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You Are Wonderful To Me

Lord, I cannot thank you enough.  Talk about head over heels in love with You. I am there. What kind of song would You like me to sing beloved? Cause I can’t thank you enough. You’re simply amazing Lord. I will pour out my love for you all day every day.

Thank You Lord, for making all things new again. You’re beyond good to me, and I am forever grateful for what Love did on the cross. Thank you for the cross my beautiful Beloved. This moment is simply too sweet, please wait and love me a little longer. I want the extraordinary more of the Lord. Whatever the cost the price is already paid for. The offering is ready. You have prepared me for the more. Lord, here is your bride, with everything still intact, Lord pour out the more of your Spirit, and love all over me. I want to be soaked in more of your love, your loving kindness, you mercy. I will wait here at your feet, Your voice I will follow, I will pour out  my life. Daddy because you’re so worthy of it all. I am head over heels in love with You.

Age to age You are the same, who You are is everlasting. Through everything in my life, You are never changing. It’s who You are. The Never Changing God.  Lord, I am laying all things of this earth aside, to worship You. I can’t stop loving You enough. That’s all I want to do with the rest of my life. I want to worship You. I worship for who You are and all that You are going to do. Lord, You are my everything, and I simply can’t get enough of You.  People get tiring at times, food becomes so tasteless at times, but You become sweeter every day that I am alive to give You praise. Lord, truly I pray that I will not get tired of been in Your presence. I thank You for an explosion of the person of Jesus Christ upon my life.

 Lord, I thank you that I was born for such a time as this. To see You high and lifted up, I live for.  Lord, this song the anthem you’ve started in life, heart, soul, spirit, We are never going to let it die out. Together will make amazing things happen that will forever transform the course of history. 


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