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My Beloved

Daddy, I marvel at You, and the way You deal with me. Your love for me is so tangible. You so desire that I thrive out of blessings, not trials. Lord, I choose You, I choose Your presence.

This morning, I woke up, I needed to watch my hair, I didn’t want to, but I felt the Holy Spirit wanting me to do it. Well, also I asked God to wake me up, and off course He did. Just throughout the time I was  doing my hair, I was just kept dwelling on things I  shouldn’t be dwelling on. My flesh wanted to speak up about things, and part of it was vengeance. And now, I hear the Spirit of the Lord, speaking to me that He is the God of vengeance, that  I should live it to Him. Amen, thank you Father.

This also confirms, why He wants me to write more to Him, because its literally, like I am having a conversation with God, how sweet are You, so sweet. Thank you for been the Lover of my soul. I find the answers to EVERY single problem in Your Presence. You are telling me that I belong in your presence forever.

He wants me to love people, and be joyful. There is something that attracts otherswhen we are joyful. Its not only a Biblical command, but God is declaring that over my life right now. I love whenever I hear The Father, declaring His own Word over His Children. This gets me so excited.

I see The Father, The son, Holy Spirit and the Angels with megaphones, the heavenly throne and they are just cheering for me. He says, because He is for me, no one can ever come against me, this is from (Romans 8:31), but Heaven is declaring that over my life too. Thank you Lord.

For a while now, I have been praying  that The Trinity (The Father, The Son, Holy Spirit ) will invade every area of my life.  And yesterday, I was playing a song called “He is Yahweh” By Cory Ashbury. Oh goodness, the entire throne was in my midst. I was sitting on the floor, all I could do was marvel at everything that surrounded me. Angels surrounded me, and the Throne of God, The Father, and Jesus The Son, and I stood in His presence completely and utterly undone. I was face to face with my Beloved. I marvel at Him, and I can never get enough of Him. He says its only the beginning of Heaven invading earth.

Lord, thank You , that I find everything I  need in your presence. I love, love love Your presence.  It never fails to fill me, and give me so much, like clarity of mind, wisdom, understanding, abundance of joy, just to name a few. He most certainly goes beyond and above every need.  Lord, I just pray that you will pour out your love through me on everyone around me.  

Lord, for the sake of the World burn like a fire in me, and ignite a fire that would  burn in every soul around me, and spread to the rest of the world.




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