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And She Said Yes:)

I am learning to fall in love with myself. I couldn’t really think of a better opening line. It really says it all. I am learning to not apologize for the things that makes me who I am, but rather celebrate it.

For example I didn’t realize how much I really like telling me people what’s going on in my life, especially if it’s something that’s unusual. Like today I eat the cinnamon dots things from papa John. I’ve pretty much cut sugar out of my life, people that know me would be shocked. It was an impulse thing, still wasn’t satisfied at the end. Only The Lord, can really satisfy me to a full extent, I’ve learned.

Today, I also learned the lung finding on certain lung pathologies. I use to get them confuse a lot. But when I learned it, I just want to share it with someone. I want to go empower someone else. I literally wanted to text people and ask them if they knew it already and that I would teach them if they didn’t. I am so excited that I learned it. But then I didn’t text anyone.

The one person that came to mind is a gentlemen, but at the back of my head, I am thinking hmm he’s a guy no…I don’t want text him unless it’s something important. And believe me, I have texted for something that wasn’t even as important. Honestly I was concern that It might lead to something, but that’s what I’ve learned. That’s what the church says, even the world. So I already have preconceive Ideas that I will probably end up falling for this guy. So I think because I was already thinking in my head that I will fall for me, I thought I did. But then the Holy Spirit today told me to loot at it from a difference lense, His lense. He’s using this gentleman to literally teach me things about my own life. I am not in love…please!  The enemy wanted me to believe that I was though

Lord, can you teach the church how to handle guy/girl relationship. I am not talking about been intimate etc. I am talking about been in the same room, and sitting close to someone without projecting that they are your future spouse simply because they touched your shirt. Or the fact that they actually payed attention to you. Really!?!?! And that’s it’s okay to be friends with the opposite sex, and not feel awkward etc. Lord, I know I am preaching to the choir, cause You know your Body, you see them every second of everyday. I know that you see some of the most awkward/interesting encounters there are on a daily basis. We are in need of much wisdom in this area.

Yes, I am aware that there are clear distinctions between guys and girls, but I am saying if you really know who you are in God, it’s okay to have guy friends without feeling like you’re going to fall in love with them, because well… it happen to that person, and you’ve heard sermons warning you to be careful with guys/girls etc. It really is okay to have guy friends and not think that they are interested in you and vice versa. Let’s stop projecting, but rather be guided by The Spirit of God. If you already have perceive notions about whatever the situation is, then that will ultimately be your reality. But if we are constantly seeking God about EVERYTHING, I don’t think it should be a problem. He won’t allow you to fall for something that will ultimately hinder Your relationship with Him. Goodness HE is SUPER jealous for your affections. He’ll give you so many warnings, so at the end of the day, even if you end up been involve in things you didn’t want to do, you were pre-warned, but you choose not to listen.

I am beyond excited to start this incredible new roll-coaster with The Love of my life. Off course i’ll be sharing all He will teach me, can’t keep it to myself.

Oh Happy Day!


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