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King Of Glory

Oh father, I am a sinner in front you and so unworthy of your grace, but yet freely you give it. God, I am struggling with envy, jealousy, daydreaming about boys, body image, body image and more body image. Lord, I do not want to keep chasing after my sins, I want to keep chasing you and your kingdom. God, I hang up my flesh, Lord I am following you. I do not want to waste time chasing the things of this world and miss your presence. Lord, consume the life you gave me with your son Jesus. This is not my life, I was brought with a price (1 Corinthians 19-20).

God, I am worry about my heart, and where its going. I feel like I am devoted to a lot of things that are not about you. At least that is the direction I see, God please
help me fix this. I cannot do this without you. Lord, I sat in church Sunday worshipping and my mind was all over the place. Same thing tonight, at breakaway my mind was dancing all over America. I just could not stay focus. God, you are the foundation of everything in this world, I am running to you. Jesus you are the author and perfecter of my faith, and I am looking to you for everything. God I want to be devoted to you and nothing less.  I do not want to be devoted to the circumstances of life, only the living God. God, I need you to keep breaking my
heart and show me areas I am not submitting to you. I need you to break me any
way you see fit.

God please open the eyes of my heart and let me see everything you want me to see, not what I want to see. God I need you to keep breaking, molding me into everything you have called me for. God please keep revealing sins in my heart. Please reveal memories that I have suppressed from my past. God please bring unhealed wonds that I have had the great privilege of been a part of. God I need to deal with those things. God reveal them all, father consume my heart with more Jesus.

God please break any sort of pride, self righteousness and selfish ambitions that is inside of me. God free me of everything that is holding me captive, release me Lord and let me walk, breath, and live in your freedom. You are my redeemer and life, please Lord fill me with more of yourself. Consume my world with nothing less than Jesus. God, you mentioned that I would go through all this. I didn’t know what all exactly. But you are also encouraging to keep my eyes on you, and God, I am. I long to be in your presence. And I pray that you will bless me with more Jesus. A Jesus saturated life and nothing less. God, dance with me, turn my world upside down for the glory of your name. God I am mess without you. God be my everything. King Jesus I need you, I am desperate. With all creation God, I sing praise to the King of Kings.

God, I lift up Joshua‘s project and the unreached. God I pray that you will saturate those things with your son Jesus. God I pray that you will saturate the lives of the
unreached with your Son. I am praying that you would push believers in
surrounding areas to share the good news about you to their neighbors. God I
pray that they will live a Jesus Saturated live. I also pray that you will help me remember to pray for them daily and operation world as well. God, I pray also for my heart that I would guard it, and wait for you. Your timing is always perfect, God help me wait on you, and nothing less.

God, I live to see
you magnify in creation, help me magnify you passionately. I love you so much.


Your Child.


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