Choose God.

David knew his enemies, he knew there were forces against him, but he decided by an act of his own will to believe the WORD of faith, which his Maker already said about Him. Through the language he choose and tenses he declared/reminded God who He was in His life, and who He knew Him to be in the past.

Psalm  3:3 “But thou, O Lord art a shield for me; my glory and the lifter up of my head” (KJV)

”        ” 3:4 “I cried unto the LORD with my voice and he heard me out of his holy hill”

”       ”  3:5 “I laid me down and slept; I awakened; for the LORD sustained me”

David was do dependent on God! And He choose to Not be afraid of “ten thousands of people, that have set [themselves] against [him] around about vs. 6

He put such a demand on God to deal with all his enemies. There’s a lot we can learn from David’s personal devotion with His Maker.

  1. He recognized his enemies, but he choose not to focus on them.

This is perhaps where the line gets blurry for me and a whole lot of other people out there. We don’t merely stop at recognizing the forces against us. Goodness, sometimes we want to know them by name. We want to start digging through our lives to conclude how they got in, “who let them in”? Now we’ve gone from recognizing them to developing a personal relationship with them. And now because of our intentionality in pursing them they get attached to us in the Spirit, and eventually manifest in the physical realm.

There certainly is a place where God will give one the grace to search out things in Satan’s Kingdom, but even then the focus should never be about Satan.

In verse 3 He shifted his focus , which brings me to the next point

  1. He declared who God is currently and what He did in the past.

“But you, LORD, are shield for me, my glory, the lifter up of mine head” vs.3

David said thank you for been my shield (present tense)

thank you for been my glory (present tense)

And thank You for been the lifter of my head (past tense)

David had an attitude of gratitude!!!

He choose by an act of his own will to not focus on His enemies/foes but on God.

How much more should we have this same desire, passion, attitude.

Lord, thank You for teaching us not only how to recognize our enemies but not to make them the focal point of our day, life, thoughts. Thank You for causing us to choose You in the midst of every circumstances we find ourselves good or bad. Thank You for causing us to make up in our mind that this day we will always choose you no matter what. Our praises to You, oh King of glory will/must never be dependent on our circumstances.

Indeed the King is worthy of the praises of His people. The same David reminded us in Psalms 8:2 “Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies. To silence the foes and the avenger”.

Our so-call words we choose to say about God essentially become praises without us having to go against him ourselves. My praises pulls heaven to deal mindlessly with the foes, fears, doubts, worry, anxiety that’s around me.

I dare you to demand heaven to fight for you!

Blessings Abound,