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A Chosen Generation

God it’s truly an honor to serve You. Yesterday I had the awesome privilege of studying at the U of I, and when I was done. I was like goodness I should worship here it was simply a random thought that came to mind. I shouldn’t even say random it was definitely The Holy Spirit. The place was so quiet that you can probably hear a pen drop on the floor. So I went on YouTube, mind you I had already had a song on my heart that I wanted to worship to but God definitely had something else in mind, right before I logged on I started singing “all the earth will shout your praise, our hearts will cry this bones will sings, great are you Lord”. Then I saw the video of the song, and I knew that was the song I was supposed to declare into the atmosphere.

It was so cool, goodness I normally don’t ever talk about the places I have gotten to worship over the years, but God really allowed me to pause and think about that moment, what we were doing together. Ahhh so awesome! Then God started showing me all the world changers that He brought here, and I was just in awe, I mean there was nothing left to do but give Him praise. Then I started prophesying life, hope, that individuals won’t simply come for a college degree, which guarantee  you nothing in life, but that they will encounter The Love of Jesus which is way more valuable than the piece of the paper you get for a university degree.

Then after worshiping I was really trying to leave, so I started putting my things in my bag, then I saw my Bible so pulled it out. I literally just opened it, I was going to just read wherever I opened. It had to be the Word of the Lord for the hour, or else I won’t even have seen my bible, cause it was at the bottom of my bag I was simply trying to organize my bag-pack so things will fit more when I saw it. So I started reading it out loud, then I got to verse 17

“The poor and needy search for water,

but there is none;

their tongues are parched with thirst.

But I the Lord will answer them;

I, the God of Israel, will not forsake them.

18 I will make rivers flow on barren heights,

and springs within the valleys.

I will turn the desert into pools of water,

and the parched ground into springs.

19 I will put in the desert

the cedar and the acacia, the myrtle and the olive.

I will set junipers in the wasteland,

the fir and the cypress together,

20 so that people may see and know,

may consider and understand,

that the hand of the Lord has done this,

that the Holy One of Israel has created it.

(Isaiah 41:17-20, NIV)

When I was reading through this particular area The Lord begin to show me the school, and the people He  has raised up to pray for His people. The first part says “He will answer them, then that rivers will flow on barren heights, and spring within the valleys. Why? So that people may know that God alone has done this.  First of all, I saw individuals been awaken to God. I see people questioning how they’ve been doing things. I see people meeting Jesus for the very first time. And I also see people who at a point in life went to church, but now there heart is ready to come back to their Daddy. I literally saw springs gushing from so many places throughout the campus, even now as I am writing all this out.. I still see it, I can even feel it.

I am beyond excited to see and hear about all the Lord will do at The University of Illinois. Some incredible things will happen this year. God is definitely awakening the sleepers, His presence is so thick, so heavy. Father we just lift up the U of I to You. We thank you for the world changers You’ve brought here, we thank You for encounters from every angle on that campus that no matter how much think they can run from You, they will find You, because You’re everywhere, and we cannot hide from You.

Lord I thank You that you will saturate, and permeate every soul, that students will be possess by You. We thank You for the gift of hunger to be poured out like rain on every soul not just on campus, but in the City of Champaign/Urbana, and we thank You for awakening this part of American for such a time as this. The King is here, He is coming for His pure and spotless bride. Hmm thinking about that gives me so much hope!

Till Your glory fill the earth,


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