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In The Name Of Jesus


I pray in the name of The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that His will be done is this. Lord You are more than welcome to take over at any moment, apart from you I am nothing, and so is this (John 15:5).

My Spirit is overfilled with thankfulness, of pure unending joy for you. Thank you so much for waging war in prayer this summer on the Kingdom behalf. Thank you for going to Him who is able to do way more than we can imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Thank You for approaching His throne with confidence, so others may receive mercy and find grace (Hebrews 5:16).

Your prayers demolished, and are demolishing strongholds that will forever change eternity. Wednesday afternoon while standing in line  to get Tapioca with my siblings, I received an email from family in East Asia, Sharing with me that one of the people I was privileged enough to share the love of Christ with now believes in the Lord. Off course I went nuts, and even much more once I stepped out of the store. I was trying to compose myself inside the store, why? I was trying to not cause a huge sense. Lame excuse says the Holy Spirit. I should have went crazy that the cashier should have asked what was wrong, and it would have been a huge entry in sharing the Good News with her. But its okay, God will get her at His timing. I had no idea that I would share this much detail about the story, and this isn’t even the best part . When the Holy Spirit shows up when I am writing, I literally just type. I don’t plan this out, I let Him  take control, because it is only what He say that really matters.

After I left the store, I was driving home in awe of the greatness and utter faithfulness of God. In his mercy, He literally started bringing back all the memories of when I first met Lance.  So Lance came to an event queered to help students practice English, and for the majority of the time he wasn’t there, because Satan tried to prevent Him from coming there. The event occurred at a two story coffee shop, and the waiters in the coffee house simply told it was happening here, they never actually told him the exact location. And it was on the 2nd floor of the coffee shop. I remember seeing lance reading a newspaper, checking his watch and drinking coffee. He looked like He was waiting on someone, but I didn’t ask. When God finally led Him to come upstairs, I don’t remember exactly how. He sat at my table, and literally after His first few words, the Holy Spirit told me He wasn’t hear to practice His English. He spoke really really good English.  God has been gracious in given me a Spirit of discernment, so when He told me, he was hear for the Gospel, we skipped the long introductions and dive into what really matters, Jesus. Still to this day, I don’t remember exactly how that conversation started, It just always end up been about Jesus in the end, this happens to me a lot. I remember him asking me questions about the Bible, and later found out he use to live in New York City, this explained why his English is great. We talked about his time in America, family, and at the end I gave Him a Bible. The fact that the Bible was even there at that time, at that location was ordained by the Lord, and I will forever praise Him for this. The sister that left the Bible there did not want to have to carry it back and forth that week, she takes it back and forth all the time, but that week, God wanted those Bibles to be at the coffee shop.

I have been praying for Him, because His face screamed hungry for a savior. He was searching for answers, and wanting to know truth. We exchanged contact information, and I texted Him if I He wanted to have dinner/lunch with Jonah ( a local believer) and myself.  At this point, my friends and I had been asking God to bring up guys to share with it. In that culture, the locals tell me that girls desire to know more about the Lord than males. God is bigger than cultural norms the Holy Spirit reminded me, so I knew it was a lie from the devil, no need to let it sit.  So lance invited Jonna and I out to dinner my last week.

Trusting the Lord will lead us, at dinner again Lance didn’t waste much time bring up the Lord, He told us about His exposure to religion (Mormonism). I got to share how the Lord deliver me from darkness to light. That we are not saved by our good works, because it is not good enough in compare to Perfection (Jesus) Who shed His blood of The Cross for ALL of our sins. That we cannot buy his love, that it is free, forever and always. He bought us with His blood. He asked me tons of questions, and the Lord helped me through them all. By the end of the dinner, all I could do was praise God for placing lance into my pact, because I was certain that I obey my Father, and delivered His message with the utmost authority that He has graciously granted me, at that point, I knew there was nothing left to be done but keep praying for Him. I can’t help Him or anyone else understand the Gospel. I can only present the gospel, and trust that the Maker or heaven and earth will show mercy on Him, and graciously save Him.

I got back from EA, Lance is still on my heart. I was praying that God will provide a way to just let me write Him, I was at camp at this time. Two weeks into camp, I got an email from Him. And my face just lit up, I knew after that God will provide an opportunity to response back. In the email he mentioned that He was learning more about Jesus through my Host Family, and heart just melted.  In my response God allowed me to  share His story and pray for Him and Family in the email. And now, all this is history, all that matters now is who Lance is in the Lord.

The fact that God allowed me to hear about his is a honor, He did not have to let me hear about it , but He did, and I utterly praise Him for it. His love is always the difference.

God has changed my life this summer, it was expected. He’s a big God. He allows me to come with expectations, and always goes above and beyond.  He’s really teaching that if, I am constantly asking Him for more of Himself, He needs more of me. It’s the relationship that drives everything. It’s out of the overflow of my love for Him that my spirit desires to Read the Bible, pray, and share The Word with other.

One of the other things I learned is living for every second as He’s granted it. I am starting to learn this is where the urgency in me comes out. I use to have a tendency to be constantly looking ahead, this is not a bad thing, but when the future consumes your life, its dangerous, why? Because none of us are guaranteed  another day, much less the next hour. I am guaranteed this moment, this second not even the next minute, much more hours, days, weeks, months, years.  If I am constantly thinking about what we happen three weeks from now, I am missing everything He is doing this very second. Therefore I am not going to wait to share the Gospel with that person after knowing them for X amount of time. By His grace I am going to take every moment He gives me as an opportunity to share as He desires, because it would be our last encounter.

In light of all this, I pray that in view of His mercy in which He has freely lavished on You, that you will DEVOTE the rest of the life He will give you in pursuing a love relationship with Him. A love relationship with Jesus is why He made you to begin with, nothing less. If this solid foundation is not there, you are missing out on the FULLNESS of joy in which He desires for you. It is out of this love relationship will the rest of your life make sense. Friend, how are you with Jesus? I don’t care what you are doing for Him, I care more about your relationship with Him. Our relationship with Him should be getting better every second of everyday, “And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit” (2 Corinthians 3:18). We should look more like him every second of everyday. “He must become greater, (you) must less (John 3:30). It’s literally no longer self, but Christ that does everything. I pray that this will be the cry of your heart. That He will become greater and that you will become less. Notice how John 3:30 is command not simply a wish.

In the name of Jesus, I pray that you will die to self, and surrender to Christ who lives in you (Galatian 2:20). I trust with all of my heart, that Him “who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus”(Philippians 1:6).  I pray that you will obey every word, even if it literally to get up and move to another country for His name sakes, because His ways are better. He is God over all your days, I pray that you will fix your eyes on Him, and only Him. In light of what He did, I pray that you will lay the life He gave you as a living sacrifice that is HOLY, and PLEASING (Romans 12:1). There is no such thing as walking casually with Him, no Scripture in the Bible can support that. So no one can be half holy or half pleasing, you either are or you are not. I pray that He will give you eyes to see, and ears to hear His words. I pray that we will worship our Father with our entire being, this simply cannot be over prayed. Its that important. “Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our ‘God is a consuming fire'”(Hebrews 12:28-29).

I wrote this for my prayer warriors sometimes last week,I want you to celebrate, and above all PRAISE the Lord, for HE is GOOD, and his faithfulness surely endures to all generations (Psalm 100:5)



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