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The Greater Things

Daddy, I don’t even know where to begin. As I sit and ponder, the Lord is giving me an overview of Some of the things He has allowed me to walk through this past month and a half. Perhaps the one thing that truly stands out is His faithfulness and Love. For such a long time now, I would say to myself that God is constantly going out of His way to make things happen. How that thought came to my head is simply because some of the things He does sometimes just blows my mind that I am left speechless. Surely then, He is going above and beyond, but then God Speaks.

Rasidat, ” my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, “declares the Lord” (Isaiah 55:8). So after this revelation from the Lord, I had to stop saying “God, You keep going out of Your way” for He is simply been God. Now, what more could I ask for in a Father.

Be encouraged, that the Lord is literally changing the systems here at my school and I know it is because of your prayers. I remember in my past email, I asked you to pray for students, and conversations with Muslims especially.  Another brother in The Lord, here has been meeting with Mena, a Muslim girl. The converse about both Christianity and Islam on a weekly bases. Please pray that The Lord will make His cross real in her life. I know one thing she and many other Muslims stumble on, is Gods’ love. “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love” (1 John 4:8).

On one of our Wednesday evening Bible study, one of my classmates who happen to be a Muslim showed up to give me batteries. How The Lord, ordained this, I am still marvel at to this day. So, the batteries in my calculator died, and I needed my calculator working for a quiz in Physic that week. I asked around, not one had any, I went to the gift shop by my hotel, and it was so expensive, go I gladly walked away. Then I asked MK, and she said has some batteries that I could have, and that she would bring it. She forgot the next day, but then come Wednesday, I stayed after school to practice physics questions with her, and I told her that I would have to leave at 5pm for Bible study, we practice our questions and finished a bit after 5. I got to Bible study, a few minutes later, she came by with Batteries in her hand. So off course I told her to sit down, and join us, I mean I did not think she simply came for the batteries, she could have given them to me anytime, so I knew it was The Lord. John, another brother summarized what we were talking about, and ask Her to ask questions about anything she wants clarification on. And He assured her that even their book says, to ask “the people of the book”

(Surat Al ‘Imran, 64). The people of the book, refers  Christians.  Even MK herself mentioned she knew this, and I think  the that fact that John told her, made her feel more comfortable. Some other muslims might think she is blaspheming her god by simply sitting in our midst, so that verse from the Quran covers her too.  At the end, she got to pray with us, even she said a prayer, and after Bible study, I  felt led to ask her “did you know that God loves you”? Hmm… as she stumbles trying  to utter words to respond back. It caught her off guard. Why? Because their god is NOT Love.

After wards we were all going to eat dinner, so I asked her to Join us, and she did. We blessed the food, and as we began eating she started talking about how God answered something she prayed for earlier. She mentioned that she was praying that God will make a away for her to eat out that night, and that none of her friends up stairs where she lived wanted to eat out. So she was so excited to eat dinner with us. Normally, I do not even eat at the restaurant by the place I live.  But that night, I felt led to ask everyone if they wanted to eat there. We got to fellowship with her, and it was incredible. She is very to herself, well at least I thought so from previous attempt of talking with her.  But The Lord just opened my mouth that night, and we just listened trying to understand her world view and why she thinks the way that she does.

Then she started telling me that she knocked on my door earlier to give me the batteries, but that I was not there, so she asked one of my other Muslim friend Naim, and he told her that I was at Bible study in the back. Oh my goodness, all I could do was praise the Lord. I mean, she did not have to come looking for me, she could have waited. We got to speak truth into her life, and talk about the Love of Our Savior. Then she asked me why I had previously asked her if she knew about  Gods’ loves for her. I told her, that He want me to tell her that, then she started talking about how She has experienced the Love of God in her life. That God loves her enough to send her to med school, and to hangout with us that night. It was simply a sweet night, and all The glory be to Him. Every time she sees me now, she is always saying hello, and before, I normally do the approaching and now she just comes to me.  Our conversations definitely have  moved past the hello and the goodbye, and I know it was because of that one Wednesday where she got to here about the Love of God.

This is one of many conversations, other believers and myself have had with Muslims, and many others. I want you to know that heaven is bringing His kingdom down here because of your prayers. Yes, your prayers are that powerful. He has robbed His children on earth with all authority in His name. So I pray that you will unleash the authority that He has freely give you for the greater things He has called you to.

I declare that The Lord will take you to your destiny. The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord desires to do something through you that has never been done before, when you get to the by faith. I declare that The Lord will give you the anointing that you may accomplish things for Him that has never been done before.  I don’t know about you, but I am tired of reading miracles in the book of Acts and really all over Scripture. I want to become the book of Acts, I want to be The Church has called me to. I declare a new level of faith upon your life, a faith that comes with you anywhere you go in the world, a faith that does not depend on your circumstances, a faith level that is greater than any mountain you will ever face. A faith level that triumphs over every trial, a faith level that keeps trusting, no matter the situation, because Your Father said that “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” (1 John 4:4). I declare that The Lord will give you assignments that only He can do. For when it is really faith, it becomes James 2, if it is really faith do something you has not done before. Divine testimony is bigger than a testimony, it means your outcome was totally God.


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