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Merciful Gracious Father

It’s been such a beautiful semester. Guided by the maker of the universe, its bounded to be. Through the Chaos and the beautiful shiny moments, that I am privileged enough to have experience, I am so in awe of the maker of heaven and earth once more. God, you never fail to be mind gobbling. Lord, I just want to praise you for been an awesome father. God I thank you that you are teaching me the cost of discipleship. Lord, whatever it takes, I will keep following you. At whatever cost, in any circumstances, humble King you have captivated my heart, and there is no turning back. Lord, by your grace I pray that I will keep walking with you by faith and not by sight. Greater love I have not found it, all by mercy you have ease this trouble mind. God your faithfulness is encouraging. Lord, is it okay if I just brag on what an amazing father you are? How you’ve been disciplining me this semester has been awesome. This is necessary for me in my walk with you. I do remember your words of encouragement which says “endure hardships as discipline: God is treating you as sons. For what son is not disciplined by his father? If you are not disciplined (and everyone undergoes discipline), then you are an illegitimate children and not true sons” (Hebrews 12:7-9). I don’t want to be an illegitimate child, so I do praise you for teaching/training how to follow your Son Jesus.

Sometime you’ve been really showing me lately is that my prayers don’t change a whole lot. I don’t think they change at all, unless I am praying specific prayer request for other people. I am only bragging on the power of Christ. My prayers for the most part are always about obedience, asking that I will be just like Him in every way, that I will keep running from sin, and others that I can’t remember, But in all, they’ve been answered but I am always asking for more and more, it’s a constant prayer in my life. You can never have enough of Jesus. You just can’t, which is why I am constantly praying for more and more of Him. Also lately, is that Scriptures will erupt inside of me, that it would come alive, and He has been faithful in answering that, so I keep praying for it. By His grace alone, this are things I am going to keep praying for till His triumphant arrival.

I don’t want to fall off, I know It can happen, I never want to get to a place where I am so comfortable and so prideful in my walk with God, this is also another constant prayer request. I need Him to keep stretching me, as far as He want, its not my will, but His will be done. Whatever it take, I want to be conformed to His image. Since He’s the example and my only justification, I want every square inch of the life He gave me to reflect Himself. I don’t want a carbon copy of myself, I want Jesus, Him alone I need.

Lord, I praise you for a beautiful semester, for never letting me go. For always going out of your way to make sure I walk with you. Thank you for helping me develop a new relationship with Sin. Thanks for always rocking my world. You’re amazing!


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