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No matter where you are around the world, you will always find brothers and sisters who love  Him more than life. One of my friends from Houston met another friend from Chicago, and another friend whom I have yet to meet. Everyone got connected, had an amazing Jesus party, I was their in the spirit, as one of them put it. I love when God connects His very own people.

A few thins I came to share. Lord, I am so sorry for not sharing testimonies at church today, they are not mines to keep, lets work on this please. I don’t want this to be hindering the advancement of Your Kingdom.

Secondly Lord, thank you for bring Mary, Rachel and John together. Your dream team indeed! I see you are laughing Lord. I am grateful to make You smile.

Thirdly thank you for the hearts you are awakening here at school, ahh so exciting to see people who don’t know you yet desire to know more about Jesus.

I just love sitting thinking about You, and how much I can’t get enough of you. Oh this I must share, at church today. My Beloved had me look at my hands/shoulders and I was, and still am covered in glitter, metallic bronze. It was more earlier in the day, but all I could do was just sit and praise God. Most of the time I would literally just see one glitter, and I would just thank Him, and ask for more, and He’s giving me more than I could have even imagine! You know how the Holy Spirit consumes one, He said His glory in form of glitters in my case would consume every area of the life He gave me. And I say yes, and Amen.

Daddy, thank You for a wonderful day, the only day you could have made. A Perfect day, a day of infinitely greater things than the day before. A day of peace, a day of Joy. A day of new dreams, a day of new passion and exciting adventure with the Maker of the Skies. You are beyond worth of the praises of the universe, help me NEVER get tired of saying this.

All my love,



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