote down something, the Lord was telling me to tell my parents. They were all really good things when God revealed them to me. I was thankful, and supper existed to tell my parents. Now almost a month later, I am reading through Isaiah a book in the Old Testament of the Bible and my heart just breaks to see a generation held captive in sin, but marvels as
they humbly call on the Holy one of Israel, the Lord Almighty is His name.   And God been the sovereign Lord that He is, I am also reading “Breaking Free” by Beth Moore. The 5 obstacle that hinders one from fully enjoying liberty in Christ as revealed from God through the prophet Isaiah:

  • Unbelief, which hinders knowing God.
  • Pride, Which prevents us from glorifying God.
  • Idolatry, which keeps us from being satisfied with God.
  • Prayerlessness, which blocks our experience of God’s peace.
  • Legalism, which stops our enjoyment of God’s presence.

Beth, is using the ministry of prophet Isaiah to show how “how a Christian is held captive byanything that hinders the abundant and effective Spirit-filled life God planned for him or her”. I went back home to Nigeria this summer, and it was utterly
done by God alone and no one else. As I am writing this, I am seating on my bed
alive and breathing, but still not sure what tomorrow will bring. One thing I
am certain of is that tomorrow will come, by the gracious grace of Abba Father

For months I have been praying for an uncomfortable lifestyle, and when God answered my prayer in Nigeria, It was rather mind blowing. The first week or
two I was complaining about how so uncomfortable I was. Then slowly God began
reveling through prayers and other means that I need to just suck it up, I
asked for this, and that He is going to get all the glory in this. This changed
the course of the whole trip. God reminded me that this is not about me and my
comforts and that it is all about Himself plus His name, His renown, His
kingdom and everlasting glory.

The trip went from “How can people live and think like this” to God Almighty, please
shine your light to the people of this country, set them on fire for your name and change there hearts desires to be more about you”. When God reminded that I went there only by His grace to proclaim His good news to everyone I met, I was on fire. I was fire for Him already, but this was a different type of fire, it was one of complete urgency. That people need to surrender to God now, and not tomorrow, because you do not know if tomorrow will be there or if you are going to see another day.

God showed me the more I surrendered to Him the more blessing I started seeing even in the uncomfortable situations. And all the things I consider uncomfortable went on been a blessing and praises to God for that. And know I am just reminded by the Holy Spirit that God really does have everything work his way, that every bad thing will eventually turn to good for the glory of His name.

I experience the powerful act of praying early on this summer. I was obedient to Gods words in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17 “Be joyful always, pray continually; give thanks in
all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus“. I am almost tempted to just tell someone whenever they ask “I do not know God’s will for my life, or I am waiting on Him to reveal His will”. You do not have to wait, be joyful always, praying without ceasing and give thanks in all circumstance is God’s will for you.

When I was happy, giving thanks to God and praying in all things, I was full of so much love for Christ. I got to know the savior in a more intimate level and I was simply at awe by his love for creation.

I would walk downthe street and hear people just worshipping like there is absolutely no one else there and I would just marvel at the power of God that goes beyond all
understanding.  I would go to bible study on Tuesdays and find the everlasting God unleash His words, and utterly challenge people to live for nothing less than Himself.

One Saturday I went to a Salon and this lady was talking about how God has been moving in her life.   And how she goes on top of the mountain to worship Him every Sunday. She mentioned also that she is waiting on a call from God to start her own church, for she and many others had been wronged by “false teachers”. She said if it was not for her faith in God and reading her bible she doesn’t not know where she would be today. She shared with me the importance of knowing the word of God for it is truly the only weapon bound to always save.

God just planned all this events in my way that encourage me to run according to His will.

8/5/2011, 1:01 AM

Father I just want
to praise you for everything you are about. I just got back from worship and

study and a 2 hour session of interpretive dancing, let me just say that God is breaking me free indeed.  The freedom that comes from Christ is one of absolute bliss. My friend and I just ran barefoot throughout the parking lot just worshiping. Yes Lord, you really are the light in our lives.  It was amazing, it completely made me fall in love with God even more, taking our relationship to a deeper level.

“Now the Lord
is the spirit, and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” (2
Corinthians 3:17).

Father God I thank you for taken me, the least of your Children to pour out your love on. God you chose me to carry Your name to the places long devastated. God my prayer is for nothing less than your will be this life. Father I pray that nothing less than your will be done in this generation.

Father you are the glitter in this world, and father by your grace only, I am going to take your words and shine it all around. But father I need your help, Father I need you to help me live a life worthy of everything you have called me for.

God, I am falling head over heals in love with you. God let your love take me deeper, let your  love take me deeper. God I am not afraid, I want more and more of you. God i long to stay in your presence for it is where i belong.

so much love,

your daughter


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