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A Year of Fulfilled Promises

When I think about all the Lord has done and will keep doing on His behalf for His name sake I just can’t help but marvel. I mean He’s put dreams and vision at the core of my being. He makes me covenants and oaths that He has to fulfill for His name sake. The same God said no word will come back empty without fulfilling His desires (Isaiah 55:11). The same God also gave us a promise of giving us a way out of our so call “troubles”, and giving us all that we need to accomplish His will for our lives.

Thank You Daddy for the passion you have instilled in me, for fighting my battles, and allowing me to walk in victory. Thank you for imbedding in me Hope. I have been watching sermons and you’ve been showing me through your son that’s with you (Dr. Myles Monroe). That Jesus already lived out my future, so when He begins something He will finish it, because He has already lived my future. My present is carrying my future, then now not too long ago, I just heard the Holy Spirit saying that Nothing is impossible with God, because God already lived through everything You and I will ever experience, that’s why NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE for God to accomplish. Goodness, then this changes EVERYTHING. When God starts something He will finish it, I don’t have the right to doubt.  God says I will write a book, because God saw the finished book, He revealed it to me and others, Its already done! All I have to do is live out the assignment, the purpose. God won’t have revealed His heart if HE hadn’t already accomplish what He said He will do.

God said I will help find a CURE for HIV/AID and CANCER. You know my human mind cannot reason with this. Believe me I have try and its only left me in unbelief, asking God…who’s going to believe me when I share this with them? Even though I could really care less of people’s opinions, but that’s not even the point, God had to deal with my own disbelieve. As I am writing this out, He said “There are NO diseases in heaven”, God has already provided the cure for EVERY disease out there, but now we have to walk out the future, and bring what already exist in the Heavens here on the earth. WOW! Lord, you have to teach us how to do this.

This year I am running the Chicago Marathon. I am very aware that it’s a major marathon, runners are either selected by running qualifying marathons, or by running  for a business etc, or the lottery system.  When I was praying about the marathon last year, and He said okay, I remember thinking you know how l just jumped all the way to a marathon. Human reasoning and even my own previous mindset would have been to run a 5K first, or a half marathon first and kind of work my way up. A few years ago I signed up for the Austin Half Marathon, but I never actually ran it for really inexcusable reasons. I just knew that this is the will be the year of the fulfillment of that promise. Then several people while praying for me shared with me that they just saw me running, and I couldn’t help but smile, and be in awe of God, again and again standing in awe of Him seems to be the new default of my heart towards Him.

Taking the United States Licensing Exam (USMLE 1,2,3) in 2015. Again a promise that He laid on my heart, that He has to fulfill it for HIS NAME sake. He will never put His own name to shame. Fulfilling every dream, purpose, vision, desire, goal, assignment, calling whatever you want to call it, is His desire, because It brings HIM unmeasurable glory when He fulfils His children’s dreams. He is simply an amazing Father. If our earthly father likes to lavish us with their time, resources, etc, how much more is the God of heaven? So much more!

One more thing He’s putting on my heart is the apartment and or House in Chicago, Audi Q 7 and a Nikon professional camera. I know He has already purchased those things for me that’s why He’s revealing them to me now.

As we ring in the year of fulfilled promises, let up hold unswaying to the Hope we profess, for Him that makes the promise is faithful, and He will fulfill every promise is its correct time and season. As we wait passionately on the Lord, let us remember that NOTHING is impossible. Therefore dream BIG. Allow God to work His vision into you being, how can you tell others his vision for your life if you don’t even know. Make time to spend with Him, and cultivate a more intimate relationship that goes beyond you asking for things, but allowing him to speak into your spirit, your heart. Visions are birth out The Presence, He is The Presence, and The Presence is beyond ready to fulfill His plans for your life.


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