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Love Looks Like Somehing

I was sitting at Bible study tonight, and one of the elders was talking about giving, and  breaking down some of the things that they are trusting God For. And I was moved with compassion. Then the Holy Spirit said “Love looks like something” and sacrificial giving” and He showed me some of the things that I have that I needed to give, particularly new clothes that I just bought. So I asked another elder if its okay to give those things, he said okay that if that’s what God showed me then I should give it.

When I heard the “sacrificial giving part, I knew it was for the whole church, but then I forgot that oh I am part of the church too. That its not just for somebody else, but myself too.

I couldn’t help by cry about all God was doing, it just started pouring. Then I asked Him, why my clothes, he brought up the fact that I haven’t even worn them, and that I wouldn’t even fit them  by the time I leave the Island, it will be too big for me.

You know what is so interesting, I bought a few clothes when I was in the states, but I only wore 3 out of like maybe 10 things that I purchased. I am not sure on the exact amount of the clothing, but I remember for sure that I only wore 3 new  things. Every time something came up, I would wear old things that I owned, and I would find myself saying things like “I will wear the new clothes when I go back to the Island, I will save it for special occasions etc. This is not like me at all.

Nothing in me wanted to wear them, and I was  even questioning myself on why I even bought them.

But it was all part of Gods plan all along. He had this whole thing set up down to the intricate detail, and I am grateful for that.

His love compels us to give that thing that we cherish so much, because He is greater than it all.

I have always read stories about individuals who sold their earthly possessions for the Kingdom, and always say “Wow God! That’s awesome that you’re doing that in and through that person. But it has not been my reality till this day, and I had to make a choice will I obey, or will I not? And I said loud and proud that “Yes LORD, walking in the ways of your laws, [I] wait for you; Your name and renown are the desire of [my] heart” (Isaiah 26:6). No piece of clothing or anything else for the matter is worth more than Jesus. The King is beyond worthy of not only material possessions He has bless me with, but my whole life, which is a blessing from Him too.

He has been teaching me that love is not some empty word that people through around, but that true love moves one, it draws something out of you, it demands the response from one, it calls one to action, and above all it compels one to obedience to the voice of God. The Word of God says, if you obey Him, you will do what He says.

Till He Reigns,



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