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Christianity is merely more than a relationship with God, it is a journey one will never come back from. It leads one into new heights every moment of life. One will never go back to their reality, for when God clashes with your reality, it’s a done deal! You drop everything, you stop chasing your dreams, you stop living for yourself and your comforts. One will rise up and start living for the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, the One who lives and the One who saves.

“One will start making disciples by going, baptizing and teaching people the word of Christ and then enabling them to do the same thing in other people’s lives – this is the plan God has for each of us to impact nations for the glory of Christ… God’s design for taking the gospel to the world is a slow, intentional simple process that involves every one of his people sacrificing every facet of thier lives to multiply the life of Christ in other” (David Platt, Radical).


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