Rekindling Fire

I think about my relationship with God and how much its evolve over time. As a daughter, the more and more I walk with Him the more I realize that convictions change as we grow in our relationship with God. 2 Peter 2:3:18 said to “grow in the knowledge of Christ”. It’s a required part of our relationship with God.

Let’s say for a season I’m led to visit different churches. 1000 different reasons could have led me to that and yes even God. Then six months later, in a whole new season of life God begins to teach me about commitment, and the importance of been planted in a church body. Using the analogy of watching a fruit seed grow, to further understand the importance of learning to really know the heart of The Father in and through all seasons of life. Now you’re told you need to go plant apple seeds among X people where you’re at, because He wants to teach you about commitment, dedication,  He literally wants to teach you everything you need for the seeds to grow and become a blooming delicious crunchy apples!

But Lord… I am crying out. “You told me it was okay to go to XYZ church before, now You’re changing your mind”.

“Yes daughter, that was for that particular season, this season I am doing a new thing and I don’t want you to miss it because of your own disobedient”.

“Alright Daddy, I got it.”

Now my convictions went from I can visit different churches to I need to get planted among a body of believers because God says so. This is why we can’t put God in a box. He doesn’t want us worshipping the Words in the pages on The Bible. Frankly, I believe He wants you to BECOME THE WORD.  First of all, “He is The Word” (John 1:1), and “He is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth” (John 4:24).  Worship His Spirit, cultivated a relationship with the Person, and stop beating yourself down for not been a “so called” strick follower of the Bible. Let the way you worship God truly be like a relationship you have with fellow brothers and sisters, or father daughter, son mother type relationship. We don’t need to make it weird simply because He’s God. He’s also a person, and He’s supper jealous for your heart.

I am in season where I see God bringing up personal convictions that He’s instilled in me, but somehow got buried, and some that I choose to ignore. He’s rekindling my heart for Him. One of my personal convictions, still is…but I’ve completely ignored it for the past year is spending a alone time with guys without anybody else there. Kissing any guy that’s not my husband, another one I use to not stand for.  Now I am no longer standing for it by Gods graces, but goodness I can’t help but think That God was hurt by it all, I don’t want to disappoint Him. I know He loves me beyond measure still, but I didn’t keep my words. Why did I not keep my words…that’s the real issue here. The only thing that’s coming to mind is that there’s a disconnect from my heart and His. Every underlying thing that’s ever been an issue with me, I can usually always trace it back to my relationship with God. Its very sad that God has to allow me to break promises I make Him to pull my heart and affections back to Him. But at the same time, I rejoice because of EVERYTHING the whole process taught me.

For example I’m beyond convinced that I shouldn’t kiss in a relationship, because really it just open unnecessary doors that only married people should be opening. Now I know why I believe that, before I broke the promise, it was simply head knowledge, wisdom from others. But now after going through with it, yes I have my own convictions. It’s no longer wisdom I read about, it’s become my own personal experience. But we don’t have to live life on experience, that’s what God is trying tell me. We can listen to Him the first time and not go through situations that yes we can learn from it, but we didn’t have to go through all that simply to learn a lesson.

It brings up another question…why am I not listening to Him? I’m the type of person that like to deal with root of problems, rather than external circumstance. I can keep making promises again and again, but it will probably get broken if the root of the issue is not dealt with. I don’t want to sin against God, and this past year, the thought of how much can I indulge in a particular act before its sin crossed my mind once too many times. I use to not be this way.

Now We’re dealing with it all. I am learning about whom I belong to again, because frankly I don’t think I really knew Him. I was too busy waiting on promises to be fulfil that I kept my focus off of The Promise One. Goodness! “Him who made the promise is faithful” (Hebrews 11:11). He didn’t need my help when He created the universe, and He sure doesn’t need my help to fulfil His incredible promises for my life.

From now on it’s about Him, not His promises and blessings. It’s not about what He can do for me, but about who He is. It’s about know His heart. Who cares if you know what will happen in 20 years, but you don’t know the heart of God. Who cares if you can fathom all the mysteries of the world but you still don’t know the heart of God, or if you can speak in many tongues, prophesy, cast out demons, heal the sick, perform miracles. And at the end of the day, you still don’t know the heart of God/who He is. I want my love for Him to keep growing stronger and stronger, every second of everyday, and that’s my prayer for you too.


Kingdom Culture

No matter where you are around the world, you will always find brothers and sisters who love  Him more than life. One of my friends from Houston met another friend from Chicago, and another friend whom I have yet to meet. Everyone got connected, had an amazing Jesus party, I was their in the spirit, as one of them put it. I love when God connects His very own people.

A few thins I came to share. Lord, I am so sorry for not sharing testimonies at church today, they are not mines to keep, lets work on this please. I don’t want this to be hindering the advancement of Your Kingdom.

Secondly Lord, thank you for bring Mary, Rachel and John together. Your dream team indeed! I see you are laughing Lord. I am grateful to make You smile.

Thirdly thank you for the hearts you are awakening here at school, ahh so exciting to see people who don’t know you yet desire to know more about Jesus.

I just love sitting thinking about You, and how much I can’t get enough of you. Oh this I must share, at church today. My Beloved had me look at my hands/shoulders and I was, and still am covered in glitter, metallic bronze. It was more earlier in the day, but all I could do was just sit and praise God. Most of the time I would literally just see one glitter, and I would just thank Him, and ask for more, and He’s giving me more than I could have even imagine! You know how the Holy Spirit consumes one, He said His glory in form of glitters in my case would consume every area of the life He gave me. And I say yes, and Amen.

Daddy, thank You for a wonderful day, the only day you could have made. A Perfect day, a day of infinitely greater things than the day before. A day of peace, a day of Joy. A day of new dreams, a day of new passion and exciting adventure with the Maker of the Skies. You are beyond worth of the praises of the universe, help me NEVER get tired of saying this.

All my love,


Compelled By Love

Father, I thank you for the lives that will be transformed simply because you are God. Lord, I ask that you will just take over and that this will spark greater passion for individuals to pray not only on behalf of their loved ones, but for the people around them.  Lord, I thank You, that You will overwhelm souls with your love, that it will forever change the course of their lives. Lord, I thank You that your love will compelled them to stop for that one person.

When I was purchasing my ticket to come home for winter break, it took me a few weeks to buy it.  As I was  about to press submit then all of a sudden the Holy Spirit would literally just told me to stop. I wanted to leave right after my exams, and come back to school earlier, its what I always do. I remember that same time God was teaching me about pursing Him in different ways than what I am use to. So I am thinking, this is part of that. I eventually bought the ticket, I left school days after it was over, and I am leaving the day before school starts. I was really convinced something was suppose to happen on my trip home.  I was eagerly waiting on what God is up to.  My guess initially was that He will bring me people for me to share with on the plane, and He did. But then I wasn’t really satisfy, I just knew there was more to me coming home. My spirit would know when the task is done.

Last week, I was talking to God about seeing His Kingdom in action. It’s more than just words, but one of power. It shakes heaven and earth. I literally just wanted to go alone and park near a handicap spot to I pray for the sick, and see Heaven change lives, but God definitely has something else better plan, He told me that my siblings needed to come where ever I went.  In the back of my head, I a thinking how am I going to convince my siblings to come see Jesus in action and a parking lt. Jesus had this whole thing planned since the beginning of time, because a few minutes later my brother asked me to come with him and my two other siblings to grab Tapioca. I was so excited, because I know that I know that Jesus was about to change someone’s live. So I started sharing with my siblings about what God wants to do, and all they  could do was stare and scratch their giving me really weird looks.

Anyways we arrived at the shop, I saw my target, he looked like someone soak life out of Him. So I started praying in my heart, while trying to help my siblings order their drinks. They got their drink, and were ready to leave, and I am like, Jesus is not yet finish. I told them to sit and enjoy their drink, and that I was going to talk to the guy, we’ll call him Peter. I walk near peter, and I ask him if I could share something with him, and he said yes. I pulled up a chair facing him, I introduced myself, and I told him that Jesus loves him, then all of a sudden I just started vomiting out words about his identity, and things that only God could have shown me, because I literally just met Him. All  of a sudden his entire demeanor changed, he was about to start crying. He started confirming things I was saying about his life. For example  I told Peter to not let the things he’s done determine whether he will keep following Jesus. He mentioned that he’s done bad things, and I respond Jesus died for it all, you are as spotless and white as snow before His throne.  His love for you is not depended on anything you have done.  He told me that he has been praying that God will come and change his life, and that he has been going to church more often.  Now Holy Spirit is saying He sent me to answer his prayers.  So I got to pray over this man, breaking strongholds that were hindering him from becoming everything God called him to be.  I know Peter was forever changed, because heaven invaded his reality. He was the confirmation to the revival that’s coming to the city of Houston.  So many others like himself are crying out to God to change their lives, they have lived their lives apart from God for far too long, they want to come home to Daddy, and they want to be used by Him to transform this city.

My siblings witness this, and they asked if he believes, and I said yes that He was encouraged, and strengthen. The two younger ones said “Oh okay”. I was supper excited, because God showed up in an unbelievable way. Towards the end of the year the Holy Spirit started magnifying that when He walks into the room EVERYTHING changes. I started wresting with the idea that perhaps I am beginning to settle for less, when I’ve been commissioned for more. I didn’t  entertain the though, rather I channeled it in prayer pressing in for more of Him, it increased my desire to see lives radically changed by His love . I am like Lord, what does it mean to bring heaven to earth, and how can I sustain that throughout the day. He is ever present, He is constantly speaking, those are Scriptures, I am like make them a reality, not just words.

Today, my dear friend sent me a link to watch a video of Heidi and Rolland Baker’s “Compelled by Love”.  A few minutes in, I started sobbing. I can’t even put it in words why I began to cry. Things I was seeing just looked so much like what I read in the Bible. Jesus always stopped for that one person. Lets see, He stopped for the lady at the well (John 4:1-40). He stopped for the lady with the bleeding disorder (Mark 5:25). There are many stories in the Bible about how Jesus had compassion, and whenever He was compelled by love, that compassion is released into whatever situation, and  EVERYTHING changes. Destinies are marked, those individuals just can’t seem to stop talking about Him. Towards the end of the video, the individuals leading worship began to share the heart of God, stating that we should touch the individuals  on our left and right. Asking God to touch them afresh, I forgot their exact words. But non the less, I was eager to pray.

I called my little brother and sister, and I just began to pray asking God to touch them, and forever mark them for His kingdom. Mind you, I was sobbing and could barely compose myself. Then I asked my siblings, if they have ever ask Jesus to come live in their hearts . They both hesitantly said no.

The love of God was so thick, so I started sharing that Jesus paid the price for their sins, everything was flowing, I don’t even remember half of what I said. So I asked them if they wanted to accept Jesus into their heart, and they  both said yes.  I don’t think I have ever ask them that before.

My flesh was saying do they mean it, almost immediate, I hear Jesus said ”

13 People were bringing little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciples rebuked them. 14 When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 15 Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” 16 And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them” Mark 10:13-16).

Then the Holy Spirit, gently said  “its not your job to decide whether or nor they meant it, leave that to me”. And all I could do was weep and pray. And as I was praying for my sister tears were running down her eyes. Heaven invaded my family. I prayed for my brother too, to hear them both confess that they choose to believe that Jesus paid the ultimate price for them, and now they are choosing to laid down their lives because of what Love did, is glorious. I witness yesterday night two amazing miracles that will forever mark not only the lives of the rest of my family, but nations around the world. Then the Holy Spirit said “this is why I brought you back”.

Salvation is by far the greatest miracle of all. I just want to thank you for praying for my family this past few years. 4 down, 1 more to go! I had to double check that I wasn’t dreaming when all this happen. The best thing happen afterwards, I asked them if they wanted to worship with me, I told them that they were free to go do other things whenever they want. The right songs were played, I had no control over it, praise God! Whatever the Holy Spirit showed me, I just clicked. Hearing them declare that Jesus Reigns!, and that He’s the cornerstone of their lives, just gets me even more excited about Jesus. They both left after three songs, but I told them  I would keeping worshiping and that they could come by whenever they want. Not too long after, my sister came back to worship, telling me how much she likes the song “Cornerstone” By Hillsong.

What a trip!, what a night! What a God we serve! The God who loves giving us more than we can ever ask and or pray for. He is the God of infinitely more. He’s after lovers who are possessed by Him. People who have count the cost as nothing compare to the incomparable awesomeness of having more of Him. I pray that you will seek His counsel about your job, and ask Him to invade your surrounding. The Holy Spirit is dying to leap out of you, and mark people for the sake of eternity, will you stand for Love’s sake, and be abandon to Him at all possible cost?

Jesus is beyond worthy of the praise of every tongue in creation. The question is not whether or not it will happen, but rather, will you partner with Him? Will you raise your white flag of surrender to the mission that might seem impossible according to the worlds standard, but you don’t live by that. You have a mandate fro m Heaven!, that means every impossibility MUST bow to the Name of Jesus, no ifs, ands, or buts, it simply must happen. Because He is greater.

Tonight I saw the throne of God just eagerly celebrating the lives of my sibling’s. All I could do was smile, then the Holy Spirit whispered “‘It’s so easy” . The Word said the Kingdom is at hand. Literally its that close, and releasing it is so easy, but we make it difficult because of junk in our minds. Its really time to let go, and let God! Let your life count for the glory of His name.  People you are surrounded by are waiting to finally hear about the reason they are alive. They are waiting for you to answer their hearts most burning question “why they were created”?  Creation literally waits in eager expectation for the sons and daughter of the King to be revealed.

Beloved, will you say yes to the call of God on your life? Will you stop for the least of these? Above all, will you rewrite history with Jesus, and stop for that one person all for the sake of LOVE.

Till He Reigns,


The Land of Many Options

From the freezing weather Starbucks seems to be a fitting place to warm up. Well as I thought, but I later realized my very own couch was perhaps even more warm than the strong fragrance of Arabica beans. I remember as I put my backpack in my car when I was leaving I could smell coffee beans on my things. I had an amazing time learning about capillary wedge pressure, oncotic and hydrostatic pressure at my local Starbucks.

My study date was cut short, because mom had to go to work, and was in need of her car, but non the less the few hours I spent there were productive, and I can’t thank Him enough for that.

Yesterday morning when I woke up the first thing I needed to do was go to church, I was sure I left my Bible there and I was missing it. I don’t remember the last time I missed not been able to read from my very own Bible. I tend to not lose my Bible, it gets misplaced sometimes, but not lost.  The interesting thing is, I actually haven’t read what I am so eager to read yet.

I had Tex Mex food for the first time in so long last night, it was so good! I met up with a dearly love friend whom I haven’t seen in a long time.  A lot of things were running through my head during dinner.  Perhaps the  most prevalent is the options we have here in America. Compare to other places of the world, where I have had the privilege to live in, Americans have way too may options. Yes, it’s a blessing, but I don’t believe its been channel in the right direction. If we’re consumed with ways to bless others with the 20  options of frozen dinners in the store isles, then we can say “oh yes, its been used to advance the Kingdom”, but no we are busy with ourselves, and how much more we can consume. No, I am not saying that every American is as such, but a lot are.

I will be very honest, One thing the Lord has revealed to me in my short vacation back to America is how materialist I can be when I come back to the states. The Holy Spirit literally allowed me to see it in action last week. I was driving around a really nice area, and been surrounded by nice things, l just started imagining myself  in that nice car or that huge house, it literally just consumed my thought that day.

Also I have noticed I am more inclined to make purchases out of whim here in the States than in other parts of the world.

I take longer grocery shopping here, because I am too busy trying to decided the difference between that particular shirt from the same brand. It’s so sad! That this is really a concern. It’s also sad that I went to a Christian book store to pick up a Bible, but I went to at least 3 or perhaps even more because I was looking for the “right size”.  I know that know that I would be able to find the size I was looking, in the end I ended up buying a larger print. But my point it, having 100’s of options drove me to  be picky enough to develop preferences. I am not saying we shouldn’t want these things , but if we are honest how many more translations of the English Bible do we need? While such as  there is only one Yoruba translation.  Our problem in the west is not lack, but excess.

Aside from having too many options in the west, one thing  I want to go after this year  By His grace, is been supper conscious of the presence of God around me.  When Jesus walks into a place, EVERYTHING changes. I want the reality of Heaven to invade places, situation, and mindsets of the people around me. I want Him to come and change hearts, and set people free. Then and only then can they go and become everything He has called them to be.

Marriage Covenant with Jesus.

God, my heart utterly breaks when I see believers pursuing relationships rather than You. I remember when you allowed me to walk through my own season wondering about relationship. I learned some incredible lessons, but above all else, I know what I want in a husband, to not allow the enemy to present a false replica. Now, I hear God saying, this is why we must pursue His presence, so we do not settle for anything less than His best.

Now, I am so much more sure of what I want in a Husband, that by God’s grace I do not want to date anyone.  The next question would be, how can you get to know them? How would you know that they are the one you should spend the rest of your life with? One answer: Intercession. If the God, whom I worship in Spirit and truth is truly the God above every god, then He will reveal to me if that particular someone is my spouse or not. This will save me from falling into unnecessary sins, that comes from dating. Who says you need to know every single detail about a person before you marry them? If Biblical marriage is a picture of my relationship with The Almighty, using this blueprint. When I became a believer, there was a lot I didn’t know about God, everyday I am learning something new. Same with marriage, you learn from each other everyday, you grow together in Christ.

When I see brothers, and sisters pursing relationships like it’s a means to an end, I just tear up on the inside. Because God will never give you a spouse, if first you are not married to Him. How can He trust you to take care of someone else, if you are being tossed and blown by the winds (ungodly doctrines) of this world (James 1:2-8) Again, God will not give you someone to make  into an idol.  If you are not worshiping God, whatever it is you worship then is idol worship. Whether, it is a relationship, job, school, food, family, whatever it may be, if it is not God, it is an idol. Ungodly altars, thus must be severed before we can even be married to God, much less marrying another individual. There is an order to everything in The Kingdom. God is not a god of caucus or confusion, He is The God of order. First thing must be first, and that is getting in a relationship with Him, and being perfectly content with that relationship above all else, even if it means you never getting married. Marriage is not the end goal of ones life, it  is a gift from God. It’s a covenant relationship, not a contract as the world looks at it.

If every believer only knew how jealous God is for their affections.  They would really wait on the Lord, and have Him bring, him/her a spouse at His timing and even friendships, relationships in general. Lord, set souls ablaze. Every heart that will read this, Father help them hunger for the Fame of Jesus in Creation. That the desires of your heart will be His fame (Isaiah 26:8), this is why I care so much about this issue.  When I see people in ungodly relationships, I know it’s a symptom of a deeper heart issue. A void that only God can fill, no relationship will be able to fill that void.  Lord, I pray that You will be their

one desire, above all else. Become the lover of their hearts and soul. Set every heart ablaze for the Name of Jesus. Lord, I just pray for every men and women that calls upon your name, Father, I pray that they will set godly standards in relationships, that the covenant they have with you will be the example. God did not save you to fall short of His glory/calling. He saved you so you can dwell in His presence for eternity. He won this battle already, look upon the face of your Beloved, there is freedom in His presence. Run to Him, and Him alone.

Father, I thank You for the hearts you are transforming, thank you for their lives, for their devotion to you, thank you Father, that surely you will consume them. Father, I lift up the ones that don’t know You, thank You that you are awakening their hearts to The Kingdom. Begin to praise the Father, because It is only by His wounds you are healed. Beauty became ashes for you, don’t go back to the ashes Jesus destroyed. Don’t look through the garbage can again.  Jesus has set you free, now walk in freedom in the Name of Jesus. There is power in the Name of Jesus to break every chain, Amen

The God of Endless Possibilities

To The God who invades the impossible. To Him, I offer my life at the altar of sacrifice. Father, I just ask for an invasion of more of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I want all The God head to keep invading every area of my life, I want to overflow in the maximum of everything I can have in God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. Precious Father, I praise you that would you let me overflow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Lord, You know it, You know it, I do not know everything, but one I am confident of this, that You Father, are the God who loves invading the impossible.

It’s already February, this past January was probably the best January I have ever had in my entire life. I know I have said the same thing about previous months, but God just keeps making everything better than the day before. It utterly confirms the Scripture that says we move from glory to glory in Christ (2 Corinthians 3:18).

This week, I learned from the Spirit of God through Bill Johnson, that the Israelite s  forgot what God did for them, which is why they kept falling in to idolatry. God dried up the red sea Imageas dry land for the Israelite s’ to walk through (Hebrews 1129). Waters came up  of  rocky places, because He wanted to show them how beloved they are to Him (Exodus 17:6). The same people would turn after having personal experiences with God Himself, and start worshiping things He created. Bill’s point is that the people of Israel  forgot what God delivered them from, and they were so focused on what He has not done yet. This took the focus off of God, and the spotlight on their circumstances. Therefore it was the same story over and over again, God would rescued them, and they would fall right back into idolatry again.

Then the Holy Spirit began talking to me, on why He has me praying “Lord, let me never forget who you are, or what You have done for me” a lot. As I pray, It would literally just come out somehow. Then He said, it’s a warning against Idol worship. Because the people of Israel stopped praising God in difficult circumstances, they lost touch on what was really important, God. And that He did not want me to forget who He is, and everything He has done for me, so when I am waging war for a breakthrough to happen, or simply anything, I don’t give up because He is talking too long. I can still hope, knowing that my God is the God who invades the impossible.

This is also another reason why God wanted me to me to make every effort to write more to Him this year, so when those times come where I am just waiting on God in whatever the situation might be, I can go back and read about all He has done already, and praise Him, rather than stay in discontent and get discourage about what He has not done yet. I pray that He never allow me to  lose sight of what He has done. Something else He has been burning in my heart is not reducing God to the gifts He has given me.  If I simply reduce  Him, How can I even begin to trust Him to shatter the impossible, if I have put a limit through my thoughts about what He can or cannot do?

Last Sunday, I prayed for a couple that was on vacation from Canada, the wife’s ears was hurting, she said perhaps from the altitude of flying up and down. She was healed in the Name of Jesus. The Husband who was not a believer, will be in the Kingdom someday.  I prayed for this lady with a son the same day, calling them (her family)  fourth into the Kingdom. Also last Sunday, I prayed for 4 little girls, I am trusting God that they will be ministers in the Kingdom one day, actually no, I know they will be. The last time I was by the water, two or so days ago, I prayed for a lady and her mothers brother, who was coming back to Jesus. It was an honor, just to bless that family.

At school, Wednesday afternoon, God showed up at Bible study. I wanted Him to touch everyone, but I told Him, I just want Him to set one heart on fire, and off course everyone was touched and every heart was set ablaze .  I prayed for a friend who rolled her ankle, it was wrapped up so I asked her if I could pray over it. I was going to touch it, she said I couldn’t, that it is against her culture. Almost immediately, I could hear Jesus whispering, “I will  heal her regardless”. So I prayed, and afterwards, I asked her how she felt. She mentioned that she felt, a tingle as I was praying, I knew God  heal her, but it was nice to hear her confirm it. I told her to let me know when it is completely healed so I can celebrate with her. I saw her in class with her shoes on, I walked to her, and said “God healed your leg”, and she said “yes”. All I could do was shower Him with praises more and more.

Another lady, I have been praying over this past few days, tells me Jesus comes and rests upon her as I pray over her. That she always feels  Him resting upon her. Her name is Harini, there is a calling on her life, she is so hospitable, and literally serves people anyway she can. Please pray for her salvation, it will happen at God’s timing. I prayed over another student name Mike, I got to pray over His immigration documents, that I would slip through the hand of the immigration officers like oil. I know God  has answered my prayer. I remember after I prayed for him, he told me that no one has ever done anything like that before for him in his 30 years of living, his face was utterly priceless.

God told me that He will cause everyone I attend school with to be prayed over somehow. How? I have no clue, but I know it will happen, because of what I have already experience this past week, and above all because He promised. I don’t need to know how all of it will happen, but I will say this, been aware of His presence everywhere, is really transforming my entire life for the better.  Seeing people’s face light up in the presence of God is one the of the many things that brings me joy, it is so filing. I do not get tired of it, and I pray that I never do.

My brother shared with me that yet again, another lady was sharing the Gospel with Him at the financial aid office at his school. Seeing what a grip God has over his life literally makes me shutter. Another praise, is that his tuition was provided for by the Lord, so please thank God for that. Seeing his face light up through Skype as He talked about Jesus brings utter joy. I delight in things as such.