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God Undefeatable

God, in majesty and power you reign. Death is broken, and you are alive. Jesus, I praise you for dying for me, thank you for giving me the privilege of worshiping you. God, I do not take this lightly, it’s a privilege. God, thank you for saving  me, for letting see another day. For allowing to wake up and freely worship you. God this is only by your grace alone, God its truly an honor to have a Father like Yourself. Words cannot explain my heartfelt gratitude towards you.

God, I pray that you will keep using me as fuel for the glory of your name. Lord, I pray that you will make me miserable for the glory of your name.  Whatever it take Lord, I do want to worship any thing less thank your son Jesus. Break me of everything, Lord, anything that I am putting above you has to go. Lord, I want to be content with you and you alone. Destroy everything else that is hindering my progression, or anything/anyone that I am putting above you. Lord, destroy the idols in my life, I know they are there, or else I won’t be praying about this. Lord, keep pushing me out of my comfort zone. Keep pushing me God, whatever it takes, your will be done.

God come down like rain on campus, come down like rain. God, keep pouring into your sons and daughters. God, you are going to come down like rain, Lord, I just believe it. The love of God is greater than we dare to hope or dream. God, your spirit is consuming my life. Love undeniable, keep waking me up to life. I need more and more of you. I do not want to quench the spirit’s fire. Lord, whatever it takes, I want to always taste you as sweet and not bitter. God, I need you, let your spirit overwhelm me. I never want to be far from you Lord, help me never to be far from you Oh Lord. I want to know you, let your spirit overwhelm me and let your presence overtake my heart.

God, really, you are the only person in my life worth bragging about. I just want to flaunt you every where.

God is constantly answering prayers, here’s one that He keeps answering.

Every Friday, a group of students myself included, always go out and evangelize on campus, today something amazing happened, something amazing is always happening all around me.

I have been reading through Matthew, praise the Lord. Lately I have been praying that God will provide a way for me to explain myself better, and He has been doing that with scriptures, even more thankful

for this for I never want His words out of my heart, so this is most definitely an answered prayer.

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many will enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life to life, and only a few find it”.

This verse describes the culture I am surrounded by at school. Almost 10,000 claim to be Christians. God has been graciously exposing me to the truth of that number. “Wide”, “broad” is the path to destruction and 99.9% of those people are on the pact to destruction. The point one percent of the actual Christians I have meet, are so passionate about God. This is what I have been and will continue to pray for, passionate believer, that are all about Jesus, and that want to share Him with others. There are such a few number of them, for they are going down the narrow path, that leads to life. This is a privilege, and for the past two weeks, on Fridays I have been meeting passionate Christians. The way they speak, dress,   their prayer requests are so different from the worlds, this is what it means to be set apart for the kingdom of God. They are pursing godliness, holiness, they are looking to God as the example and not self or the world. Yes, they walk and talk the Gospel, its beautiful when I meet individuals that are all about the Kingdom of God. Its encouraging also, for sometimes I just wonder who else out there understands the weight of the gospel.

Example I must truly hate the person sitting next to me on the bus to not ask them if they know God. I must really despise them, it’s a constant conviction, and I praise God for it. The excuse I hear on why people don’t share the gospel is that, “it’s awkward”, “I serve in another way”, “school is the way” and everything else is those category.

First, the awkward situation. If you make it awkward it will be awkward. Before you ever share with anyone, pray to God for guidance, without His help, you will fail. Open your month in prayer, fast if you need to, just pray before you share. When I first started, for a few days I started with small talk, which will lead to sharing about God. The week after, God did not let me start off with small talks again, and I praise God for it. My heart will literally start beating, I could definitely feel l a huge burden in my heart. So I would literally just cut to the chase, and open my mouth. If I had never prayed and asked God to help, I would be making this excuse myself.

Second, serving is awesome, but lets not forget the great commission which states: “Therefore go, and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:18-19). God used the word “Go” for it’s an action word. He didn’t say “stare, watch, or sit”, which is what most people do. Your job is a mission field, your classroom is a mission field, wherever God has place you currently is your mission field, go make disciples where you are presently placed. You don’t have to go overseas to go make disciples, most people around you do not know God. Pray that God will place people that don’t know Him in your life that you can pour into. If you are not making disciples now, you will never make disciples overseas. So start now where you are at.

Third, yes we are in college to get a education, but it is not an excuse to ignore God. College is only temporary, God on the other end is eternal. Don’t waste your time in college chasing everything that will perish while you miss the only being that actually matters, Jesus. I am not saying don’t do well in school, or ignore your grades, I am saying balance God and School. It is very doable. He gave us seven days a week, do homework ahead and start studying ahead, so you can clear up time to evangelize.  Make yourself available, and He will use you endlessly.

Finally, don’t make excuses for yourself on why you can’t share the gospel. Remember your excuses stand no chance in front of a holy, perfect, and righteous judge, no chance at all. So stop digging yourself a hole you can’t get out of, and stop justifying your sins.

Father in heaven I thank you for another day, for giving me life, and for been a part of my life. Lord, praise you that you are moving constantly around me, that you haven’t let me go, God thank you. God, your will be done in my life and in my generation. Lord, come down like rain and save people. For the glory of Your name, I pray, Amen.


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