The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in the Possibility of Their Dreams

I am not sure who this quote is by, but it’s been crashing my world for about a day or so now. Because I read it as there’s nothing in the way of accomplishing all that God has called me to. God even worked it out in such a way that He will cause the world to help me fulfill His plans, and not just me, but you as well. How do we start one might ask, How can I be so sure that all this ideas, ambitions and dreams aren’t merely just taking up space in my head, how can I make my dreams a reality, rather than simply thoughts in my head? The most important key ingredient…

A relationship with The Father.

I will be a fool to tell you that You could go about this any other way, that you don’t need God. But at the end of the day you need Him beyond my words could ever fully express. I can’t put on paper just the extent of how much you need Him. You have to remember that you were born to worship Him. We as humans we born to worship, some people choose God, or others things to worship, but the natural state of our mind is to worship God. Make Your heart a home for Him, you will experience so much freedom, the things of this world that came to destroy His plans for all life will come to nothing because of your relationship with Him. At the sound of His voice the enemy flees. You think satan wants to sit there and listen to you praise Jesus all day every day. And this is one of the many perks of having a relationship, He will show you how the enemy sneaks into your life, goodness if we are honest we pretty much open the door wide open and gave him grounds to come and lay his eggs. But with God you will have the strength to push through whatever comes your way, you don’t have to sit there and live a defeated life, but rather a victorious one, because of what He did. He surrounds you with angels on assignment. His love covers every so called “bad” things you could, and will ever do. He sees things through the eyes of love, He didn’t come to punish you and make you pay for your sins. Believe me, you cannot pay for the sins you committed. He died on the cross for all your sins, once and for all. There is nothing that you own Him, but to simply lay your life down for all He did for you. Another key ingredient is…

Have Faith

You have to believe that What God says about you is all true, that every promises He gave you in His word is true. You have to believe that God will make a way for you, I will even go as far and say, that He has to do it. Why? Because His name is on the line. God is beyond jealous for His name, glory and renown. He will never let anyone slander His name and get away with it. So believe me, God is for all your dreams, because it brings Him glory. He wants you to be successful in all areas of life, not just spiritually. He also want you to be the best at designing the future of the automobile industry. He wants you to run for president, so He can shine through You. He wants you to play football professionally, so He can do some hard core circumcision in such an area of influence in our culture, not matter what you dreams, desire, goals, ambitions are. God is for you, so who can be against you? Even when things don’t seem like it’s not working out in your favor you have to remember that God works out all things for the good of those who love Him.

I took a practice exam this weekend and it didn’t go as well as I wanted. Like I truly believe that I am taking my real exam in less than three months, and when people ask me that’s what I tell them. So when this happen, I had to make up in my mind whether I will still put my trust in what God said already. I mean I cried, the enemy almost wondered in with negativity, but with God I still here, happier than I’ve ever been, thankful for the experience, knowing that surely i will indeed take my exam in less than 3 months, not worrying about details, but simply fixing my eyes on Jesus. I mean there is such a peace in my heart about His plans, so just because my present is saying something, and God has already spoken, the two are in opposition to each other, but I HAVE to put my hope, my faith, my all in what God said already. I know better and we can never let our circumstance determine the outcome of our lives, circumstance change every second of everyday. But God is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. We have to put our hope is The One who will always be there. My last point that I believe is vital in accomplishing our dreams on the earth is ….

Celebrating other’s success paves the way for our own individual success.

I can’t always say that I’ve been good at this, but the more and more mature I get in the Lord, the better He makes me in this area. There is absolutely no reason to be jealous of anyone’s success, because you will get your turn. The line to be successful is single file. Yes it might be a group effort, but at the end of the day you yourself have to do something whether it’s an exam, paper, to prove that surely you are indeed competent for the particular job, title, whatever it might be. Most exam are individually based, most interview are also individually base. At the end of the day you determine just how far you go. You set the tone for the course of your life and the things you want to accomplish, and Heaven will back you up. At the molecular level we don’t even share the same DNA, so what’s the point of me worrying about the person next to me, my turn will come at God’s perfect timing. But before my turn comes, I have to be able to genuinely celebrate everyone else’s success. Every time I hear about someone I went to either High school, undergrad, or people I just know doing something with the gift God has given them, I am so grateful. Literally God has allow me to know some of the greatest people that will ever walk the face of the earth. People that are world changers.  Individuals that are passionate about Him, and also really good at whatever they do. Even if I’m not supper close to the individuals, but I just can’t help but celebrate their lives. Celebrating others success simply paves the way for our own.

Be encouraged that yes the road to success is not always smooth, but Jesus is always there guiding every step. With Him you will always live, walk, and breath victory. Overcomers is simply part of the DNA of those who put their trust, and hope in the Lord. I dare You to make the decision to let Him be the center of your life. No truly, heaven and earth haven’t seen the incredible plans He had for you because you choose to put your hope in Him


My Comfort One.

To The One who holds my heart in the palms of His hand,

I come with a heart of gratitude, because I am overtaken by Your love, Your mercy, Your kindness, everything You embody is overtaking me more and more.  You know what I can’t help but marvel at is that there are so many people in the world, but somehow, just somehow you notice me. You pay attention to every detail of my life. You literally miss nothing.

I can simply feel the weight of your presence so much more than I have ever felt, and I am beyond grateful for that.  The weight and thickness of who You are is simply overwhelming at times, but it’s what I love about it. That though You are God and Almighty, You are also my dearest friend, my Beloved, literally My Everything. I can’t begin to even imagine what life would be like apart from You. You’ve taken layers of my heart and shaved off hurt, anger, pre conceive notions, strife, pessimism, jealousy. In my mind, oh goodness! You’ve removed fear, every impossibility has been watched out in Your blood.  Negative thoughts that use to consume me about myself, others are gone. I can’t even begin to want to compare my life a year ago to where You’ve brought me today. Further and further my heart moves from the shores, and into the depth of the waves of Your purpose, of the riches of what You paid the price for.

You unravel me daily with songs of deliverance, and I am no longer a slave to fear, I can confidently say that. It’s not somewhere or something I am trying to achieve, no its part of my citizenship as co heir of Your Kingdom. Lord, I am beyond grateful for the confidence You allow me to walk in daily. My daily dose of confidence, it doesn’t need to be stored up for what I will be doing tomorrow, no I have enough for today, then tomorrow it gets better, and next day, and the next day.

The more I pursue You, the more of You I get. The more demand I put on You, the more demand you put on me, to run after your purpose because my whole life depends on it. See the more and more I walk with You the more I am learning as the two of us become one, Your purposes and my dreams and desires becomes so intertwine that I can’t even separate them anymore, it’s all one. The things I use to say such as “I want to do that particular thing for the Lord”. Actually You put that Idea in me I didn’t come up with it on my own. I am more and more convince that everything I need in order to fulfil all your purpose was imbedded in me at conception. I lack absolutely nothing, because why will you create me without already seeing the end. The fact that You allow me to start a task is because You know it will be finished. Then that means the fact that I am alive and breathing still means that I am accomplishing Your purpose daily. I don’t have the right to doubt whether or not that thing is possible. Rather I have the right to expect it to come to fruition. You’ve lived in my past, so everything we are to accomplish You’ve already been there, done that. Which is why You’re not surprise by what we do as humans. Lord, I believe that this is all true. Then this changes everything yet again.

Nothing is impossible, if the God of The Universe already lived my past, and need I not remind You of what This Man accomplish. Even the Bible say that there is simply not enough room for the amount of pages it would take to scribe all He did on the earth. If This same God lived my past, then tell me what’s impossible? Surely then every impossibility must bow down at His name. No if’s and’s, maybe’s or but’s it just must! Its required because His plans are already fulfilled. The reality of His Kingdom is simply unfolding in each of our lives, our cultures, and environments  every second of everyday.

Daddy I thank You that I am standing where I have never been. I thank You that we are going back to a place where all I want to do is be with You. Thank You Daddy that You are revealing the weight of the Bottomless Treasure that You are more and more. Let me sink deeper and deeper into the depths of the Bottomless Treasure that You are. Thank You for the priceless treasures I have already been given, but now I want more, You’re not surprise. You expect me to want more. Whatever it looks like Lord, I want the more. My heart is Your dwelling place. You know You are more than welcome to come and do whatever You want, whenever You want. It’s such an honor to be a daughter, to serve a glorious Father who never ceases to pursue my heart. You’re after our hearts, a constant loving relationship, I am beyond convince of that.  I am simply in awe! Again and again!

To the Love of my life, to the One who stops at nothing to take care of me. To the one who breathe life into my lungs. To The One who gives me hope, purpose, belonging, to You alone belongs the highest glory. Your will be done today through our lives, whatever it looks like. Whether we are simply breathing, singing, running, cooking, sharing with others, The fullness of Heaven must come on earth, it has to. Heaven I thank You that You will cause us to bring glory to You.

A Chosen Generation

God it’s truly an honor to serve You. Yesterday I had the awesome privilege of studying at the U of I, and when I was done. I was like goodness I should worship here it was simply a random thought that came to mind. I shouldn’t even say random it was definitely The Holy Spirit. The place was so quiet that you can probably hear a pen drop on the floor. So I went on YouTube, mind you I had already had a song on my heart that I wanted to worship to but God definitely had something else in mind, right before I logged on I started singing “all the earth will shout your praise, our hearts will cry this bones will sings, great are you Lord”. Then I saw the video of the song, and I knew that was the song I was supposed to declare into the atmosphere.

It was so cool, goodness I normally don’t ever talk about the places I have gotten to worship over the years, but God really allowed me to pause and think about that moment, what we were doing together. Ahhh so awesome! Then God started showing me all the world changers that He brought here, and I was just in awe, I mean there was nothing left to do but give Him praise. Then I started prophesying life, hope, that individuals won’t simply come for a college degree, which guarantee  you nothing in life, but that they will encounter The Love of Jesus which is way more valuable than the piece of the paper you get for a university degree.

Then after worshiping I was really trying to leave, so I started putting my things in my bag, then I saw my Bible so pulled it out. I literally just opened it, I was going to just read wherever I opened. It had to be the Word of the Lord for the hour, or else I won’t even have seen my bible, cause it was at the bottom of my bag I was simply trying to organize my bag-pack so things will fit more when I saw it. So I started reading it out loud, then I got to verse 17

“The poor and needy search for water,

but there is none;

their tongues are parched with thirst.

But I the Lord will answer them;

I, the God of Israel, will not forsake them.

18 I will make rivers flow on barren heights,

and springs within the valleys.

I will turn the desert into pools of water,

and the parched ground into springs.

19 I will put in the desert

the cedar and the acacia, the myrtle and the olive.

I will set junipers in the wasteland,

the fir and the cypress together,

20 so that people may see and know,

may consider and understand,

that the hand of the Lord has done this,

that the Holy One of Israel has created it.

(Isaiah 41:17-20, NIV)

When I was reading through this particular area The Lord begin to show me the school, and the people He  has raised up to pray for His people. The first part says “He will answer them, then that rivers will flow on barren heights, and spring within the valleys. Why? So that people may know that God alone has done this.  First of all, I saw individuals been awaken to God. I see people questioning how they’ve been doing things. I see people meeting Jesus for the very first time. And I also see people who at a point in life went to church, but now there heart is ready to come back to their Daddy. I literally saw springs gushing from so many places throughout the campus, even now as I am writing all this out.. I still see it, I can even feel it.

I am beyond excited to see and hear about all the Lord will do at The University of Illinois. Some incredible things will happen this year. God is definitely awakening the sleepers, His presence is so thick, so heavy. Father we just lift up the U of I to You. We thank you for the world changers You’ve brought here, we thank You for encounters from every angle on that campus that no matter how much think they can run from You, they will find You, because You’re everywhere, and we cannot hide from You.

Lord I thank You that you will saturate, and permeate every soul, that students will be possess by You. We thank You for the gift of hunger to be poured out like rain on every soul not just on campus, but in the City of Champaign/Urbana, and we thank You for awakening this part of American for such a time as this. The King is here, He is coming for His pure and spotless bride. Hmm thinking about that gives me so much hope!

Till Your glory fill the earth,


A Year of Fulfilled Promises

When I think about all the Lord has done and will keep doing on His behalf for His name sake I just can’t help but marvel. I mean He’s put dreams and vision at the core of my being. He makes me covenants and oaths that He has to fulfill for His name sake. The same God said no word will come back empty without fulfilling His desires (Isaiah 55:11). The same God also gave us a promise of giving us a way out of our so call “troubles”, and giving us all that we need to accomplish His will for our lives.

Thank You Daddy for the passion you have instilled in me, for fighting my battles, and allowing me to walk in victory. Thank you for imbedding in me Hope. I have been watching sermons and you’ve been showing me through your son that’s with you (Dr. Myles Monroe). That Jesus already lived out my future, so when He begins something He will finish it, because He has already lived my future. My present is carrying my future, then now not too long ago, I just heard the Holy Spirit saying that Nothing is impossible with God, because God already lived through everything You and I will ever experience, that’s why NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE for God to accomplish. Goodness, then this changes EVERYTHING. When God starts something He will finish it, I don’t have the right to doubt.  God says I will write a book, because God saw the finished book, He revealed it to me and others, Its already done! All I have to do is live out the assignment, the purpose. God won’t have revealed His heart if HE hadn’t already accomplish what He said He will do.

God said I will help find a CURE for HIV/AID and CANCER. You know my human mind cannot reason with this. Believe me I have try and its only left me in unbelief, asking God…who’s going to believe me when I share this with them? Even though I could really care less of people’s opinions, but that’s not even the point, God had to deal with my own disbelieve. As I am writing this out, He said “There are NO diseases in heaven”, God has already provided the cure for EVERY disease out there, but now we have to walk out the future, and bring what already exist in the Heavens here on the earth. WOW! Lord, you have to teach us how to do this.

This year I am running the Chicago Marathon. I am very aware that it’s a major marathon, runners are either selected by running qualifying marathons, or by running  for a business etc, or the lottery system.  When I was praying about the marathon last year, and He said okay, I remember thinking you know how l just jumped all the way to a marathon. Human reasoning and even my own previous mindset would have been to run a 5K first, or a half marathon first and kind of work my way up. A few years ago I signed up for the Austin Half Marathon, but I never actually ran it for really inexcusable reasons. I just knew that this is the will be the year of the fulfillment of that promise. Then several people while praying for me shared with me that they just saw me running, and I couldn’t help but smile, and be in awe of God, again and again standing in awe of Him seems to be the new default of my heart towards Him.

Taking the United States Licensing Exam (USMLE 1,2,3) in 2015. Again a promise that He laid on my heart, that He has to fulfill it for HIS NAME sake. He will never put His own name to shame. Fulfilling every dream, purpose, vision, desire, goal, assignment, calling whatever you want to call it, is His desire, because It brings HIM unmeasurable glory when He fulfils His children’s dreams. He is simply an amazing Father. If our earthly father likes to lavish us with their time, resources, etc, how much more is the God of heaven? So much more!

One more thing He’s putting on my heart is the apartment and or House in Chicago, Audi Q 7 and a Nikon professional camera. I know He has already purchased those things for me that’s why He’s revealing them to me now.

As we ring in the year of fulfilled promises, let up hold unswaying to the Hope we profess, for Him that makes the promise is faithful, and He will fulfill every promise is its correct time and season. As we wait passionately on the Lord, let us remember that NOTHING is impossible. Therefore dream BIG. Allow God to work His vision into you being, how can you tell others his vision for your life if you don’t even know. Make time to spend with Him, and cultivate a more intimate relationship that goes beyond you asking for things, but allowing him to speak into your spirit, your heart. Visions are birth out The Presence, He is The Presence, and The Presence is beyond ready to fulfill His plans for your life.

Divine Encounters

Lately, the cry of my heart is “Lord I want the more”.  That should always be all believers cry. I am learning that it simply increases in every season of life. Yes, I sought Gods face yesterday, last week, last month, but for this season its different. I have to seek Him more, in a different way, different places, but still the same never changing God. He utterly delights in us pursuing Him in fun, spontaneous joyful way. He loves when we lavish our “so-call” free time on Him.

For the first 3 1/2 months of this year, I would go to the beach as often as I could to spend time with God in prayer, worshiping, evangelizing, whatever He wants. That was three months ago, now I am not even surrounded by water. Severe things can happen in this kinds of situation. I can either hold on to the beach memories, and ask God that I want to go back there, or I can find something else around me that I enjoy and make new memories with God.

I chose the latter, I choose to go on an adventure to unfamiliar places because I serve an everlasting God, whose presence never cease to come everywhere I go. Who always goes before me, and makes every rough paths smooth (Isaiah 45:2). The beach was one the best places that I would go to spend time with God three months ago, but not in the season I am in now. Now it’s the park, and everywhere I go.

Last week,  as I was about to leave the park, Holy Spirit started talking to me about this guy that was a bit far from me.  So then off course since everything God does is perfect, this guy started walking toward me, so then I got up and walked and stopped him to share The Word with Him. He was encouraged, and I got to pray over Him, releasing the presence of God in His life, and  His family.

At the park, I’ve gotten to share The Word, pray to God, sing a new song onto my beloved. I can’t imagine spending time with him elsewhere. Tomorrow might be a different story, but today, I enjoy dancing like no one’s watching, and just be free. I love watching God change the weather so I can worship Him outside. One time I remember I was going running and it started to sprinkle, and I was like Lord, please hold it for like 20, 30 minutes, till I am done with my run, and he did. Another time, Holy Spirit told me to go to the park at 4pm, it was so hot outside, and am like Lord, let it breezy and not sunny. Mind you it was not breezy before I left and burning hot. I got to the park, I found our spot (Jesus and I) it was breezy, I didn’t even sweat. The sun wasn’t burning hot like it was earlier. All the work of God, I simply asked and He freely gave, because He’s an amazing Father who is for me and not against me.

Take home message Is to make your mind, and not let circumstances determine, how or where you will worship God. He’s so big, strong and mighty and so much fun. If you would only dare to purse him as you purse your earthly relationships, your whole world would turn upside down.  But no, we have to try and “fix” ourselves, listen to the lie of the enemy that we are not worthy. No His death made you worthy. You simply come as you are, and let him take you into your next level of glory. Don’t put Him in a box, he cannot fit in. I pray that you will never lose your wonder of Him, and passionately purse Him in new and exciting way.

Love Story

You, and  I were created for a love story, the greatest love story ever known to mankind. Lord you did some incredible things last week, now it’s even more. Today, I was at the park praying. Well let’s just back track a bit. Last night before I went to bed, I thought I would run and exercise this morning, what I do on most Sunday morning since I’ve be back in the States. Then as I was brushing my teeth I heard the Holy Spirit said to go pray. I was thinking well I can still run after I finish praying. Anyways, I was simply going to obey God. Because I don’t like routines, and He doesn’t either.

Drove to the park, walked around, praying over issues, friends, the city, and everything and anything He put on my heart to pray for. I declared the Word over my life, it’s always amazing to do that. So I worshipped at the end and right before I was getting ready to leave, I noticed that I brought my journal here for a reason and I haven’t even written anything down in it. I remember I brought it because I thought I would go sit and listen to the Holy Spirit about what He wants to accomplish this week in and through me.  So I sat down to just collect my thoughts and write down some things, then the Holy Spirit started giving me these words to be exact: timing, strength, hope, courage, integrity, honesty, honor, glory, perseverance, patient, love and direction. I remember thinking I have no idea what these words are for, almost immediately after I said that He was like these are Words to give people I will encounter this week, and I am like awesome thanks.

He also reminded me that I can’t be too busy to stop for the one, even if it’s on the other side of the highway.  Literally, nothing less then maybe 5 minute later this dad with his 2 kids came running around, and I waved at them well the kids, the dad was busy on the phone talking. They ended up going on the other side of the park, and I remember thinking perhaps I should have talked with them, but then I just let it go, because God would have cause something to happen if He wanted. Then another lady came by we will call her Rebecca. I was writing in my journal, and as she was about to walk by me, we made eye contacts, and she smiled and said “beautiful day”, and responded “yes it’s so nice” something close to that. Then I heard the Father said “She’s a blessing to those around her”. And I am like awesome I better go tell her. Then I paused, and I am like God what else are you saying about her,  then the Holy Spirit kept repeating that she’s a blessing and that I should trust Him and tell her, also that the Words will flow as I begin to talk to her. So I ran up to her, and I started telling her that God said she’s a blessing, and the next word was about how much God is pleased with her, and the way she’s raising her kids, and that she did not make mistakes, then she started balling in tears. And I just started telling her how the father is so pleased with her. Then she began telling me that she has 4 kids and that were raised in the Word of God, that three of them know Jesus, and that one of them doesn’t yet know Him, and that she knows the Word is imbedded in Him because they memorized scripture together whenever they were younger. She mentioned that He got involved with drugs at the age of 17 ran away from home, and that through Christian counseling that he came back home. That for 2 years now, she has been just pouring into his life and trusting God to change me. She said she’s tired, and losing hope and that people have been telling her to give up, and that he has to hit rock bottom before he finally sees the light. But that her husband said that they cannot give up. Such lies from the world and the enemy! I am like No, Gods standards are different, don’t give up on him. I got to pray over the whole family, and it was simply incredible. We got to bless her, releasing Hope, strength, courage, purpose and destiny.  Right now Lord, we even pray for patient and perseverance for the whole family. That they will wait for your timing, because its perfect!

 Through it all I just more convinced to be open to God and whatever He wants to do. To obey Him and literary put aside my own plans, because they are not that great to begin with. He has better things in store for me, and that’s what I pray to always choose. The greater things.  I think sometimes, we want to know details before we finally trust Him and do what He says, but no we are called to obedience the moment we receive the word. In my case, I wanted God to share more details about the lady before I talked with her, and He said “no you’re going to just have to trust me and start with what you have first, then I will add on to it”. Hmm the Bible did say that  “‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!” (Matthew 25:23).

I had to decide if I would simply believe God at His Word, and I am grateful that I did. Because of all He did, and its increasing my faith to simply trust Him without hesitating, and not asking for more information than needed. Another thing I am beyond convince of is that we are truly called to live a life of faith. And not trying to figure out intricate details of things, but really trusting Him, knowing that the good Father truly has your best interest at heart.  


Lord, I pray that I will never lose my wonder of You. Dreaming with You, the things that draws me to You to begin with. I could go on and go, but I will name a few. Your goodness, your breath taking presence, your unmeasurable love, mercy, grace, kindness. Your purpose driven life. The power and authority You walked in. Your love has truly captivated everything in my bone marrow. May I never forget all You have done, and I praise You for all you will keep doing.

Studying is getting better every day. Thanks to You, I mean who else am I going to give praise to! Lord, I thank You that I am been equipped for the greater things You have called me to do. Lord, I thank You that your bride will be ready, and that her oil will still be burning in the lamp till You take her home to be with You for the rest of eternity. Lord, I worship You for who You are and all You are going to do.  Lord, I am crying out for the more of You, I want the more of You Lord. I’ve tasted and seen, and I want more.

Thank You Lord, for everything You are doing around me. Yesterday, I went to Starbucks to give some school materials to a friend. After I gave him everything he needed, I decided to stay inside to study, not knowing how howdy the would become in a few minutes. Anyways I was going outside to give a friend some books, then I saw a sign that says “half off fraps from 2-5pm”, and it thought, oh cool. As I sat back down a wave of thirsty people literally just came in, and It became very loud. I decided that I couldn’t study there anymore. As I was packing up, all of a sudden I heard a girl talking about her problems to another girl, there was slightly a gap between them because one girl was studying for a final and the other one just came in noticing her, so the girl that has exams this week, was like no its okay, come closer I am here to listen to you. The girl Rebeca we’ll call her that, listened to the girl’s problem and just pointed her to The King. It was so beautiful. I didn’t hear the conversation, for some interesting reason I would only hear the names of Jesus, or The Lord. Everything else was a blur, (not that I needed to hear the details) anyways what really touched me was that the His name was been glorified. That’s why I was there, for that moment. Then I found out the girl went to my high school, and I got to say hello to her. It was just a sweet picture of the bride of Christ doing what The Groom told her to do, be the church. Very simple, I think so.

Lord, I just ask that You will keep sending out us out. To be light in the midst of darkness. To be Jesus to the one. The one that you shed blood for. May we keep giving it all for and to You, because You are beyond worthy of the praises of the universe.

All my love,