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Re-writing History With Love

I have made you beauty in all your ways, beautiful you are my darling.

Church was incredible today. The presence of God was so thick. When worshippers gather with songs of praise to the Father something happens not just in the atmosphere, but in each of our lives. I saw angles descending and ascending taking the praises of His people back to Him. They were laying His praises down at His feet. It was incredible. I am beyond convinced that our praises moves the heart of God. It causes Him to show up with abundance of blessings, deliverance, whatever your need might be, you just begin to worship God, and watch Him turn things around for you. Our faith, our devotion, the choices we make, how we live our lives, living righteously, not choosing to indulge in sin for a short while because you know that it doesn’t please God. He is moved by the sound of however you choose to praise Him. And when we come collectively to bless His holy name, wonders happen. Freedom, deliverance, you get to catch a blank check signed by the King of kings Himself.

Even myself included, I am walking in a deeper leave of freedom in my heart and mind. I feel so much clarity. Sometimes I find myself fantasying, about the future, marriage, really anything. I know it’s not off God. They are godly desires, but He doesn’t want us to constantly be dwelling on those things, like Its all I have to look forward to.

“Daddy what do I when my mind is bombarded with lustful ideologies, or just negativity, doubt, fear, worry, anxiety”? I started to ask Him. I hear Him saying those things aren’t even the problem the problem is deciding what to do when those things come across your mind. The enemy came to steal kill and destroy, if he can clutter your mind with garbage, you won’t be able to think.

When those ungodly thought come in, give them to the Lord, recite verse that He brings to memory, and sing your heart out to Him, and let it go. Don’t sit there in condemnation worrying and thinking “gosh! I can’t believe I still struggle with this, why does this keep happening”. This is how we open the door for the enemy to come in. Don’t condemn yourself, because God is not condemning you for whatever you might have done, even if you think it’s the worst thing ever. He says there is therefore no condemnation for those who live in Christ Jesus, who live according to the Spirit (Romans 8:1). Half the battle is knowing who you are, the other half is knowing that His grace covers you. This two combinations of things creates a Godly fear of not even wanting to do anything that will separate you from the heart  of your father. And also if it does, you can pick stand up the next second, not feeling like you have to go a religious fast, pray for 20 hours or having to do anything to be in right standing with Him. It’s how you see the circumstances that determines the outcome of the whole thing. I am grateful that the enemy choose to come after my mind, filling it with things that could cause me to sin against God. Why in the world should I be grateful for that…because in the end I walk in deeper level of intimacy with the Father. I am not condemning myself anymore, or asking God to come to my rescue, He’s already rescued me. The enemy is stunned whenever he creates a situation that should totally tick us off, but we are giving The Lord praise…for what!?!?! You think he wants to be around listening to you praise God when situations are going against you. Absolutely not! Worship is a powerful weapon that we need to use to for our lives depend on it.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my Beloved, I am sitting there telling Him, I want to think like you, I want to process things like You. I believe this is all a part of the process. Its what I choose to do with everything God allows me to go through that determines everything. We have to know who we are so well, that when the enemy starts whispering who we’re not we don’t even bother listening to him. As citizens of the Kingdom, you need to know not only who you are, but your rights, and entitlements. We need to be familiar to the Kingdom lifestyle. All these things will only help us live the more abundance life that He’s called us to.

I pray that you will let The Father rewrite your history with love. Make up your mind to let Him be glorify in everything that happens for you. He literally uses everything for His glory. Nothing is wasted, and if this is something you truly desire, but you’re not there yet, ask Him to take you there. He will be so delighted to walk you through whatever it takes to make sure you look like Him. He leaps for joy when we want to be like Him.  When He comes into the room everything changes.


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