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Infinite Praises To The One I Love

Unspeakable grace to you Lord, for graciously mercifully granting me another day. Almighty Jesus I am so thankful for been my all in all. For been the only hope I long to. For been the great shepherd, Lord I thank You for been the Almighty who saves.

Lord, your will be done in my life, by your grace I will stand for everything that is true. Lord surround me with your angels. God, you’re rocking my world, thank you for giving me this day. I praise you for it.

  1. Thank you for your son Jesus.
  2. Thank you for the gift of life.
  3. Thank you for my parents, extended family.
  4. Thank you for my siblings.
  5. Thank you for been the sacrificial lamb, who came to die for us, in order that we might have life.
  6. Thank you for reigning here on earth.
  7. Thank you for breaking the chains of sin in my life, Lord keep breaking it.
  8. Thank you for been creations only hope.
  9. Thank you for always giving me opportunities to share you with world, especially on the bus.
  10. Thank you for the people you have used to change my life.
  11. Thank you for prayer, I so praise you for it.
  12. Thank you for Gospel For Asia, Breakaway, Voices of Martyr, Operations World and Joshua‘s project.
  13. Thank you for worship music that are utterly saturated in The Word of God.
  14. Thank you for shedding your blood for me, and the world.
  15. Thank you for setting my heart of fire for Your name.
  16. Thank you for the endless prayers you have answered.
  17. Thank you for been a father, Your hands have carried me.
  18. Thank you for helping me grasp the magnitude of sin, and why I should run from it.
  19. Thank you for been a consuming fire, let your spirit forever keep overwhelming me.
  20. Thank you for granting me another year to worship you, it’s a honor I am very thankful for.




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