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Rewriting History 2

There’s a 1 from last year! I just read it. I’m just elated. I am so crazy about You Daddy. No one has, and will ever captivate my heart like You have, over and over again. You don’t relent! I don’t know what part of me you don’t already have, but you beckon for more of me, always. I am enthroned, amazed just thinking about You, and the incredible things you do. Yes Lord, nothing gets better than falling for you every second of the rest of the life You’ll allow me to live.

You know I’m sitting in the library thinking why even bother getting  married, I’m not convinced it’s simply only for reproduction’s sake. Then the other thing…maybe to fulfil my purpose. I mean do I really need spouse to reach my potential in you. Can I only go so far alone, but with someone else, there’s a different ceiling, bar, standard, I am not sure, that’s why I’m asking.  Because I’m at a point where I’m so content with our life, that I can’t afford to be forced to spend our time with another person. Yes this is selfish. Look…You’re very selfish with your time with me, you want ALL of me, and I want NOTHING/NO ONE to come between our time together.

I have a feeling, that this might be lie of the enemy, because the son You have for me should only point me back to your heart, that’s what The Holy Spirit is saying. He will not be pulling me away from your presence in anyway shape or form. He should be more concern with our spiritual relationship than our earthly relationship, that’s merely temporary! Our relationship is also what will dictate what our marriage will look like, because it’s out of that relationship that every other relationship in my life flourishes.

So a non-negotiable sign that we’re looking for in my plus 2 is “how the man spends his time”. You will always make time for the things that are of utmost importance to you.

Back to my regular schedule program of why I’m falling for Him even more. I had a very challenging week spiritually. On the outside nothing was wrong, but on the inside, chaos and war!

But this morning, in Worship, and even now I can still see it. I’m literally riding on the back of God. And He flew me away with His wings.

And He said this:

 “He cried aloud, and said thus, Hew down the tree, and cut off his branches, shake off his leaves, and scatter his fruit: let the beasts get away from under it, and the fowls from his branches” (Daniel 4:14). And another scripture from the new testament. When I read those Words out of the book of Daniel, my heart felt so liberated!!!!! And when I saw Him lift me away on His back, I knew it’s a done deal!!!

Now I just got done with what I’m supposed to do for the week, and I’m in awe…because in the midst of so much resistance, I was still able to accomplish much. In the past, I would have asked Him to stop, I would have asked people to pray for me, and everything would have been lifted! But He kept saying not to, and I knew if I disobey, I would have to go through this again, perhaps in a different scenario, or even the same one at a later time. Bottom line, it would turn into yet another cycle, unnecessary! One of the many lessons, I am beyond convinced of even in my sleep is that He’s MY source of EVERYTHING. I just want to obey Him the first time, and He’s causing situations to happen where no one can rescue me but Him. You know it’s what I’ve been praying for, I’m constantly praying that He will put me in situations where He’s my only option, where there’s no alternative but Him, and come to think of it, that’s become/becoming my  life.

What only He can do kinda life, that’s the only life worth living for.

Daddy, I come today once more, I give you all my choices, desire, affections, whatever’s misalign, let’s fix it. All my hope is in you, so I’m asking you to continue to do what only You can do with our life. Cause me to simply surrender without reasoning! You know the kind of daughter I am. Lord, continue to put me in situations where it’s Your way or NO way at all. If You’re going to keep me alive, I want to live for you, and nothing less than You. I mean  You’ve pretty much already infiltrate my life that I have no one else to look to but you. I can’t go a day without talking about you to anyone. You’re everywhere!, and I can’t stop thinking about you, not that I want to stop, so let’s really now finally turn this party up!


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