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I am Following Jesus

Oh dear, I am  in awe once more. Today was a stunning day, praise The Lord.  God I just want to lift you up, thank You for everything. The more I am  walking in obedient, the more intimate our love story gets. I yearn for more and more of you always. God, you are so faithful, and you keep every promises, who else does that? No one.

“God I will follow you every where you go. Father, I want to be about You and what You are about. My desire is to be used up like fuel for your glory, to spread throughout the earth. I am asking You to show me what it means to BE your witness where You have already put me. Lord, allow me to be a part of making you famous in all the earth. Thank You for sending Your Spirit when I first believed in you. I know that the spirit was given to empower me as a witness, and I want to align my life’s agenda accordingly. I am setting aside these ten days to hear and learn from  you. I give you total freedom to go work in my life in order to enable and equip me to join your mission. Show me things in my life that would hinder my ability as a witness, and I will confess them, and turn them over to you. Please help me live my life for your fame and your glory, Amen.

Lord, the awaited Messiah, the hope of the world and salvation for all people, You are the light of the nations, yet Many live in darkness having never heard about you. Help me to never be content knowing that, but to be moved with compassion for the lost in this world. You, Spirit of God are zealous to have the world for Christ: to see him adored in all the earth. Give me the same zeal and empower me to be a witness of Christ daily. Lead me and I will follow. If You desire to send me to the ends of the earth, give me the faith to obey. For the Glory of Christ’s name I pray, Amen” (I GO MISSIONS).

Lord, please make mold me into a person of “action over intention”. Lord, You always turn your intentions into actions, make me like you please. I do not want to sit and simply have good intentions, but never putting anything into action, this is very deadly. Besides it’s a waste of life to think about doing anything, and not do it. Lord, I want to know more of what it means to fully live the mission life you have called every believer to. Lord, I lay it all at your feet, dispose me for the glory of Your Kingdom. God, I am walking  with you. I trust completely that you will never lead me astray. Father I praise you for everything you are about. Heaven rain down on every soul in my apartment. We all have gone astray and the only one that can save us is Jesus, the one and only son of God. Praises and glory be His, now and for ever more, Amen.


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