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Sinless King Who Died For Us

God, thank you for been the only one that can make sense of the life you gave me. Lord, without you my life makes absolutely no sense. Without you I will just keep dwelling in sin constantly. Without you I will simply settle for a so-called better version of myself. God, I really so praise you for redeeming me, as undeserving as I am of your grace and mercy. Yet freely you pour it out on me, freely you captivated my soul. Freely you died for my sins, and freely you conquered the grace and rose from the dead.

I don’t like using the word weird, coincident, or ironic. I think its all God. I don’t think things are weird, or  coincidental much less ironic, its simply God moving.

God has been happening to me lately, from every angle of life, He has been pouring out, disciplining me, and I praise Him for it. Lately, I would just weep for people who don’t know God, and crying out to God to use me in been a part of the solution. And now, right now I am crying because I am home for thanksgiving. I am extremely excited for the opportunity to come home and see some old friends, but that’s most likely not going to happen, and it breaks me. But at the same time, I know God works everything out for His good. This afternoon my car just randomly stopped working, so its not like I am trying to avoid anyone. I knew it was God, especially after I prayed about it, I asked for an opportunity to minister to the friends I would have seen and speak truth into their lives. Its going to happen as His perfect timing.

I have also been very angry since coming back home, I don’t remember the last time I felt like this at home. Everything my mom use to do that gets on my nerves are bugging me again. Ever since I became a believer, It hasn’t been a problem, but everything has been irritating me since yesterday. I have been home for about 24hrs now, and I already wish I could come back to school. Even at school, lately my mind has been on graduating, because I am so tired of been surrounded by so-called friends of Jesus. I am tired of people who think having facts about Jesus is what it means to be a Christian. Jesus has enough so-called friends, what He needs are more disciples. Our churches don’t have any more rooms for hypocrites, sorry all those positions are taken, and the waiting line is endless. I am tired of people who think their denomination is Jesus, or better yet that been a part of a denomination automatically makes them a Christian. I am tired of so-called Christians who know nothing on how one can be saved, heck they don’t even know what salvation means. So off course, they have no clue on faith, sin, submission to Christ, much less been a disciple. They know how to be religious, but they have no clue on what it means to be a follower of Christ. They are walking Pharisees, false teachers, abusing the grace of God, and eternal punishment greatly awaits them.

I don’t know about yourself, but ever since I’ve became a servant of Christ Jesus, its harder for me to sit on the bus and simply stare or have small talks with people. I can’t not tell them about Jesus. Its harder for me to look around, knowing people are going to hell if no one shares the good news about Jesus to them. Its harder for me to look at my brother, knowing He is going down the wrong path, and not cry out to God to save Him. It’s harder for me to have conversations with anyone without talking about the One that dwells in unapproachable light, my savior Jesus Christ. I just can’t sit comfortable knowing people are going to burn in hell. I would wake up at times in prayer, because I am literally seeing people burning in hell. And I am praying that God will save them.

Ever since I’ve became a follower of Christ, praying is harder. I have to say a prayer, before I pray to God that he would clear my head, and help me pray. It’s even more harder this past few weeks, but I am not giving up, I am still praying. I just won’t feel like praying, and I love to pray. Its harder to do everything. I have to be intentional with everything, or nothing will get done.

Small talks are good, but if we talk about everything but Jesus, we’ve wasted our time. As I don’t want to be sitting on a couch watching TV at the return of Christ, I also don’t want to be having a conversation about my favorite color, and what I like to eat, for its all going to perish.  At the return of Christ all of it will disappear, so please lets talk about the person of Jesus, the one that died for humanities’ sins, and who now leads my way. Lets talk about how you can grow in Him,  and be His disciple, and not a consumer.

We live in a world of consumerism, everyone wants to consume and not give.  We love information, but when it comes to going back to the source of all things, Jesus, we fail. I am guilty this myself, but God has been graciously rebuking me in this area, and I utterly praise Him for it. Everyone wants to feel like they are a part of something, so they attach the name of Christ to themselves, or their organizations, but their lives reflects nothing about the Son of God. This utterly breaks my heart, they know how to be religious, but they have no clue about the person of Christ.

Lord, I am praying for a revival in the hearts of students. I pray that you will start preparing followers of Christ to go out of their comfort zones and share the gospel all over campus. I am praying for a revival within the body of Christ, that we will die to our flesh, and walk in obedience of the Almighty Jesus. That we will challenged one another to be holy, and not worldly. I pray God, that we will set Godly, biblical standard and not worldly standards. For the glory of the name of Jesus, Amen.


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