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The Land of Many Options

From the freezing weather Starbucks seems to be a fitting place to warm up. Well as I thought, but I later realized my very own couch was perhaps even more warm than the strong fragrance of Arabica beans. I remember as I put my backpack in my car when I was leaving I could smell coffee beans on my things. I had an amazing time learning about capillary wedge pressure, oncotic and hydrostatic pressure at my local Starbucks.

My study date was cut short, because mom had to go to work, and was in need of her car, but non the less the few hours I spent there were productive, and I can’t thank Him enough for that.

Yesterday morning when I woke up the first thing I needed to do was go to church, I was sure I left my Bible there and I was missing it. I don’t remember the last time I missed not been able to read from my very own Bible. I tend to not lose my Bible, it gets misplaced sometimes, but not lost.  The interesting thing is, I actually haven’t read what I am so eager to read yet.

I had Tex Mex food for the first time in so long last night, it was so good! I met up with a dearly love friend whom I haven’t seen in a long time.  A lot of things were running through my head during dinner.  Perhaps the  most prevalent is the options we have here in America. Compare to other places of the world, where I have had the privilege to live in, Americans have way too may options. Yes, it’s a blessing, but I don’t believe its been channel in the right direction. If we’re consumed with ways to bless others with the 20  options of frozen dinners in the store isles, then we can say “oh yes, its been used to advance the Kingdom”, but no we are busy with ourselves, and how much more we can consume. No, I am not saying that every American is as such, but a lot are.

I will be very honest, One thing the Lord has revealed to me in my short vacation back to America is how materialist I can be when I come back to the states. The Holy Spirit literally allowed me to see it in action last week. I was driving around a really nice area, and been surrounded by nice things, l just started imagining myself  in that nice car or that huge house, it literally just consumed my thought that day.

Also I have noticed I am more inclined to make purchases out of whim here in the States than in other parts of the world.

I take longer grocery shopping here, because I am too busy trying to decided the difference between that particular shirt from the same brand. It’s so sad! That this is really a concern. It’s also sad that I went to a Christian book store to pick up a Bible, but I went to at least 3 or perhaps even more because I was looking for the “right size”.  I know that know that I would be able to find the size I was looking, in the end I ended up buying a larger print. But my point it, having 100’s of options drove me to  be picky enough to develop preferences. I am not saying we shouldn’t want these things , but if we are honest how many more translations of the English Bible do we need? While such as  there is only one Yoruba translation.  Our problem in the west is not lack, but excess.

Aside from having too many options in the west, one thing  I want to go after this year  By His grace, is been supper conscious of the presence of God around me.  When Jesus walks into a place, EVERYTHING changes. I want the reality of Heaven to invade places, situation, and mindsets of the people around me. I want Him to come and change hearts, and set people free. Then and only then can they go and become everything He has called them to be.


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