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My Comfort One.

To The One who holds my heart in the palms of His hand,

I come with a heart of gratitude, because I am overtaken by Your love, Your mercy, Your kindness, everything You embody is overtaking me more and more.  You know what I can’t help but marvel at is that there are so many people in the world, but somehow, just somehow you notice me. You pay attention to every detail of my life. You literally miss nothing.

I can simply feel the weight of your presence so much more than I have ever felt, and I am beyond grateful for that.  The weight and thickness of who You are is simply overwhelming at times, but it’s what I love about it. That though You are God and Almighty, You are also my dearest friend, my Beloved, literally My Everything. I can’t begin to even imagine what life would be like apart from You. You’ve taken layers of my heart and shaved off hurt, anger, pre conceive notions, strife, pessimism, jealousy. In my mind, oh goodness! You’ve removed fear, every impossibility has been watched out in Your blood.  Negative thoughts that use to consume me about myself, others are gone. I can’t even begin to want to compare my life a year ago to where You’ve brought me today. Further and further my heart moves from the shores, and into the depth of the waves of Your purpose, of the riches of what You paid the price for.

You unravel me daily with songs of deliverance, and I am no longer a slave to fear, I can confidently say that. It’s not somewhere or something I am trying to achieve, no its part of my citizenship as co heir of Your Kingdom. Lord, I am beyond grateful for the confidence You allow me to walk in daily. My daily dose of confidence, it doesn’t need to be stored up for what I will be doing tomorrow, no I have enough for today, then tomorrow it gets better, and next day, and the next day.

The more I pursue You, the more of You I get. The more demand I put on You, the more demand you put on me, to run after your purpose because my whole life depends on it. See the more and more I walk with You the more I am learning as the two of us become one, Your purposes and my dreams and desires becomes so intertwine that I can’t even separate them anymore, it’s all one. The things I use to say such as “I want to do that particular thing for the Lord”. Actually You put that Idea in me I didn’t come up with it on my own. I am more and more convince that everything I need in order to fulfil all your purpose was imbedded in me at conception. I lack absolutely nothing, because why will you create me without already seeing the end. The fact that You allow me to start a task is because You know it will be finished. Then that means the fact that I am alive and breathing still means that I am accomplishing Your purpose daily. I don’t have the right to doubt whether or not that thing is possible. Rather I have the right to expect it to come to fruition. You’ve lived in my past, so everything we are to accomplish You’ve already been there, done that. Which is why You’re not surprise by what we do as humans. Lord, I believe that this is all true. Then this changes everything yet again.

Nothing is impossible, if the God of The Universe already lived my past, and need I not remind You of what This Man accomplish. Even the Bible say that there is simply not enough room for the amount of pages it would take to scribe all He did on the earth. If This same God lived my past, then tell me what’s impossible? Surely then every impossibility must bow down at His name. No if’s and’s, maybe’s or but’s it just must! Its required because His plans are already fulfilled. The reality of His Kingdom is simply unfolding in each of our lives, our cultures, and environments  every second of everyday.

Daddy I thank You that I am standing where I have never been. I thank You that we are going back to a place where all I want to do is be with You. Thank You Daddy that You are revealing the weight of the Bottomless Treasure that You are more and more. Let me sink deeper and deeper into the depths of the Bottomless Treasure that You are. Thank You for the priceless treasures I have already been given, but now I want more, You’re not surprise. You expect me to want more. Whatever it looks like Lord, I want the more. My heart is Your dwelling place. You know You are more than welcome to come and do whatever You want, whenever You want. It’s such an honor to be a daughter, to serve a glorious Father who never ceases to pursue my heart. You’re after our hearts, a constant loving relationship, I am beyond convince of that.  I am simply in awe! Again and again!

To the Love of my life, to the One who stops at nothing to take care of me. To the one who breathe life into my lungs. To The One who gives me hope, purpose, belonging, to You alone belongs the highest glory. Your will be done today through our lives, whatever it looks like. Whether we are simply breathing, singing, running, cooking, sharing with others, The fullness of Heaven must come on earth, it has to. Heaven I thank You that You will cause us to bring glory to You.


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