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The Rain of the Love of Christ

Lord, I am so in love with you. God, thank you for your son Jesus, thank you for sending Him to die for humanity’s sins. God, you’re so beautiful. No greater love has ever been known than He who came and found the Lost. Lord, I am standing in awe of your great name. Grace divine has swept me off my feet. Heaven knows that I will never be the same. Sanctified, I have been set free. Lord you have transformed my life and you keep transforming, it’s a daily sanctification. You keep taking my breath away. God you are my everything, and I am so blessed to have you in my life. I have been singing about you all day. I am just utterly in love with you. Everlasting love, in mercy your kingdom reigns forever. Lord over everything you are near. All of the universe is at your feet. In the Savior injustice is brought to right, for your glory, that You may be lifted high. Lord over everything you are utterly near. All of the universe stands in awe of your majesty. God, by your grace alone, the lost will confess the name of Jesus, the blind will see and praise you my Lord. The  lame will walk and the dead will rise with you. Lord I pray that your will be done in my generation. I pray that you will set hearts/souls on fire for the glory of Your name.

Lord, I pray that you will keep breaking my heart to know you deeper, I pray that you will keep challenging me in more ways than I can imagine. Lord I pray that you will keep stretching me anyway you feel. Lord over everything, I pray that I will walk with you daily, I pray that I will keep trusting you with everything. Lord I pray that I will worship nothing less than your son Jesus. Lord, there is no other God, so I pray that I don’t worship any other god, but The God of The Bible. The risen King, Lord, I pray that I will passionately keep worshiping You and You alone. Lord, you have utterly surrounded me with such a great cloud of witnesses. You have surrounded me with passionate believers who are going after your heart. Lord I pray that I will keep throwing off everything  that hinders and sins that so easily entangle. Lord. I pray that I will keep running with perseverance this race that You have already marked out. Lord, I pray that I will keep my eyes on you, the author and perfecter of my faith,  who for the Joy set before Him endured the cross scorning its shame and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Lord, I pray that I will always consider Jesus (Your one and only son) who endured the such opposition  from sinful men, so that I will not grow weary and lose heart (Hebrews 12:1-3).

Lord, I just keep thinking about how you graciously redeemed me,  and it just brings me so much Joy. All things are bright and beautiful you are. Lord in my darkest nights, you brighten up the sky. I don’t ever have to pull myself up by my boots straps. I honestly can’t, that’s something only God can do. And you have been doing that. Lord, this week especially. You keep pointing areas of my life, I need to fully surrender to You. Lord, you are so precious to me. Nobody else does that, but you. God, you want me to be your one and only love. You want me to be your everything. God, I am yours, God you are my everything. My hope is in you alone. God, romance me. Lord, romance me. I am so yours, and words alone cannot express that. My beloved you have captured my heart. Won’t you dance with me now lover oh lover of  my soul, to the song of all songs. With you I will go, You are my Love, you are my Fair one.

If you’re reading this, and you do not have a relationship with God, please know that you are missing out. And I am not saying that lightly. Jesus is Life! God send Him to creation to die for our sins, He was buried, and was raised on the third day (1 Corinthians 14-15). The only way to God is through Jesus on the cross. I urge you today to choose God, for in Him you are made whole. He has graciously offered you the free gift of salvation, you just need to accept it, and walk with Him. You need to trust Him, go to church and let others believers speak truth in your soul, you need to read The Bible, for it’s the truth. God’s truths is very much around you, indulge in it, meditate on it, never let it be too far from you. Above all else, you need to get up and go make disciples, share the good news about Jesus to everyone and baptize them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:18-19).

I urge you to follow Jesus, the Holy one, who sits in  heavens mercy seat. He’s clothed in rainbow of living color. At the mention of His name alone, one is filled with wonder. The name of Jesus is Power. He is the maker of the skies plus everything under and above the skies.  Make Him (Jesus) your everything.

You are sons and daughters of the King, and He wants you to sit at His feet. He desires for you to be in His presence.

Lord, I pray that none will go through life without having a personal relationship with God. Lord I pray that none will say in the end “I’ve wasted it”. Lord please I am begging you, let no one say that. God the thought of my brothers and sisters going through life without knowing how big, how high and deep the love you have for them is, breaks me. It breaks me that people can live for everything but God. It’s life that was never there’s to begin with, its all Yours. Lord, I am praying for salvation of Tyler, Angela, Luis, Kelly, Katelyn, Ivan, Jennifer, Leslie, Amy, Keeshia, and Alfred. Also for the atheist, agnostic group on campus. Lord, I am praying that you will break every individual of everything. Lord I pray that you will mold in them all a new heart and replace everything hole in their heart with your Son Jesus. I pray that you will mold, a Jesus saturated heart, that they will live to make you know in all of creation. Lord, I pray that they will make much of you. That they will desire to know more about the living God. Lord, I pray that they will give up their dreams for you, Lord I pray that they will chase after your heart, for you made us to make you know. God, in the name of your precious son Jesus I pray, Amen.


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