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The Rock Upon Which I Stand

God, thank you for an amazing day. Thank you for been the love of my life. Thank You for been always constant in my life. God, you’re just amazing, thank you for renewing in me the joy of your salvation. So enchanting to know you. I am sitting here just in smiles, thinking about you is so mind-blowing. This night is so sparkling, thank you Oh Lord.

God, I want to thank you for everything You are doing in my life. It nothing mere stunning, everything you are about. God, I want to spend forever in your arms. Lord,  I want to spend forever worshipping you. Lord, I want to spend the rest of my life (by Your grace alone) giving you all the glory in all that I do. Thank You for saving me, I can’t thank You enough. Thank You for revealing how I can be too hard on myself, and others, and I praise you for helping me nail this to the cross. Thank You for always breaking me of everything, and molding it all back together, the way You want it. Lord instill in my the humility of Christ. Lord, I want every square inch of the life You gave me to be a reflection of King Jesus. I don’t want a carbon copy of myself, I want Jesus, more and more of Jesus. Lord, every time I open my mouth, help me fearlessly proclaim the mystery of the Gospel. Lord, keep stretching, keep putting me in uncomfortable situations for Your name sake. Keep pushing me out of my comfort zone. Give me a heart that loves like Jesus. Lord, You promise to make me into the image of Christ, whatever it take, keep conforming me to the image on Jesus Christ. Whatever it takes, Your will be done.

Lord, You’re the rock upon which I stand, where You go, I will go. “Yes, Lord walking in the ways of your laws I wait for you, for Your name and renown are the desires of my heart” (Isaiah 26:8). Words alone cannot express how satisfying you are God. Utmost gratitude for everything you are about. Lord, help me spend the rest of the time I have on earth worshiping you. Lord, be near me always.  Lord, you’re already preparing everything I will do this year, I pray for open hearts, and hungry souls all over Lord. Lord, I am certain that you are preparing souls for me to minister to, and I praise you for it.

My summer Lord, is all Your, my whole life is Yours,  God I trust You with everything. Lord, I pray that You will provide funding for the mission trip this summer. God, your will be done in that. God, I can do nothing without you. I lay it down, all my weapons Lord, are surrendered to you. Savior and friend breathing your breath into my life. I find myself on my knees again, nothing compares to this love burning in my heart. Take my life, take all that I am, Jesus all I want is You. You are the only one I want to cling to. You are everything my heart desires, help me do whatever it takes to make sure I worship you alone, and nothing you created. Lord, I am crazy about You, and this story you are unfolding in front of me daily absolutely takes my breath away.

I am praying for an outpour of your Holy Spirit in all I do this semester, and on every soul I will talk to. I am praying for an outpour of your Spirit. Consume people, help them fall into repentance and follow You. Lord, You are the light in this dark world. You are everything every soul should long for, Lord captivate more souls this year, whatever It takes. I want more brothers and sisters in Christ.

So much love,



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