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Lord, I pray that I will never lose my wonder of You. Dreaming with You, the things that draws me to You to begin with. I could go on and go, but I will name a few. Your goodness, your breath taking presence, your unmeasurable love, mercy, grace, kindness. Your purpose driven life. The power and authority You walked in. Your love has truly captivated everything in my bone marrow. May I never forget all You have done, and I praise You for all you will keep doing.

Studying is getting better every day. Thanks to You, I mean who else am I going to give praise to! Lord, I thank You that I am been equipped for the greater things You have called me to do. Lord, I thank You that your bride will be ready, and that her oil will still be burning in the lamp till You take her home to be with You for the rest of eternity. Lord, I worship You for who You are and all You are going to do.  Lord, I am crying out for the more of You, I want the more of You Lord. I’ve tasted and seen, and I want more.

Thank You Lord, for everything You are doing around me. Yesterday, I went to Starbucks to give some school materials to a friend. After I gave him everything he needed, I decided to stay inside to study, not knowing how howdy the would become in a few minutes. Anyways I was going outside to give a friend some books, then I saw a sign that says “half off fraps from 2-5pm”, and it thought, oh cool. As I sat back down a wave of thirsty people literally just came in, and It became very loud. I decided that I couldn’t study there anymore. As I was packing up, all of a sudden I heard a girl talking about her problems to another girl, there was slightly a gap between them because one girl was studying for a final and the other one just came in noticing her, so the girl that has exams this week, was like no its okay, come closer I am here to listen to you. The girl Rebeca we’ll call her that, listened to the girl’s problem and just pointed her to The King. It was so beautiful. I didn’t hear the conversation, for some interesting reason I would only hear the names of Jesus, or The Lord. Everything else was a blur, (not that I needed to hear the details) anyways what really touched me was that the His name was been glorified. That’s why I was there, for that moment. Then I found out the girl went to my high school, and I got to say hello to her. It was just a sweet picture of the bride of Christ doing what The Groom told her to do, be the church. Very simple, I think so.

Lord, I just ask that You will keep sending out us out. To be light in the midst of darkness. To be Jesus to the one. The one that you shed blood for. May we keep giving it all for and to You, because You are beyond worthy of the praises of the universe.

All my love,



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