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The City of The Living God

Lord, you are utterly amazing! Thank you so much for all that you did today.  The River is flowing, Lord thank you.

Tonight I was sitting in the old water room at my school eating dinner then a lady walked in, to call her mother. In the scope of what I heard, because she was talking loud and I just couldn’t help but listen. It was definitely a divine moment, I will explain further in the story.

She is going to the airport in the morning, and I guess the hotel told her that a taxi is $30. And she was venting to her mother about how ridiculous it is to charge such an amount (by the way the airport is less than 10 minutes drive from the hotel) beyond ridiculous, I know!

I guess her mom was trying to give her advice on her next options, then she started saying God will take care of her, for her mother not to worry about her. Later one she said (I am quoting her words exactly) “I am the head and not the tail”. My spirit shook when she said that. I knew she was serious about her relationship with God. Most Christians don’t pull that verse out. The fact that it was also said publicly in front of a stranger who she doesn’t know shows that truly she’s confident of who her Maker is.

When I was home, I went to Bethel worship night, it was sold out. But God opened the door for some others and myself to get it, the fact I trying t extract from the whole night is that I didn’t know there were that many people who loved Jesus around me. Bethel is pretty much all about everything Jesus did in the Bible, healing, the supernatural, signs and wonders, miracles, and the like. There is no way Luke warmness can thrive in such an atmosphere of praise and worship. So I know in my spirit that people that were there were most likely all about the same thing. Perhaps I am assuming a lot. I am like Lord, where do these people live? Technically I don’t even live in Houston, Ha that’s the answer I just received from the Holy Spirit. But Holy Spirit, even when I lived their,  did I didn’t meet  them, and He respond “your eyes were not open to the prophetic then” So true. I also heard the Holy Spirit say that I will start meeting more and more prophetic people when I go back.

I feel as though Christians in America are sometimes  afraid to let the world know how much they love Jesus.  I don’t understand the concept of secret Christianity in a land of ample freedom. God, I thank You that you will let your church be a people that thrives under abundant blessings.

When the lady was concerned about how she was going to get to the airport, I was moved with compassion, and I started praying that Heaven will move on her behalf. Ideas then began to scramble in my head about ways I can help her. Then literally after she asked me if I knew about the transportation system  here. I told her what I knew, and I suggested that she should ask one of the bus drivers at my school to take her instead. The guy I mentioned happened to be in school still fixing a room, I saw him there earlier when I walked in. Which is how I knew he was there, for normally he’s not there that late in the day. I knew it was all God’s perfect timing.

She had her mom on hold, and she walked next door, and asked him. I could hear her saying “praise God” across the hall when the guy agreed to take her. I knew Heaven would move on her behalf. Then she told me that he would charge her $15. When she was explaining to her mom on the phone. She was saying that she was confidence that The Lord will pay her back. My heart melted to see God getting glorified from left and right.

God allow me to see prayers for passionate worshippers who were not afraid to proclaim who He is been answered right in front of my very eyes.  And I know that I know this is only the beginning of an awakening of souls, indeed the harvest is plentiful.

More and more I am beginning to see that indeed the love of God draws something out of you. Love indeed looks like something , it causes a response out of you.

Heaven, I thank You for all you did today, You are greater today than ever before. I thank you for been the “Great I Am”. Great is Your faithfulness my beloved. The Heavens declare the greatness, awesomeness and the magnificent of your name. You never cease to amaze me.


Things I am looking forward to today: – Bible study at  church tomorrow, I can’t wait to see my family:)

                                                        – Waking up alive


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