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The God of Endless Possibilities

To The God who invades the impossible. To Him, I offer my life at the altar of sacrifice. Father, I just ask for an invasion of more of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I want all The God head to keep invading every area of my life, I want to overflow in the maximum of everything I can have in God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. Precious Father, I praise you that would you let me overflow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Lord, You know it, You know it, I do not know everything, but one I am confident of this, that You Father, are the God who loves invading the impossible.

It’s already February, this past January was probably the best January I have ever had in my entire life. I know I have said the same thing about previous months, but God just keeps making everything better than the day before. It utterly confirms the Scripture that says we move from glory to glory in Christ (2 Corinthians 3:18).

This week, I learned from the Spirit of God through Bill Johnson, that the Israelite s  forgot what God did for them, which is why they kept falling in to idolatry. God dried up the red sea Imageas dry land for the Israelite s’ to walk through (Hebrews 1129). Waters came up  of  rocky places, because He wanted to show them how beloved they are to Him (Exodus 17:6). The same people would turn after having personal experiences with God Himself, and start worshiping things He created. Bill’s point is that the people of Israel  forgot what God delivered them from, and they were so focused on what He has not done yet. This took the focus off of God, and the spotlight on their circumstances. Therefore it was the same story over and over again, God would rescued them, and they would fall right back into idolatry again.

Then the Holy Spirit began talking to me, on why He has me praying “Lord, let me never forget who you are, or what You have done for me” a lot. As I pray, It would literally just come out somehow. Then He said, it’s a warning against Idol worship. Because the people of Israel stopped praising God in difficult circumstances, they lost touch on what was really important, God. And that He did not want me to forget who He is, and everything He has done for me, so when I am waging war for a breakthrough to happen, or simply anything, I don’t give up because He is talking too long. I can still hope, knowing that my God is the God who invades the impossible.

This is also another reason why God wanted me to me to make every effort to write more to Him this year, so when those times come where I am just waiting on God in whatever the situation might be, I can go back and read about all He has done already, and praise Him, rather than stay in discontent and get discourage about what He has not done yet. I pray that He never allow me to  lose sight of what He has done. Something else He has been burning in my heart is not reducing God to the gifts He has given me.  If I simply reduce  Him, How can I even begin to trust Him to shatter the impossible, if I have put a limit through my thoughts about what He can or cannot do?

Last Sunday, I prayed for a couple that was on vacation from Canada, the wife’s ears was hurting, she said perhaps from the altitude of flying up and down. She was healed in the Name of Jesus. The Husband who was not a believer, will be in the Kingdom someday.  I prayed for this lady with a son the same day, calling them (her family)  fourth into the Kingdom. Also last Sunday, I prayed for 4 little girls, I am trusting God that they will be ministers in the Kingdom one day, actually no, I know they will be. The last time I was by the water, two or so days ago, I prayed for a lady and her mothers brother, who was coming back to Jesus. It was an honor, just to bless that family.

At school, Wednesday afternoon, God showed up at Bible study. I wanted Him to touch everyone, but I told Him, I just want Him to set one heart on fire, and off course everyone was touched and every heart was set ablaze .  I prayed for a friend who rolled her ankle, it was wrapped up so I asked her if I could pray over it. I was going to touch it, she said I couldn’t, that it is against her culture. Almost immediately, I could hear Jesus whispering, “I will  heal her regardless”. So I prayed, and afterwards, I asked her how she felt. She mentioned that she felt, a tingle as I was praying, I knew God  heal her, but it was nice to hear her confirm it. I told her to let me know when it is completely healed so I can celebrate with her. I saw her in class with her shoes on, I walked to her, and said “God healed your leg”, and she said “yes”. All I could do was shower Him with praises more and more.

Another lady, I have been praying over this past few days, tells me Jesus comes and rests upon her as I pray over her. That she always feels  Him resting upon her. Her name is Harini, there is a calling on her life, she is so hospitable, and literally serves people anyway she can. Please pray for her salvation, it will happen at God’s timing. I prayed over another student name Mike, I got to pray over His immigration documents, that I would slip through the hand of the immigration officers like oil. I know God  has answered my prayer. I remember after I prayed for him, he told me that no one has ever done anything like that before for him in his 30 years of living, his face was utterly priceless.

God told me that He will cause everyone I attend school with to be prayed over somehow. How? I have no clue, but I know it will happen, because of what I have already experience this past week, and above all because He promised. I don’t need to know how all of it will happen, but I will say this, been aware of His presence everywhere, is really transforming my entire life for the better.  Seeing people’s face light up in the presence of God is one the of the many things that brings me joy, it is so filing. I do not get tired of it, and I pray that I never do.

My brother shared with me that yet again, another lady was sharing the Gospel with Him at the financial aid office at his school. Seeing what a grip God has over his life literally makes me shutter. Another praise, is that his tuition was provided for by the Lord, so please thank God for that. Seeing his face light up through Skype as He talked about Jesus brings utter joy. I delight in things as such.



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