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Glorious God

Today has simply been utterly incredible, literally everyday gets better and better. Again, today Holy Spirit woke me  drank some juice. I literally then layed back down. Before I was even tempted to debate whether I would just lay there and do nothing, something pushed me out of my bed, and I just started worshipping. I was half asleep, and in my head, I said I am going back to sleep right after this song. Then I end up playing the song again, the same melody over and over again, I didn’t know what it was doing to the atmosphere. Perhaps 10-20 mins into worship/prayer. I saw the heavens, and I saw cracks going up the third heaven where God resides. I was like whoa. I had full access to Him, no barriers to Him I. So faith begin to rise in me, just started praying for family members, people around me, countries. I know all my request were answered. There was something special about it all, that still leaves me speechless. I was in tears, cause I heard the Father say pray anything you want, and its done. I am so full of Him, so hard to even write anything down.

Then He brought back to mind the conversation I had with a brother the other day about praying till you get a breakthrough, till you know something happened. I knew God heard my prayers, but its incredible to see that my prayers go directly to Him. Seeing the damages prayers/ praises are doing to the kingdom of darkness is reason enough to live for Him. Its reason for me to wake up daily and pour on Him the highest praise that only He deserves. Our prayers are leaving cracks in the kingdom of darkness, like for real!!! Wow. I am not sure why I am surprise.

You know another thing I am learning is that it doesn’t take a lot of words to move the heart of God. Singing something as simple as “we have come to give you highest praise highest praise, we have come to love You in this place” opens the floodgates as much as the longest melodies you can sing to Him. A few months ago when God challenged me on why I worship Him. He revealed that sometimes I worship Him for the blessings, rewards etc. Twisted right, I know. I repented, and since then, a lot has changed.  I can honestly say that my life has been better off, less anxiety about when things will happen. No longer running after the gifts, but The Presence (The gifts follow me) I come to Him as a daughter, I am no longer crying out for my own life as much. He knows my needs already. He has been, and will keep taking care of them. It’s like in the past I was really trying to not pray for my life, and focus on the Nations, other people, and whatever He shows me. But then I would listen to the lie of the enemy that I really need to be talking to Him again and again about whatever was going on in my world, or it won’t change. I felt like I was trying to force prayers, it wasn’t naturally like now. I hate to use the word burdensome, but I am sure I felt that. But now the way I approach Him with no agenda. I tell Him, I am here to just bless You, and Oh how He loves it! I am not asking Him for anything, I just come to bless Him, and We go to work together, praying, praise, prophesy, declaring, its different all the time. Never a dull moment in His presence.

For a while He’s been alluding to treasures. I went for a walk a few days ago I was amazed by the treasures that I discover about my city. It’s a very beautiful city. And I am thinking didn’t know this was all back here, just amazed. That’s how it is with God too, I decided to go across the street because I was simply curious on what was on the other side, and I am forever glad I did. That’s how it is with God too, when we pursue Him, He reveals to us infinite treasures. He’s full of never ending treasures. I have been hearing Him allude to treasures for months. He’s like Onaola we’re going on lots of park date a while back. So that Word came back to  mind at the park last week, and I reminded Him, I am like “Lord didn’t You say that we’re supposed to be going to lots of park dates”, and He said yes we have been going. Then all of a sudden I remember that I have been running more consistently last month (at the park). He then reminded me to not compartmentalize my life. That I can’t see that thing more spiritual than the other thing. Me running in the park is not more or less Spiritual than going to church building on Sunday. I am the church, He lives in me, not the building. Also, been Spiritual doesn’t mean that you’re doing nothing, but reading the Bible, praying. Its none of those things by themselves. Its realizing His presence in all that I do. He is in and through everything that I do. Whether I am cooking, doing laundry, journaling, studying. Realizing His manifested presence in the “so call” mundane day to day living, is spirituality. Been able to connect to Him in EVERYTHING. Why would He even command us to give thanks in all circumstances.

Definitely setting me free from a lot of lies, thank You Lord.  The more I pursue Him for who He is, the more I know who I am. The more I get answers to prayers. All the things on my heart that I use to pray for, literally I get answer without mentioning it, like He knows my heart. I love it!

His love utterly overwhelms, and thinking about Him always leaves me speechless like right about now. I had no idea what to write down anymore. I thinking about all the war that was fought on my behalf to get me to the place that I am today. The Father has been fighting for a while for me to realize what I know now. I am beyond grateful for it all. When I wasn’t pursing Him, He still loved me. When I pursed Him for all the wrong reason, He still loved me. When I choose to be disobedient, He still loved me. Regardless of the wrong I think I might have done, I am still loved! What great Love. How can His love not overwhelm me. He doesn’t have to love me, but He does anyways.

My prayer is that you will allow His love to change EVERY aspect of Your life. I pray that the freedom He paid the price for will truly be made manifested in all areas of your life


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