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Born Is The King

Jesus, precious are You, my dearest. May Your Name be lifted high above everything in creation this day, and forever more. No, Your Name is High and Lifted Up. It is daddy. I will exalt You Lord, and so does the whole world, there is utterly no one like you. No other Name be lifted high.

Your presence is the air i breath, and so i pray Daddy that you will let the fragrance of your aroma spread through the ends of the earth. The perfect Lamb that was sacrificed for my sin, may the fragrance of His aroma, spread and start a rapid wide-fire in our governments, school systems, stock market, the Church, entertainment industry, Jesus may you saturate every area of our culture, our individuals lives, and above all our heart, for You reign above all Daddy God.

There is utterly no one above you, no one! You alone are worthy of all our praises. No other name be lifted high, not this day or ever. Without You, there is no meaning to life. Thank You for sending your one and only son Jesus into the world. Thank you that you allowed Him to live a perfect sinless life, leaving us the perfect example to imitate. You are so much more than my words could ever say, Lord.

All creation will worship Your precious Name. You are the Hope in my soul, and so much more. Thank you for giving me The Holy Spirit. You are more than my words could ever say, you are Lord over my days, and I will fix my eyes on You, and only You. I am Yours forever.

Alleluia, the earth will sing, may Your Name be glorified.


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