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Marriage Covenant with Jesus.

God, my heart utterly breaks when I see believers pursuing relationships rather than You. I remember when you allowed me to walk through my own season wondering about relationship. I learned some incredible lessons, but above all else, I know what I want in a husband, to not allow the enemy to present a false replica. Now, I hear God saying, this is why we must pursue His presence, so we do not settle for anything less than His best.

Now, I am so much more sure of what I want in a Husband, that by God’s grace I do not want to date anyone.  The next question would be, how can you get to know them? How would you know that they are the one you should spend the rest of your life with? One answer: Intercession. If the God, whom I worship in Spirit and truth is truly the God above every god, then He will reveal to me if that particular someone is my spouse or not. This will save me from falling into unnecessary sins, that comes from dating. Who says you need to know every single detail about a person before you marry them? If Biblical marriage is a picture of my relationship with The Almighty, using this blueprint. When I became a believer, there was a lot I didn’t know about God, everyday I am learning something new. Same with marriage, you learn from each other everyday, you grow together in Christ.

When I see brothers, and sisters pursing relationships like it’s a means to an end, I just tear up on the inside. Because God will never give you a spouse, if first you are not married to Him. How can He trust you to take care of someone else, if you are being tossed and blown by the winds (ungodly doctrines) of this world (James 1:2-8) Again, God will not give you someone to make  into an idol.  If you are not worshiping God, whatever it is you worship then is idol worship. Whether, it is a relationship, job, school, food, family, whatever it may be, if it is not God, it is an idol. Ungodly altars, thus must be severed before we can even be married to God, much less marrying another individual. There is an order to everything in The Kingdom. God is not a god of caucus or confusion, He is The God of order. First thing must be first, and that is getting in a relationship with Him, and being perfectly content with that relationship above all else, even if it means you never getting married. Marriage is not the end goal of ones life, it  is a gift from God. It’s a covenant relationship, not a contract as the world looks at it.

If every believer only knew how jealous God is for their affections.  They would really wait on the Lord, and have Him bring, him/her a spouse at His timing and even friendships, relationships in general. Lord, set souls ablaze. Every heart that will read this, Father help them hunger for the Fame of Jesus in Creation. That the desires of your heart will be His fame (Isaiah 26:8), this is why I care so much about this issue.  When I see people in ungodly relationships, I know it’s a symptom of a deeper heart issue. A void that only God can fill, no relationship will be able to fill that void.  Lord, I pray that You will be their

one desire, above all else. Become the lover of their hearts and soul. Set every heart ablaze for the Name of Jesus. Lord, I just pray for every men and women that calls upon your name, Father, I pray that they will set godly standards in relationships, that the covenant they have with you will be the example. God did not save you to fall short of His glory/calling. He saved you so you can dwell in His presence for eternity. He won this battle already, look upon the face of your Beloved, there is freedom in His presence. Run to Him, and Him alone.

Father, I thank You for the hearts you are transforming, thank you for their lives, for their devotion to you, thank you Father, that surely you will consume them. Father, I lift up the ones that don’t know You, thank You that you are awakening their hearts to The Kingdom. Begin to praise the Father, because It is only by His wounds you are healed. Beauty became ashes for you, don’t go back to the ashes Jesus destroyed. Don’t look through the garbage can again.  Jesus has set you free, now walk in freedom in the Name of Jesus. There is power in the Name of Jesus to break every chain, Amen


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