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Set Free

Let there be no condemnation, for all who are fully known in Christ Jesus. Unspeakable grace for all the nations, by way of holy sacrifice, we worship with the sound of broken shackles falling to the ground Sanctified, I have been set free, grace divine has swept me off my feet. No greater love has ever been known, than He who came and found the Lost. No greater sacrifice has ever been known than HE who laid upon the cross Let all creation sing for He has come and He’s changed everything.
Words alone cannot express my heartfelt appreciation, gratitude and love to the One who is beyond life. God, I am so in love with you. God my stories with you, is only beginning, and thus far I am speechless. God, for you son, I am made worthy, and there is no one who will love me like you do. Seeing your love for me grow only increases my faith and my passion for the glory of your name. Lord, I am so in love with you, that I am growing speechless for words to describe you. I want everyone to have a love story with you, above all I want you to be the foundation of that love story.
I want creation to join the song, and sing to the one who saves. The light of this world. I want creation to rise us and sing to the one who loves, the one who we lead us home. His love endures, forever His love endures, and I pray that everyone will experience that. God lead the hearts of the lost back to you. Put people in their world that would boldly magnify your name, and reorganize there priorities to be more about you.
Heaven and heart gives praise at the sound of your name my God. Lord, we long to be in your presence for it is where we belong. Lord, I am praying over various relationships you have put in my life, God please let it keep growing. Lord, help me stand firm on you, so I won’t fall for anything less than God. Lord you have a plan for my life, its beautiful. Father help me continue to walk with you by faith and not by sight. Help me run this race marked out for me with perseverance. Help me keep my eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of my faith, whom for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Lord, help me consider you, who endured oppositions from sinful men, so I won’t grow weary and lose heart (Hebrews 12:1-3). God, I choose you and nothing less. Break the chains of sins in my heart, break the walls of temptation, Jealousy, pride, disobedient. Lord, my tongue is full of sin, Lord, help me think before I speak. Lord, my heart is full of junk, Lord replace the junks with your son Jesus.
I have never open this door wide, no one else is around, there is no good reason to hide. I want to be real, so I am throwing out words that I don’t fully understand. I could be talking to myself, but I know I am not, for you are always there throw the fire saving my heart from the doubt inside. I am not the girl that I was, I use to see you in highs and lows, but now I keep on believing and though I can’t see, you’re always present and moving all around me. I want to be real , there is too much at stake, I am tired of faking, I just want to be real. I don’t care if I break, I just want to be real with you God.
The world, will always try and battle for my heart, but the war is already won, father help me remember this daily. You won this battle, you overcame the world. God sometimes I find myself longing for the things of this world, perishable things. Lord, I do not want to covet, or make idols of things from your creation. Everything you made is a blessing. Father I confess that I am slightly devoted to worldly things. God rid me of myself, and the things I put my hope in, or people I put my hope me.
God, you are the rock upon which I stand. I came here to talk, Lord the spotlight shines upon you. How can anyone deny you. I came here with a load, and it feels so much lighter, that I have meet you. Lord, you should know, that I could never go on without you. God, you are the sea upon which I float. And I came here to talk, and you came to listen. Jesus Christ, the love of my life, you are the one I wanted to find and anyone who tried to deny you must be out of their mind.
Jesus, the love of my life, I came here with a load and it feels so much lighter since I have meet you. My love, you should know, I could never go on without you. God, you are the rock upon which I stand.


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