Love Story

You, and  I were created for a love story, the greatest love story ever known to mankind. Lord you did some incredible things last week, now it’s even more. Today, I was at the park praying. Well let’s just back track a bit. Last night before I went to bed, I thought I would run and exercise this morning, what I do on most Sunday morning since I’ve be back in the States. Then as I was brushing my teeth I heard the Holy Spirit said to go pray. I was thinking well I can still run after I finish praying. Anyways, I was simply going to obey God. Because I don’t like routines, and He doesn’t either.

Drove to the park, walked around, praying over issues, friends, the city, and everything and anything He put on my heart to pray for. I declared the Word over my life, it’s always amazing to do that. So I worshipped at the end and right before I was getting ready to leave, I noticed that I brought my journal here for a reason and I haven’t even written anything down in it. I remember I brought it because I thought I would go sit and listen to the Holy Spirit about what He wants to accomplish this week in and through me.  So I sat down to just collect my thoughts and write down some things, then the Holy Spirit started giving me these words to be exact: timing, strength, hope, courage, integrity, honesty, honor, glory, perseverance, patient, love and direction. I remember thinking I have no idea what these words are for, almost immediately after I said that He was like these are Words to give people I will encounter this week, and I am like awesome thanks.

He also reminded me that I can’t be too busy to stop for the one, even if it’s on the other side of the highway.  Literally, nothing less then maybe 5 minute later this dad with his 2 kids came running around, and I waved at them well the kids, the dad was busy on the phone talking. They ended up going on the other side of the park, and I remember thinking perhaps I should have talked with them, but then I just let it go, because God would have cause something to happen if He wanted. Then another lady came by we will call her Rebecca. I was writing in my journal, and as she was about to walk by me, we made eye contacts, and she smiled and said “beautiful day”, and responded “yes it’s so nice” something close to that. Then I heard the Father said “She’s a blessing to those around her”. And I am like awesome I better go tell her. Then I paused, and I am like God what else are you saying about her,  then the Holy Spirit kept repeating that she’s a blessing and that I should trust Him and tell her, also that the Words will flow as I begin to talk to her. So I ran up to her, and I started telling her that God said she’s a blessing, and the next word was about how much God is pleased with her, and the way she’s raising her kids, and that she did not make mistakes, then she started balling in tears. And I just started telling her how the father is so pleased with her. Then she began telling me that she has 4 kids and that were raised in the Word of God, that three of them know Jesus, and that one of them doesn’t yet know Him, and that she knows the Word is imbedded in Him because they memorized scripture together whenever they were younger. She mentioned that He got involved with drugs at the age of 17 ran away from home, and that through Christian counseling that he came back home. That for 2 years now, she has been just pouring into his life and trusting God to change me. She said she’s tired, and losing hope and that people have been telling her to give up, and that he has to hit rock bottom before he finally sees the light. But that her husband said that they cannot give up. Such lies from the world and the enemy! I am like No, Gods standards are different, don’t give up on him. I got to pray over the whole family, and it was simply incredible. We got to bless her, releasing Hope, strength, courage, purpose and destiny.  Right now Lord, we even pray for patient and perseverance for the whole family. That they will wait for your timing, because its perfect!

 Through it all I just more convinced to be open to God and whatever He wants to do. To obey Him and literary put aside my own plans, because they are not that great to begin with. He has better things in store for me, and that’s what I pray to always choose. The greater things.  I think sometimes, we want to know details before we finally trust Him and do what He says, but no we are called to obedience the moment we receive the word. In my case, I wanted God to share more details about the lady before I talked with her, and He said “no you’re going to just have to trust me and start with what you have first, then I will add on to it”. Hmm the Bible did say that  “‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!” (Matthew 25:23).

I had to decide if I would simply believe God at His Word, and I am grateful that I did. Because of all He did, and its increasing my faith to simply trust Him without hesitating, and not asking for more information than needed. Another thing I am beyond convince of is that we are truly called to live a life of faith. And not trying to figure out intricate details of things, but really trusting Him, knowing that the good Father truly has your best interest at heart.